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> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 20 March 2006
> The current situation on international migration in Europe and in Belgium
> Press conference hosted by "Journalists at your Service" to mark the publication of "Towards Harmonised European Statistics on International Migration", which compares statistical sources in the 25 Member States. The press conference will be held in English. The speakers will also be able to answer questions in French. Those wishing to attend are kindly requested to register.
> Résidence Palace, Brussels, Belgium 10:30 am, 30 March 2006
> E-mail address for registration Journalists At Your Service
> Michel Poulain (UCL), Ann Singleton (University of Bristol) and Nicolas Perrin (UCL)
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 10 March 2006
> Migrations, liberté de circulation et développement
> La dramatisation contemporaine du fait migratoire, pourtant historiquement et géographiquement universel, le déferlement de passions, notamment nationalistes et xénophobes, mais aussi les croyances et les phantasmes d’envahissement qui submergent les débats publics à ce sujet tant en Europe qu’au Maghreb rendent plus que jamais nécessaires l’expression et la formation de regards critiques, par les sciences sociales notamment, sur les enjeux très actuels des migrations entre l’Afrique et l’Europe.
> à l’INSEA, Rabat (Maroc) 27-30 March 2006
> TERRA website, conference details
> TERRA et réseaux interassociatifs Migreurop et Shabaka
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 10 March 2006
> CAMPACC 5TH Anniversary benefit event
> MARK THOMAS - Comedian; SOFIA BUCHUCK - Peruvian musician; DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Rappers; NAWROZ ORAMAR - Kurdish singer; ODYSSEY - International songs; KURDISH DANCE GROUP
> Kurdish Communty Centre, 11 Portland Gardens, London N4 17 March 2006
> FlyerCAMPACC website
> Campaign Against Criminalising Communities
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 01 March 2006
> Turning the tables on the state - achieving human and social rights in the 21st century
> Chair: Corinna Lotz, secretary AWTW; Speakers: Bill Bowring, Professor of Human Rights & International Law, London Metropolitan University; John McDonnell MP, chair of the Campaign Group of Socialist MPs; Saleh Mamon, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities; Glenn Rikowski, School of Education, Northampton University; Paul Feldman, co-author of A World to Win; Plus speaker from NO2ID
> Diorama Arts Centre D2, Regents Place, London NW1 11 March 2006
> Registration
> A World to Win sponsored conference
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 01 March 2006
> Is it time to repeal the antiterrorism laws?
> Speakers: Michael Mansfield QC from Tooks Chambers and Gareth Pierce from Birnberg Pierce Solicitors, Solicitor for Moazzam Begg
> Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2 9th March 2006
> Flyer
> Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers in association with Tooks Chambers
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 21 February 2006
> SOCIAL RIGHTS IN EUROPE - A provocation for neo-liberalism
> The Welfare State and its theoretical and legal foundations; From the high point of the social welfare state to the status quo; Attacks on the Social Welfare State; The defense of what remains of the Social Welfare State and the construction of a Social Europe (simultaneous translation: English, French, German)
> Berlin, Germany 6 May 2006
> Conference details
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 23 January 2006
> Will it Work? An Open Debate on Wallström’s White Paper on Information and European Democracy
> The White paper has been long awaited and this will be the first opportunity to examine its contents at the start of the consultation process. Margot Wallström will both present the White Paper and after brief reactions from the panel, answer questions from the participants. Participation is free, but by registration only.
> Brussels, Belgium 1 February 2006
> Programmeregister
> ECAS, EurActiv, Friends of Europe and Journalists @ Your Service
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 23 January 2006
> Crime and punishment in a market society: how just is the criminal justice system?
> In her speech Vivien Stern will argue that "Criminal punishment has penetrated deeply into social policy and is being used disproportionately against the poor. With the entry of the free market into the delivery of punishment the possibilities for expanding the control of people seen as risky is limitless. This will not produce the safer society we all seek." [1-2pm, free of charge, no need to register in advance. Please arrive early]
> Somerset House, London 9 February 2006
> BIHR lunchtime lectures
> Vivien Stern, British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR)
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 06 February 2006
> Jornadas de Madrid sobre las recomenaciones del Relator de la ONU
> Meeting organised in the context of the campaign for the ratification and adoption of the optional protocol to the UN Convention on Torture in Spain and Portugal, with the former UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Theo van Boven
> Madrid 8 February 2006
> Jornadas de Madrid sobre las recomenaciones del Relator de la ONUCoordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 06 February 2006
> Jornadas de Bilbao sobre las recomedaciones del relator de la ONU
> Meeting organised in the context of the campaign for the ratification and adoption of the optional protocol to the UN Convention on Torture, with the former UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Theo van Boven
> Bilbao 6 February 2006
> Jornadas de Bilbao sobre las recomendaciones de Relator de la ONUCoordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 13 January 2006
> Jornadas sobre la prevención de la tortura, la implantación del protocolo facultativo contra la tortura Y LAS RECOMENDACIONES DEL RELATOR DE LA ONU
> Initiative against torture, with workshops on incommunicado detention, the role of the courts, media and civil society, and mechanisms to combat torture, in the framework of an ongoing campaign for the implementation of the optional protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture
> Barcelona (Spain) 3-4 February 2006
> Jornadas sobre la prevención de la torturaCoordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 15 December 2005
> Defy Section 9 [S.9 of the 2004 Asylum and Immigration Act UK allows the withdrawal of all state support and threats to take children of asylum seekers into care if they do not leave]
> A working conference for trade unionists, anti-deportation campaigners and anti-racists. Plenaries and workshops on: • campaigning against section 9 • local anti-deportation campaigns - how to win • defending civil liberties • racism / fascism - defence of asylum seekers • co-ordinating our campaigns
> Manchester, UK 28 January 2006
> leaflet
> NUT, CDAS and others
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 23 January 2006
> Bloody Sunday Programme 2006
> 34 years after the day internationally regarded as the watershed in the militarisation of the conflict in the North of Ireland, the verdict of the second British inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday is imminent. The programme of events includes debates, reflection and memorial - culminating in the annual Bloody Sunday commemorative march on 29 January.
