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> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 19 December 2010
> BID : "remove families with limited notice / open accommodation"
> UKBA plans for pilots to remove families with limited notice and through open accommodation: Response of Bail for Immigration Detainees and The Children’s Society
> Secember 2010
> Website Medical JusticeThe report (pdf)
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 17 December 2010
> All mass arrests during COP15 last year declared illegal by Copenhagen City Court
> People arrested preventively between December 11-16 2009 have a possibility to claim compensation
> 16 December 2010
> More information
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 16 December 2010
> Danish police commanders order the police to assault the press during the COP15
> Recordings from Danish police radio communications show that a Danish police commander encouraged police officers to assault members of the press during the COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen outside of the conference center on the 16th of December 2009.
> 16 December 2010
> Audio with subtitlesMore information
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 08 December 2010
> Looking back at the Brixton riots and the 'sus laws' thirty years ago
> In just under six months, the thirtieth anniversary of the Brixton riots will be upon us. Men and women, many now with families of their own, will look back at the suppression which agitated a generation to rise up, against unemployment, deprivation and the notorious ‘sus’ laws.
> 21 November 2010
> Article in Ceasefire
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 26 November 2010
> Controls, detention and expulsions at Europe's borders
> Migreurop has published annual report, which focusses on practices in Europe's border regions and beyond that stem from the EU and its member states' migration policies and 'externalisation'. Missions and the work of local organisations document the situation in Sahel and Saharan countries, described as "Europe's new sentries", in Poland and Romania, countries that are doing their best to prove themselves reliable members of the enlarged EU, and at the sea borders where boats from Greece arrive in the Ionian and Adriatic port cities of Italy, where unlawful expulsions are carried out.
> Paris 15 November 2010
> En las fronteras de Europa. Controles, confinamientos, expulsionesEuropean borders : controls, detention and deportationsAux frontieres de l'Europe Controles, enfermements, expulsions
> Migreurop
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 19 November 2010
> German State Police (LKA) closes down antimilitarist blog
> The German State Police (Landes Kriminal Ambt) has visited the office of the blogserver blogsport, to demand the closure and the data of an antimilitarist blog (antimilitarismus.blogsport.de) because they called for actions against a summercamp of the 1. Panzerdivision in Hannover,
> 16/11/2010
> Item on linksunten.Indymediathe Blog (temporarily unaccessible)
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 13 November 2010
> Drones may Track Migrants
> "In the domain of land border surveillance, there is a wide spectrum of possible technical means that can be employed to provide effective surveillance including: daylight and infrared cameras, ground radars, fixed ground sensors, mobile systems, manned aircraft and satellites," the notice read. The notice appeared quietly on the website of Frontex, Europe's agency to fight undocumented migration. It called for expressions of interest in demonstrating "Small UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and Fixed systems for Land border surveillance" at its workshop.
> 01/11/2010
> Article on website IPS
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 11 November 2010
> Migrant Voices Reclaiming Migration, Development and Human Rights
> Declaration of the Europe Working Group - People’s Global Action on Migration. The official discourse on migration has sought to criminalise migrant and refugee communities, ignoring the root causes of migration and the rights of communities; the Peoples' Global Action on Migration offers an alternative approach based on human rights and inter-cultural dialogue.
> November 2010
> Website TNI
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 10 November 2010
> Aux frontieres de l'Europe. Controles, Enfermements, expulsions
> The presentation of the second report by the Euro-African network Migreurop, entitled "European borders: controls, detention and deportations", based on fieldwork and research carried out in the Sahel region, Poland and Ukraine, and the border points in the Italian port towns on the Adriatic coast where ships arriving from Greece arrive, will take place in Madrid on 12 November 2010, when it will also become available in French, Spanish and English on the Migreurop website.
> Madrid 12 November 2010
> Poster of the presentation in MadridAux frontieres de l'Europe. Controles, Enfermements, expulsionsEn las fronteras de Europa. Controles, confinamientos, expulsionesEuropean borders : controls, detention and deportations
> Migreurop
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 04 November 2010
> Ricin! The The Inside Story of the Terror Plot That Never Was
> In January 2003, the British media splashed the news that anti-terror police had disrupted an Al Qaeda cell, poised to unleash the deadly poison ricin on the capital. Police had reportedly found traces of ricin, as well as a panoply of bomb and poison-making equipment in the cell’s ‘factory of death’ – a shabby flat in north London. ‘This danger is present and real, and with us now’ announced prime minister Tony Blair. But, when the ‘ricin plot’ came to trial at the Old Bailey, a very different story emerged: there was no ricin and no sophisticated plot. Rarely has a legal case been so shamelessly distorted by government, media and security forces to push their own ‘tough on terror’ agendas. In this meticulously researched and compellingly written book, Lawrence Archer and Fiona Bawdon give the definitive and exclusive story of the ricin plot, the trial and its aftermath.
