26 September 2017
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> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 18 October 2010
> (UK) Death of Angolan man following violent deportation attempt
> On Tuesday evening 46 year old Jimmy was put on BA flight 77 from Heathrow to Luanda. He was accompanied by three security guards from G4S who according to eyewitnesses violently assualted him. An ambulance was called to the airport and Jimmy was taken to Hillingdon Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.
> Press Release London NoBordersReport IRR 'Driven to Desperate Measures' (pdf)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 14 October 2010
> Il Cpa di Elmas è una galera per migranti. Chiudiamola subito
> Article by Roberto Loddo which follows a revolt in the Elmas reception centre in Cagliari (Sardinia) by 102 Tunisians who disrupted the airport's activities. He claims that while the centre should not technically be a place of detention, it resembles a prison. People should only be held there for up to five days, but some had been there for as long as forty days. Loddo notes that a "civil conscience is growing" among the migrant population to claim rights that they are denied.
> Il Cpa di Elmas è una galera per migranti. Chiudiamola subitoNews report on the revolt (Melting Pot)
> Associazione 5 novembre
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 14 October 2010
> Ouvrons les yeux sur les centres fermes
> A very instructive website concerning the situation of migrants in Belgian detention centres. Includes sections on detention centres, listing them and explaining how people can end up being held in them; the different stages in an expulsion; a photographic report from Vottem closed centre; and an appeal that stresses its opposition to detention centres' very existence and, while they exist, calls for genuine supervision as to the human rights compliance of any decisions adopted and of conditions in the centres.
> AppealCampaign homepage
> Jesuit Refugee Service (Belgium), CIRÉ (Coordination et Initiatives pour Réfugiés et Étrangers)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 11 October 2010
> The Unimaginable: My Night of Violence at the Hands of the Belgian Police.
> Democracy in Europe is under threat of a police force that feels entitled to police thoughts and use violence, while being fully confident that it can act with impunity. Marianne Maeckelbergh, assistant professor at Leiden University went through a horrowing first hand experience.
> Article on Mo*
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 09 October 2010
> Dutch parliament opposes central database for fingerprints
> There is no majority in the Dutch parliament for a central database for fingerprints (of all registered Dutch citizens) as the government proposed.
> Dutch article from tweakers
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 03 October 2010
> Brussels: Manifestation on 9 October 2010 for release of Oussama
> A manifestation for the liberation of Oussama Atar, a 27 year old Belgian, arrested by the Americans in the so-called Sunnite zone in Iraq for crossing illegally the frontier between Syria and Iraq and convicted for this by an Iraqi court to 10 years of imprisonment.
> Poster and more information
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 23 September 2010
> Wanted, but not welcome
> This video produced by Naga in association with Gabriele del Grande (Fortress Europe) was shown at the Immigration Day held during the Milano Film festival. It illustrates different stages in the migration journey and includes testimonies from migrants.
> Wanted, but not welcomeImmigration Day at the Milano Film FestivalNAGA - Associazione Volontaria di Assistenza Socio-Sanitaria e per i Diritti di Cittadini Stranieri, Rom e Sinti
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 22 September 2010
> Campaign against new Dutch law on censoring internet
> The new law on 'combating computer criminality' that was proposed by minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin on 28 July , has met broad opposition. Especially the proposal that the public prosecutor would have the right to close down websites (including weblogs and personal pages on social networks like facebook) without first asking a judge for approval, was harshly criticized. On 15 September a broad spectrum including the trade union for journalists, academics and privacy protection organisations published an open letter against the content of the law. The ministry has opened a procedure for 'consultation' where anybody can give comment via a special website.
> Open Letter from Bits Of FreedomConsultation by Ministry of Justice
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 22 September 2010
> HRW calls on Lybia to stop firing at boats carrying migrants
> Human Rights Watch on 16 September called on the Libyan government to immediately end what appears to be a policy that allows shooting at boats carrying migrants from Libya to Italy. HRW also called for Italy to stop participating in joint patrols with Libya. The request was made as a result of the incident on 12 September when a Libyan patrol boat fired on an Italian fishing vessel. After the incident, Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni suggested that the Libyans perhapsconfused the fishing boat for a boat with illegal migrants.
