26 September 2017
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> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 30 March 2011
> Festivities 200 years Kripo Berlin
> April 1 200 year of special police (known ao. for its special squads SEK). It is - probably - not a joke.
> April 1 2011
> Article on Indymedia.deSEK/KRIPO website
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 30 March 2011
> Ian Tomlinson inquest started Monday march 28
> Ian Tomlinson inquest started Monday march 28 (see links). Plus: Images show the newspaper seller's last movements before his death at the G20 protests in London on 1 April 2009. The compilation was produced by the Independent Police Complaints Commission and shown to the jury at the inquest into his death
> 28 March 2011
> Website Family CampaignIan Tomlinson inquest shows new footage - video Guardian Mar 29
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 16 March 2011
> Turkish state terror and the struggle for Kurdish language rights
> Turkish state terror under the guise of 'counter-terrorism' has historically enabled the eradication of Kurdish identity and culture. The legacy of Turkish state violence against the Kurds remains in the unsolved mass disappearances and the lack of justice and accountability for torture and other crimes against humanity. Kurds today still routinely face collective repression for speaking in their mother tongue. Prosecutions under terrorism laws for simply saying the words 'Kurd' and 'Kurdistan' indicate the scale of the institutional violence of denying an entire people the right to speak their language and express their true identity.
> London Tuesday, 29 March
> More information
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 24 February 2011
> Tribunal 12
> A tribunal to give a voice to hundreds of migrants and refugees who have sought help from Europe
> Stockholm May 2012
> Website
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 26 January 2011
> January 27: meeting on refugees in Thuringen
> On 24 March 2011 there will be a demonstration to demand the closure of refugee center Zella-Mehlis in Meiningen. To start preparations for that a meeting is organized on Jan 27.
> 27 January 2011
> Announcement in The Voice
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 25 January 2011
> 39th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
> The 39th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control will take place at the Université de Savoie in the picturesque town of Chambéry, France from 3rd to 7th September 2011. The titel is: No borders? Exclusion, justice and the politics of fear
> 3-7 September 2011
> Website
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 25 January 2011
> The 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference
> The 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference is being held in the School of Humanities, Institute of Technology, Sligo, Republic of Ireland between the 21st and the 23rd of June 2011 Call for Papers: 7th Irish North South Criminology Conference, IT Sligo
> June 21, 22, 23 2011
> Website
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 20 January 2011
> (Manchester) The Case for Prison Abolition
> Professor Joe Sim: ‘Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king’: The case for prison abolition. School of Law, University of Manchester Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice Presents: Thursday 17th February, 4pm-5.30pm Room 5.209, University Place Questions and discussion to follow. For further information please contact joanna.gilmore@manchester.ac.uk.  
> Manchester 17 February 2011
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 12 January 2011
> Nella crisi, contro la crisi nasce la R@P
> A seminar seeking to give rise to a mobilisation from below to support the needs of workers and people who are undermined by the crisis through practical initiatives and to oppose the repression of struggles.
> Rome 15 January 2011
> Nella crisi, contro la crisi nasce la R@P
> R@P, rete dell'autorganizzazione popolare
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 07 January 2011
> entsichern kongress (Desecuritising the European Union)
> A two-days congress for critical debates on the current state of the European "security architecture" at Mehringhof in Berlin. The event is organised as antipode to the 14th European Police Congress that will take place in mid-February in Berlin.
> Berlin, Germany 29.-30. January 2011
> entsichern kongress
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 25 November 2010
> Government as 'black box'
> On the international day of Human Rights the new Foundation for the Protection of Civil Rights wil be presented in Amsterdam
> Amsterdam, Netherlands 10 December 2010
> Announcement (Dutch)
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 25 November 2010
> Break with the society of prisons (Mit der Knastgesellschaft brechen)
> A weekend on activism and critique of prisons in society
> Berlin 26-28 November
> Mit der Knastgesellschaft brechen
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 13 November 2010
> Tatort Buchladen (Place of crime: bookshop)
> Symposium on 17 November on recent attempts to censor leftist structures, with Oliver Tolmein, Fritz Burschel and Anne Roth
> Festzaal Kreuzberg, Berlin 17/11/2010
> More on website Schwarze RisseUnzenziert Lesen
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 10 November 2010
> Redadas a inmigrantes: una realidad silenciada
> Fronteras Invisibles has been holding an exhibition of photographs that document police controls to identify immigrants. The introduction to this event: "Interior minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba has repeatedly stated that no order has been issued to harass migrants, nor to carry out selective and large-scale controls against these people, but in Madrid and in all the main cities, large operations are conducted which are commonly known as round-ups to 'catch' undocumented immigrants. Patrols are stationed inside metro and bus stations, and they even enter telephone centres to seek out sans-papiers."
> Madrid October 2010
> Fronteras InvisiblesPhotographs of police controls in Madrid
> Fronteras Invisibles
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 04 November 2010
> VII Jornadas Internacionales sobre Derechos Humanos
> The seventh edition of this international human rights initiative that will include debates, meetings, exhibitions and efforts to "claim human rights as an ideal for emancipation, as a goal for liberty and a model for a world based on justice and dignity". The themes will include human rights as a utopian ideal in a world in crisis, penal systems and the imprisonment of people in Europe, the situation of women, torture, the controversy over Roma people and a discussion over whether Internet is a means for freedom or a new panopticon, among other issues.
> Cadiz 3-5 December 2010
> Derechos Humanos ideal de utopia en un mundo en crisisPresentationProgrammeAPDHA website
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 20 September 2010
> 30 Year anniversary of the German Komitee für Grundrechte
> Conference in celebration of the 30 Year anniversary of the German Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie (Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy) on "the struggle for human rights in the era of uncontrolled globalisation" From Friday September 24 till Sunday 26. With many lectures and debates. Clara Sahlberg (Koblanckstr. 10 |14109 Berlin-Wannsee)
> Berlin September 24-26
> More on websiteProgram (pdf)
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 11 September 2010
> London NoBorders presents: "Erasing David"
> "Erasing David" is a documentary on privacy, surveillance and the database state. The films starts at 7.30pm and will be followed by a Q&A session with the director David Bond.
> Shortwave Cinema, 10 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3EU.  Tuesday 14th September
> London NoBordersMore about the film
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 08 September 2010
> Orwell 2010. Redifinindo a privacidade
> The "Orwell 2010. Re-defining privacy" summer course will take place in Santiago de Compostela university, with lectures on fundamental rights and state control, control technologies, privacy, the security industry and security as risk management.
> Santiago de Compostela 9-10 September 2010
> Orwell 2010. ProgrammeEsculca website
> Esculca
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 02 September 2010
> Immigration day
> The third edition of "immigration day" organised by NAGA in association with the Milan Film Festival, which will devote a day to meetings and the screening of films on the issue of immigration.
> Milan 14 September 2010
> Immigration DayNAGA homepage
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 28 July 2010
> PleinOpenair Brussels
> Two weekends of free culture in the center of Brussels to draw attention to the fact that public space is becoming ever less 'public', 'gated communities' versus undocumented inhabitants, and the technology of control. 1st weekend july 30/31 at the Museum of Natural Science (Rue Vautierstraat 29), second weekend August 07/08 at Dudenpark/Laîné-square
> Brussels July 30-August 8
> Cinema Nova
> Cinema Nova
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