> St John’s Church, The Broadway, Stratford E15 1NG 22/11/2010
> More information
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 04 November 2010
> da stefano cucchi a tutti gli altri. un anno di vita e morte nelle carceri italiane. settimo rapporto sulle condizioni di detenzione in italia
> This is the seventh report on the conditions of detention in Italy by Associazione Antigone, subtitled "a year of life and death in Italian prisons", which focuses on the tragic death of Stefano Cucchi following his arrest and includes chapters on the "prison emergency and drug legislation", the "suicide emergency" and in-depth reports on detention in the regions of Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Basilicata.
> Roma October 2010
> da stefano cucchi a tutti gli altri. un anno di vita e morte nelle carceri italiane. settimo rapporto sulle condizioni di detenzione in italiaAssociazione Antigone website
> Associazione Antigone
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 01 November 2010
> German military to be deployed against Gorleben protesters
> MP (for the Green Party) Christian Ströbele asked the ministry of Interior if there was any involvement of military units in combating demonstrators that will try to stop an infamous train with nuclear cargo. He did this because this was the case with the G8 protests in Heiligendamm in 2007, which was discovered afterwards and much debated and considered unlawful. In the case of Heiligendamm the main military involvement was aerial reconnaissance by tornado jet fighters. Ströbele asked if those were being deployed against since there were already daily sightings of those in the Gorleben area. The surprising answer of the ministry of Interior on 22 October was that the deployment of the Tornado jets was 'not planned' but that the army (Bundeswehr) had "promised to execute supportive tasks on demand by the ministry of Interior and Sport of the state of Niedersachsen." One of the main organizers of the protests, Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg (BI) has now called for the canceling of the transport. "We want political solutions, not situations that remind of civil war. The population here is opposed to an outdated energy-policy influenced by industrial lobby's. Instead of answers they send 16.500 policemen and the army".
> 22/10/2010
> Reaction BISource
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 24 October 2010
> G4S guards accused of killing deportee
> Three G4S security guards are accused of causing the death of Jimmy Mubenga, who died during his forcible deportation on a British Airways flight to Angola on 12 October. Eye witnesses told the Guardian how the 46-year-old man was being "heavily restrained by security guards and had complained of breathing problems before he collapsed." The three men have since been questioned by police and bailed until December pending further inquires.
> 18/10/2010
> Corporate Watcharticle in The Guardian
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 24 October 2010
> “Convenient Killing: Armed Drones and the ‘Playstation Mentality’” – new report
> The Fellowship of Reconciliation, which organised the recent “Drone Wars” conference in London, has published a briefing on the rise of Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, in armed conflict.
> 05/10/2010
> Announcement bij FORBriefing on Drones (pdf)
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 24 October 2010
> Mark Kennedy/Stone exposed as undercover cop
> Mark Kennedy AKA Mark Stone, who lived in Nottingham, has been exposed as having worked as an undercover police officer in many activist groups in the UK and abroad. From 2000 to at least the end of 2009, Mark Kennedy was a well-known face in the local activist community and was actively involved in various environmental, animal rights, anti-capitalist and anti-fascist groups and campaigns.
> 24/10/2010
> IMC UK Feature
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 20 October 2010
> The fiction of migration control policies Voluntary return programmes
> On 4 June, the Migrations, Refugees and Population commission of the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly released the report: "Voluntary return programmes: an effective, humane and cost-effective mechanism for returning irregular migrants", whose rapporteur is the Turkish member of the CoE parliamentary assembly, Özlem Türköne, of the European Popular Party group. The report is a clear example of a customary practice within national and European institutions alike, namely, the enormous distance between what it is claimed that migration policies pursue, and what is actually achieved through them. Peio M. Aerbe - of Mugak wrote an article on the true character of the programma.
> English translation by StatewatchMugak
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 20 October 2010
> Brussels: What is the police doing?
> A short film made public on youtube inventarises police activity during the European Trade Union demonstration of September 29. The police seems to target specifically people making pictures
> video on youtube
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 20 October 2010
> Computer experts find leaks in new Swiss passport
> The German computer collective Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has demonstrated the vulnerability of the new type of passport that had been introduced in Switzerland (and in Germany starting November 1 2010). It contains digital biometric information that can easily be copied or even changed without the knowledge of the owner.
> Report by CCC (in German)
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 14 October 2010
> "Illégal"
> The screening in cinemas of the film "Illegal", which has received support from SOS Racisme and has seen participation of Migreurop members, began on 13 October 2010. It looks at the experiences of two Russians, mother and son who are separated, in Belgium as "illegals".
> Belgium 13 October 2010
> Illégal: le film
> Olivier Masset-Depasse
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 11 October 2010
> The Jungle of Athens
> Since five days the extreme right neighbourhood movement of St. Panteleimon and Attiki is occupying and defending the Attiki Square from the “unwanted” refugees living in that area. Even members of the movement are entering migrants shops shouting at people and threatening them. This reality has become daily life. w2eu, the blog of the antiracist network Welcome to Europe, keeps a frequently updated track of the events.
> Article on w2eu
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