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> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 10 December 2012
> New global report on discrimination against the nonreligious
> The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) has produced the first report focusing on how countries around the world discriminate against non-religious people. Freedom of Thought 2012: A Global Report on Discrimination Against Humanists, Atheists and the Non-religious has been published to mark Human Rights Day, Monday 10 December.
> 10 December 2012
> Website IHEU
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 28 November 2012
> Police Spies Out of Lives
> Support group for women's legal action against undercover policing
> November 2012
> Website
> Website
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 28 November 2012
> German Secret service spies on leftist MPs
> According to the weekly Welt am Sonntag, Minister of interior Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) ordered the secret service (Verfassungsschutz) to spy on 25 (of in total 76) members of parliament of the leftist party Die Linke. Also four members of the European Parliament would be spied on. The minister refused to confirm this disclosure, but had stated to the same magazine that Die Linke would be object of observation as long as they "comprised extremists". The leader of the Linke Fraction Gregor Gysi protested vehemently against the Verfassungschutz act, as "Die Linke does not form a threat tot the security of the state". He got the support of the Social Democrats and The Greens, both demanding stopping of the activities.
> 28 November 2012
> German Article in Die WeltGerman article on reactions in parliament
> Kees/Statewatch
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 28 November 2012
> (NL-The Hague) Police shoots dead unarmed 17 year old boy
> A 17 year old boy has been shot dead by the police in The Hague on Saturday November 24 2012. Police claimed that the victim was armed, but now admits that was not the case.
> The Hague 28 November 2012
> English news item on website
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 21 November 2012
> Why privacy matters
> Privacy International asked lawyers, activists, researchers and hackers at Defcon 2012 about some of the debates that thrive at the intersection between law, technology and privacy. We also wanted to know why privacy matters to them, and what they thought the future of privacy looked like. This video is a result of those conversations.
> 20 November 2012
> Article with video
> Emma Draper/Privacy International
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 21 November 2012
> The trouble with Fortress Europe
> To prevent illegal immigration, the EU has built a set of far-reaching border control and enforcement policies. But it doesn't work: today's 'Fortress Europe' is an inefficient, immoral and costly bureaucratic construction that should be urgently reformed.
> 21 November 2012
> Article on website Opendemocracy
> Mathew Carr/Open Democracy
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 11 November 2012
> Delete Control
> Development organisation Hivos has started a website to help partners escape censorship and persecution on internet
> November 2012
> websiteVideo
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 25 October 2012
> Police Brutality in a detention center in Bulgaria
> On the 16th of October, eight Syrian asylum-seekers were brutally beaten by the police in the detention center for foreigners in the city of Lyubimets, close to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The same day, one of the detainees attempted to talk to the guards in the prison in order to receive information about his request to be sent back to Turkey. The prison guards responded with violence.
> 18 October 2012
> English article
> Europolice
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 25 October 2012
> Prohibition of gathering in Frankfurt deemed unlawful
> One of the events that was declared illegal and subjected to police repression in Frankfurt during the 'Blockupy'protests in May 2012 was organised by the Komitee fr Grundrechte und Demokratie to protest the prohibitions. The Verwaltungsgericht has decided that the prohibition was unlawful.
> 10 October 2012
> German article
> Komitee fuer Grundrechte und Demokratie
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 25 October 2012
> University research shows US authorities have access to Dutch internet'cloud'.
> Report of Institute for Information Right (University of Amsterdam) reveals that the American Patriot Act claims the right to access computer information stored in 'cloud'even if this storage takes place outside of the USA.
> September 2012
> Report (in Dutch)Website IVIR
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 25 October 2012
> CLEAN IT: the secret EU surveillance plan that wasn't
> There are elements in Europe who would dearly like to see the CLEAN IT wish list put into practice (including from the law enforcement community, the industries that serve it, and the European Commission), but we must distinguish between transnational talking shops, EU working groups and draft EU policy.
> 09 October 2012
> Article on website
> Ben Hayes/Open Democracy
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 09 October 2012
> (NL) No privacy anymore for anyone on the dole.
> A new law was adopted by the Dutch senate on October 2 2012, allowing searches of homes of anyone receiving any state support (unemployment benefits or child-support). Authorities can perform a search of a house without a formal suspicion of fraud (as was needed previous for a house search).
> 8 October 2012
> Article on website
> privacybarrometer
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 24 September 2012
> Pregnant, detained, and subjected to force in the UK
> Pregnant women are being held in immigration detention by the British government, violating statutory legislation, and subjecting them to the use of force, says Natasha Tsangarides
> 17 September 2012
> Article on website
> Natasha Tsangarides
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 24 September 2012
> Forced Migration Current Awareness
> A service highlighting web research and information relating to refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and other forced migrants; provided by Elisa Mason
> 19 September 2012
> Website
> Elisa Mason
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 24 September 2012
> Justice for Anthony Grainger
> On 3 March 2012 Anthony Grainger was shot and killed by a police officer from Greater Manchester Police. Anthony was sat behind the wheel of a parked car in Culcheth, Warrington when a squad of armed men surrounded the car, and marksmen shot Anthony in cold blood through the windscreen, killing him immediately. On Fahters Day a commemoration was held where his mother held a speech. The video is now online.
> 17 June 2012
> Video on youtube
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 24 September 2012
> Everyone who attended #OWS with a cell phone had their identity logged, says security expert
> private investigator Steven Rambam tells about modern electronic surveillance powers and declares "Privacy Is Dead."
> 22 September 2012
> Article and video on website
> PrivacySOS
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 24 September 2012
> Clean IT – Leak shows plans for large-scale, undemocratic surveillance of all communications
> A leaked document from the CleanIT project shows just how far internal discussions in that initiative have drifted away from its publicly stated aims, as well as the most fundamental legal rules that underpin European democracy and the rule of law.
> 21 September 2012
> Article on website DCRE
> Digital Civil Rights in Europe
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 11 September 2012
> Dutch internettaps doubled in 2011
> According to figures from the Dutch ministry of Security and Justice, the amount of internettaps has doubled in 2011, compared to 2010, while the amount of phonetaps stayed more or less the same
> 03 September 2012
> report on journalists website
> Rejo Zenger
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 16 August 2012
> Me & My Shadow
> If you use a computer, surf the Internet, text your friends via a mobile phone or shop online – you leave a digital shadow. You want to know how big it is? Find out with our interactive tools whenever you cast a shadow.
> Website
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 16 August 2012
> Protect: Securing Advocacy
> New technologies create unprecedented opportunities for individuals and low-resourced groups working to document abuses, raise awareness and mobilise people around specific issues. At the same time, they open up new risks and vulnerabilities. Our Securing Advocacy programme works to help advocates take advantage of the opportunity while simultaneously managing and navigating the risks.
> website
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