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> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 29 June 2006
> Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror
> How should we respond to the attacks on our civil rights, refugee rights and our multicultural society - carried out in the name of national security? Join leading campaigners, lawyers and thinkers in debating how we can defend our liberties and our communities... Panel discussions: The impact of anti-terror powers in the UK; The attack on multiculturalism; Detention and incarceration; Combating racial violence; Civil liberties: the racial dimension; Liberty and the global war on terror; Campaigning against deportations; Defending international conventions
> Conway Hall, Central London 16 September 2006
> Programme and booking information
> Institute of Race Relations
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 12 June 2006
> Ciências de Segurança - medos e necessidades
> Seminar on security that will seek to establish an interdisciplinary approach for the analysis of security policies and their relationship with fundamental rights, war and violence, with a special emphasis on risk assessment theories, the use of technologies, social rights and taboo issues such as domestic violence or violence by public bodies.
> Lisboa (Portugal) 22 June 2006
> Ciências de Segurança - medos e necessidades Programme of the interdisciplinary seminar Associação contra a Exclusão pelo Desenvolvimento
> Associação contra a Exclusão pelo Desenvolvimento
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 31 March 2006
> 5th Annual Stop the War Conference
> The conference will debate resolutions and elect Stop the War's national Steering Committee. In addition there will be a number of workshops covering topics including: Iraq Today: Towards Democracy of Civil War?; Why Iran is Under Threat?; Where Now for Palestine?; Latin America – the Next Target?; The Forgotten Wars in Africa; Civil Liberties and Guantanamo; Islamophobia and the Anti-War Movement; Military Families Against the War. Only Stop the War local and affiliated groups (which have re-affiliated) will be able to send delegates.
> Friends House, Euston Road, London 10 June 2006
> Stop the war - get involved
> Stop the War Coalition
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 13 April 2006
> Upholding the Rule of Law and Due Process in Criminal Justice Systems
> The seminar will look at four themes: An independent judiciary and due process in criminal justice systems; Accountable and responsive policing in upholding the rule of law; The role of public prosecutors in upholding the rule of law; and Defence lawyers as a fundamental pillar of an effective criminal justice system.
> Warsaw, Poland 10-12 May 2006
> Conference details and registration
> OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 31 May 2006
> Illiberal practices of liberal regimes?
> Organised in the scope of the Challenge Framework Programme, this conference will be the occasion, for the 23 European partners of the program, to present the state of their research. It will put together, within 8 different but complementary workshops, participants coming from different spheres (scholars, NGOs members, high level members of national as well as European institutions, security practitioners...). The conference aims at highlighting, from a transdisciplinary perspective, the contemporary transformation of the modern state so as to as the question of the illiberal practices of liberal regimes.
> Paris Friday 9, June 2006
> Conference programme
> Challenge Annual Conference
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 13 April 2006
> European Coordination Committee on Human Rights Documentation - 29th meeting
> The aims of meeting are: a) to discuss new and relevant themes of common interest, both with regard to the context of human rights documentation work as well as issues of particular interest to information workers and documentalists; b) to share experiences in doing documentation and information work on a daily basis; c). to develop strategies for collaboration on specific themes and in response to new technological opportunities. The local organiser is the International Secretariat of Amnesty International.
> London 8-9 June 2006
> Invitation, online registration form & agenda
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 31 May 2006
> The uses and abuses of intelligence in the global war on terror
> Speaker: David Rose (investigative journalist and author of Guantanamo: America¹s War on Human Rights). Chair: Frances Webber (Immigration barrister, Garden Court Chambers). The seminar will be a discussion ­ not a debate ­ aimed at facilitating a genuine exchange of views and ideas between speakers and participants.
> London 1pm, Monday 5 June
> Institute of Race Relations events
> IRR lunchtime seminars
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 31 May 2006
> Sixth Asia Europe People's Forum
> The AEPF is a forum for NGOs and civil society groups that are non-state and non-corporate. It aims to bring the voice of the civil society in the official Asia Europe Summit, ASEM, and to create alternatives to its neoliberalistic agenda. The Conference Plenaries and workshops are organised around three main focus areas: 'Peace and Security', 'Economic Security and Social Rights' and 'Democratisation and Human Rights'.
> Helsinki, Finland 3-6 September 2006
> AEPF website
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 19 April 2006
> Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
> A rare opportunity to hear inspirational human rights campaigner Shirin Ebadi - the first Muslim woman, and the first Iranian, to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (Shirin Ebadi served as a judge in Tehran from 1974-79 – the first woman ever to do so in Iran – but was dismissed following the Islamic Revolution and was unable to practise law again until 1992)...
> Human Rights Action Centre, London 7 p.m. 31 May 2006
> Information & booking
> Amnesty International UK
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 21 May 2006
> Dutch Social Forum
> Following the World Social Forum and the European Social Forum, the Dutch Social Forum is an open meeting place for the exchange of ideas, the creation and the strengthening of networks and a breeding ground for action. The DSF aims to unite as many people as possible who want to work on a different world, and a different Holland.
> Nijmegen. 21/05/2006
> DSF website
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 18 April 2006
> OSCE International NGO Conference
> Workshops: Security Concept OSCE; Human Trafficking; Small Arms; Racism (TBC); Kosovo; Drugs trafficking and use; Kaukasus; Dialogue among religions; Fight against Terrorism and Respect for Human Rights; Future of the OSCE.
> Palace d’Egmont, Brussels 16-17 May 2006
> Conference website and programme etc.