> Derry, Ireland (North) 18-29 January 2006
> Programme (pdf)
> Bloody Sunday Centre
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 05 January 2006
> Lecce - Immigrazione e CPT, storia di diritti dimenticati
> A play, debate and film screening concerning the situation of migrants in Italy, with special emphasis on Italian legislation, detention centres and the tragedies at sea.
> Lecce (Italy) 11 January 2006
> Lecce - immigrazione e CPTProgetto Melting PotMare nostrum, film by S. Mencherini
> Associazione Bilblioteca di Sarajevo
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 20 November 2005
> 22nd Chaos Communication Congress. 22C3: Private Investigations
> The 22nd Chaos Communication Congress (22C3) is a four-day conference on technology, society and utopia. The Congress offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information technology, IT-security, internet, cryptography and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society. The Congress has established itself as the "European Hacker Conference" bringing in people from all over Europe and even further away. It not only addresses the techno geek but also those who are interested in appliances and their effects on society. Lectures will be held predominantly in English, a few in German. The language used for each lecture is clearly marked in the conference program.
> BCC Berliner Congress Center, Berlin (Germany) 27 - 30 December 2005
> Chaos Computer ClubConference (Call for papers, contact, etc.)
> Chaos Computer Club (CCC)
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 11 November 2005
> IPPNW meeting "Achten statt verachten - Menschenrechte für Migranten ohne Papiere" in Berlin ["Respect not despise - human rights for migrants without papers"
> The pictures of African refugees outside the barbed wire fences in Ceuta and Melilla shock us and show that Europe has become a Fortress. But within this Fortress, Germany alone is home to around 500,000 to 1 million migrants without legal residency rights who are in contiunous fear of deportation. This meeting will inform about the situation of these people and discuss how the legal and political 'grey zone' they live in means they are denied basic human rights.
> Berlin (Germany) 10 December 2005
> German section of the IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 11 November 2005
> Sweatshops, workers and international solidarity: A conference for activists.
> No Sweat’s fifth annual gathering, with high-profile speakers, films, debate, and training sessions. Programme includes film and discussion on the Bolivian Gas and Water Wars and Argentina’s Occupied Factory movement. The conference will also look at Africa’s problems in the aftermath of the G8 summit and discussions on the sweatshop-produced clothes sold by the Arcadia group. Migrant work is discussed with the case of the Canary Wharf organising drive with a TGWU organiser.
> SOAS, University of London 26 November 2005 (12:00 - 6:00 pm)
> Book conference tickets online
> No Sweat Network
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 19 November 2005
> Flucht - rechtspolitischer Kongress zu Migration und Asyl [Flight - legal conference on migration and asylum]
> This year's annual conference of the BAKJ is orgnaised by lawyers from Muenster and offers various workshops dealing with migration from various disciplines and viewpoints. Issues range from refugee campaigns for freedom of movement, capitalism & migration, foreigners in criminal law and EU asylum law.
> ESG, Muenster (Germany) 25 - 27 November 2005
> More information
> Bundesarbeitskreis kritischer Juragruppen (BAKJ)
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 01 November 2005
> II ENCONTRO EN DEFENSA DOS DIREITOS E AS LIBERDADES PÚBLICAS: O ACESO À INFORMACIÓN [2nd meeting in defence of civil rights and liberties: access to information]
> 2nd meeting in defence of civil rights and liberties, organised by Esculca, which will focus on public access to information in Spain, the EU and at an international level.
> Vigo, Spain 16-18 November 2005
> Conference programmeEsculca website
> Esculca
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 24 October 2005
> WAR ON REFUGEES: Justice - not deportation and torture
> Refugee rights are under attack as never before. The rhetoric of the "war on terrorism" links asylum seekers to terrorism with dangerous consequences for community relations.
> House of Commons, London 2 November, 7pm
> The refugee project website
> The Refugee Project
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