26 September 2017
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> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 10 December 2012
> Bail for Immigration Detainees
> Bail for Immigration Detainees is an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention in the UK. We work with asylum seekers and migrants, in removal centres and prisons, to secure their release from detention.
> Website
> BiD
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 28 November 2012
> Conference "For Your Eyes Only"
> For Your Eyes Only: International Conference on Privacy, Empowerment and Technology in the context of Online Social Networks
> Website Surveillance Studies
> Surveilance Studies
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 21 November 2012
> One 'Kameradschaft' too many
> Members of the elite unit SEK from the Berlin police appear to have founded an association under the name 'Kameradschaft' that many associate with the Nazi-era
> German article in daily Tagesspiegel
> Gerd Nowakowski/Tagesspiegel
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 21 November 2012
> UK Border Agency calls on councils to ensure 339 individuals are not left homeless
> Councils in the north of England have been forced to provide accommodation for hundreds of asylum seekers because a private company failed to meet its deadline to rehouse them.
> Article on website
> refugeenewsnetwork. (RNN)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 11 November 2012
> Troika for everyone, forever
> "Harsh loan conditions and a wave of EU-laws that prescribe neoliberal policies have triggered a major attack on welfare and democracy in Europe. Can it get any worse? A look at the proposals for a fiscal union and deeper economic integration shows quite clearly that it can."
> Article on Website
> Corporate Europe Observatory
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 11 November 2012
> Many injustices at mass court case against 46 Turkish lawyers
> 46 lawyers are being prosecuted, accused of supporting the Turkish independance struggle. Some of the lawyers are being held in prinson for over a year. The German lawyers organisation RAV is present at the court cases to register the proceedings, and has registered many worrying injustices.
> Press Release RAV (German)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 25 October 2012
> 6000 Euro fine for asking permission for demonstration
> The person who officially registred the demonstration of September 25 (against the austerity measures in Madrid) received a fine of 6000 euro
> Spanish article
> El Ventano
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 25 October 2012
> Dutch proposal to search and destroy foreign computers
> On 15 October, the Dutch ministry of Justice and Security proposed powers for the police to break into computers, install spyware, search computers and destroy data. These powers would extend to computers located outside the Netherlands. Dutch digital rights movement Bits of Freedom warns for the unacceptable risks to cybersecurity and calls on other countries to strongly oppose the proposal.
> English article on BOF-websiteSupport for campaign by EFF
> Bits of Freedom
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 09 October 2012
> EU: FRONTEX Fundamental Rights Strategy: Statewatch and Migreurop’s joint submission to the Ombudsman of the European Union (pdf)
> "Frontex has adopted a restrictive approach to the human rights impact of its activities, and put forward a strategy where preventive mechanisms remain weak and where redress mechanisms are absent. In so doing, Frontex seems to fall short of two of its commitments presented in its reply to the Ombudsman: a "zero tolerance policy" and the mainstreaming of fundamental rights into all Frontex activities. We thus argue that the understanding of the human rights risks in the context of Frontex operations may be underestimated and that the proposed safeguards are unsatisfactory as a result".
> pdf (English)pdf French)
> Statewatch and Migreurop
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 24 September 2012
> A call for financial support for 'NSU-watch'
> The NSU was a violent neofascist group that killed ten persons with migrant background in Germany. Much is still unclear about them, and the roll of the secret service is opaque.
> Website
> apabiz e.V
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 11 September 2012
> Refugee support group issues 'passport for Amsterdam'
> Regugee support group ASKV has issued a 'passport for Amsterdam' for undocumented migrants
> Passport on website ASKV
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 23 August 2012
> Doctors of the World (Spain) launch campaign 'right to cure'
> The campaign for 'the right to cure' aims at supporting medical personnel in Spain who refuse to abide to the new law Real Decreto Ley 16/2012. This law excludes undocumented migrants from health care in Spain
> Press Release Medicos del MundoSpecial campaign website
> Kees/Statewatrch
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 16 August 2012
> End s60 stop and search
> An open letter to Theresa May, Nick Herbert and Bernard Hogan-Howe has been published by a collective of organisations opposing police stop and search policy, including Netpol. The letter calls for, amongst other things, the suspension of s60 stop and search powers, which allow the police to stop and search whoever they wish, without any need for ‘reasonable suspicion’.
> Open letter on website
> Netpol.org
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 02 August 2012
> Revising the ‘Dublin’ rules on responsibility for asylum-seekers: Further developments
> "The EP and Council reached a tentative deal on the revision of the ‘Dublin Regulation’, which allocates responsibility for asylum-seekers to a single Member State, in June 2012. This was the subject of a detailed Statewatch analysis at the time, which concluded that it was a ‘missed opportunity’ to reform these flawed rules more fundamentally. However, for the Member States’ permanent representatives to the EU (known as ‘Coreper’), this deal was too generous: they objected to the change in rules relating to unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers and to the rules intended to limit the time period of detention of asylum-seekers subject to the Dublin process. Following further talks, the EP and the Council have reached a revised tentative deal, although this is subject to some ‘technical’ amendments by the Council and further discussions on the procedure for adopting measures implementing the Regulation (known as ‘comitology’)."
> PDF on Statewatch website
> Steve Peers/Statewatch
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 28 June 2012
> Boats4People Newsletter No. 2
> The Boats4People tour will take place from 1st to 19th of July 2012 between Italy and Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. Timetable, route and background information are provided by the projects.
> Article on websiteNewsletter no 2 (pdf)
> Boats 4 People
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 28 June 2012
> Wave of arrests of Union activists in Turkey
> Law enforcement officials detained 65 members of the Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (KESK) in sweeping raids across Turkey on Monday morning as part of the ongoing probe into the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK,) sparking protests in Ankara and other cities. Officials reportedly asked the detainees why they chanted slogans against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP.)
> Article in English
> Bianet
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 26 June 2012
> Iranian refugees on hungerstrike in Würzburg (GE)
> Website Press release June 22
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 22 June 2012
> Support the 'Call for an Open Europe'
> "Access to documents in the EU is not a "gift" from on high to be packaged, sanitised and manipulated. It is a "right" which is fundamental in a democracy": Tony Bunyan, Deirdre Curtin and Aidan White in Essays for an Open Europe. (see link) That was in 2000, now in 2012 the right of access to EU documents is under great threat again
> Essays for an Open EuropaCall 2012
> Statewatch
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 21 June 2012
> Police Brutality: Know Your Rights
> US website criminology.com made a graphic overview of the state of police brutality in the US, the official rights citizens have and the relativity of it.
> know your rights
> criminology.com
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 14 June 2012
> WeWatch
> WeWatch informs you about CCTV surveillance in London and aims to help you to protect your privacy!
> website WeWatch
> datapanik.org
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