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 15 December 2005
> European Studies: between Globalisation and Regionalism (Humanitarian and Social Aspects)
> Proposed topic areas for presentations: New European Centres and Peripheries: the Dynamics of Polycentricity in EU The Change of Mentalities against the Background of European Integration Processes Development of National Languages in the New EU: Facts and Prospects National Literatures of EU: Globalisation and Pop-Culture vs. Artistry and Identity Political Identity Crossroads: between the East-West Concept and North-South Orientation of the New Europe. Global Integration and Migration of the Work Force: New Technological and Cultural Collaboration Opportunities New Historical Identities of EU: the Imagined Community, Propaganda and Facts. The application forms are available on request from: esi@su.lt
> Siauliai, Lithuania 12-13 May, 2006
> UACES: Exchanging Ideas on Europe
> European Studies Institute , Siauliai University ,
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 08 May 2006
> 'Kick Control' The world championship: an obsession with 'security' (Die Fußball-WM als Einfallstor für Abschottung, Ausgrenzung und nationalen Sicherheitswahn)
> The conference will inform on the planned security measures for the world championship in Germany and whom the 'preventative measures' will target. Discussions will also focus on link between security measures and urban regeneration in Berlin, and between growing social insecurity resulting from the breakdown of the welfare state and its relationship to an increase in the 'internal security' discourse.
> Berlin 10 May 2006
> Grundrechtekomitee press release (DE)Conference flyer
> Grundrechtekomitee
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 18 October 2005
> SOCIAL RIGHTS IN EUROPE - A challenge to neo-liberalism
> Berlin 6 May 2006 (9:30 am - 6:00 pm)
> For more information see EALDH website
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (EALDH)
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 20 April 2006
> Athens 2006 - 4th European Social Forum (ESF)
> The European Social Forum (ESF) is an open space where civil society groups and movements opposed to neo-liberalism and a world dominated by capital or by any form of imperialism, but engaged in building a society centered on the human person, come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, to formulate proposals, to share their experiences freely and to network for effective action. Previous editions of the ESF were held in Firenze in 2002, Paris in 2003 and London in 2004 and this year the ESF will be in Athens.
> Athens, Greece 4-7 May 2006
> ESF websiteESF website (eng)ESF website (fr)ESF website (ger)ESF website (sp)ESF website (it)Network against Policies of Security & Repression
> European Social Forum
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 02 May 2006
> International conference on the privatization of war
> The sessions will focus on the growing engagement of private military and security companies (PMCs/PSCs) in today's armed conflicts. Leading specialists, university experts and the representatives of PMCs/PSCs will discuss the origins of the private provision of military services, current situation in this field and the legal consequences.
> Warsaw, Poland 27-28 April 2006
> ICRC calendar of eventsconference website
> ICRC Regional Delegation for Central Europe and the Polish Institute of International Affairs
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 18 April 2006
> Torture & ‘Security’ Agencies in the ‘War on Terror’
> Recent revelations and allegations about extra-ordinary rendition suggest complicity by European governments in ‘torture flights’. Such involvement has precedents in British and American foreign policy, dating back to their involvement in Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia. Today the problem goes far beyond torture flights: ‘security’ agencies in Europe have a broader complicity in global torture through cooperation with repressive regimes, e.g. by exchanging information on dissidents, deporting them to torture, using the consequent ‘information’ to intern or prosecute individuals in Europe, etc. In some cases these agencies are targeting movements which were previously encouraged as means to counter Left or nationalist politics, before the ‘blow-back’ led to violent attacks in Europe.
> Garden Court Chambers, london 22 April 2006
> Invitation
> Human Rights & Social Justice Research Institute & others
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 15 December 2005
> Order and Violence: Delimiting Control - CALL FOR PAPERS - British-Irish Section of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control - Easter Conference, Hull 2006
> The ‘war on terror’ and threats to civil liberties - State and anti-state terror; Privatization and ‘othering’ of state violence -- The politics of mass incarceration: Ideologies of violence and control; ‘Ironies of social control’: evoking ‘evil’; Acculturation to the ‘new realities’: contemporary ‘truth’ telling games; Conscientious objectors and civil disobedience; Ideologies and identities -- Violence and control in everyday life: ‘Gender’, ‘race’ and violence; Cultural criminology: a new approach or an under-theorised melting-pot?; Cultures of behavioural control in the UK: from the cradle to the grave. Please send abstracts to: a.ward@hull.ac.uk and/or abeckmann@lincoln.ac.uk
> Hull, UK 19-21 April 2006
> European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 13 April 2006
> Writing about Refugees A Competition for Student Journalists - Prize-giving Ceremony
> At 2pm on the 18th of April 2006, winners of the Jesuit Refugee Service's competition for student journalists will be presented with their prize at the European Parliament, at a ceremony to which press is invited. The winners, decided by a panel of professional journalists, are Kasper Tveden Jensen, studying in Denmark, for his article 'Suicidal Silence'; Hélène Hofman, studying in Ireland, for her article 'Waiting to Check Out'; and Kirsty Whalley, studying in the United Kingdom, for her article 'Destitute Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers Stuck in Limbo in the United Kingdom'.
> European Parliament, Brussels 18 April 2006
> About the competitionContact details for prize-giving service
> Jesuit Refugee Service
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 10 March 2006
> Crime, Justice and Surveillance
> In the UK the last decade has seen an unprecedented deployment of surveillance technologies and practices in the name of crime control. Drug testing, electronic monitoring, intelligence led policing initiatives, DNA testing and video monitoring have all expanded rapidly. These developments are not unique to the UK, and this conference seeks to explore the British experience in the context of developments in Europe and beyond and to consider the social, political and legal issues that arise from the expansion of surveillance. The conference is inter-disciplinary with contributions from sociologists, anthropologists, geographers, criminologists, socio-legal scholars, historians, and social scientists researching surveillance practices and technologies.
> Sheffield, UK 5-6 April 2006
> Conference flyerSurveillance-and-society.org
> Sheffield Centre for Criminological Research & Surveillance and society
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