> Human Rigths Watch website migrantsatsea
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 22 September 2010
> Louise versus the Dutch fingerprintpassport
> 26 year old Louise van Luijk refuses to apply for a new passport since her old one ran out of date a year ago. the new Dutch law on passports states that one is obliged to hand over fingerprints to apply for a passport. These fingerprints will not only be registered on a RFID-chip in the passport, but also be stored in a database, with unclear policy of access by governmental institutions and third parties. Because of her refusal to comply with the new rules, Louise is without a passport since January 21 2010. She is suing the Dutch state now, and is being supported by privacy organisations.
> Petition against fingerprints by VrijbitLouise's website
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 17 September 2010
> EPIC Body Scanner Incident Report
> EPIC calls for anyone who has experienced incidents with body scanners at US airports, to report that and has made a handy website-form for that. EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values.
> bodyscanner report form
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 08 September 2010
> Stories from 'illegals'
> On this website we gather (links to) stories from people about their attempts to survive in the Netherlands, without documents. From detention, from the street, about deportations
> Website
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 08 September 2010
> IV Foro Social Mundial de las migraciones
> The fourth edition of the World Social Forum on Migrations will be in Quito in October 2010. It is an opportunity for associations from all over the world that work on this issue to share experiences and develop common strategies. The themes that will be discussed include: "Global crisis and migration flows", "Human rights and migration", "Diversity, coexistence and socio-cultural transformations", "New forms of slavery, servitude and human exploitation".
> IV Foro Social Mundial de las Migraciones4th World Social Forum on MigrationsIVeme Forum Social Mondial des Migrations
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 02 September 2010
> Les populations roms victimes de la xénophobie du gouvernement français
> Statement issued by Migreurop that highlights how France is following in the footsteps of the Italian government in discriminating and expelling Roma people, even when they are nationals of EU countries. Migreurop expresses concern about the use of "ethnicist" language in European law, and the presenting of discrimination as protection or humanitarian behaviour.
> Les populations roms victimes de la xénophobie du gouvernement françaisRoma people the victims of French government xenophobiaLe popolazioni Rom vittime della xenofobia del governo franceseLas poblaciones gitanas víctimas de la xenofobia del gobierno francés
> Migreurop
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 02 September 2010
> Face à la xénophobie et à la politique du pilori: liberté, égali té fraternité
> A "citizen's appeal" by 50 French organisations that was signed by over 60,000 people in two days after President Sarkozy singled out Roma people and foreigners, encouraging their repression by law enforcement agencies, and resulting in large-scale expulsions of Roma people. The appeal claims that he has deliberately called into question the foundational principles of the French republic, and has placed millions under suspicion merely as a result of their origins and social status. Their response is to reaffirm the values of "freedom, equality and brotherhood", stressing "the equality of all people before the law, irrespective of their origin, race or religion", and to oppose what they call a "policy of harrassment".
> Face à la xénophobie et à la politique du pilori : liberté, égalité, fraternitéNon a la politique du pilori website
> 50 organisations "Non a la politique du pilori"
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 01 September 2010
> Forum of Concerned Citizens of Europe
> The Forum of Concerned Citizens consists of scholars, artists and other citizens concerned about the prevailing racism and deteriorating attitudes against migrants, refugees and minorities in Europe, about the increasingly illiberal and exclusionary politics of fear, about rightwing extremist parties whose rhetoric is affecting also mainstream and government parties and about the general deterioriation of democratic and humanitarian values in Europe. The main goal of the Forum is to stimulate and organize an international debate on the future of an ethnically democratic, pluralist and multicultural Europe.
> websiteOpen letter to Europe (pdf)Manifesto (pdf)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 11 August 2010
> Comic Book 'Under Surveillance'
> Information and communication technologies (telephone, Internet, emails, blogs and social networks) make daily life and relationships with our relatives, friends or even strangers easier. Young people and young adults make a particularly intense use of them. However, unless we are careful, they can lead us to hand over excessive amounts of our personal data, facilitating surveillance of our private lives. Protection of personal data is crucial for the respect for privacy. The European Union has established a legislative and regulatory framework which aims at ensuring the protection of citizens personal data as one of their fundamental rights. What is the reality in practice and how can we protect ourselves on a daily basis?
> AEDHflipbook (English)(French)
> The European Association for the defense of Human Rights (AEDH)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 11 August 2010
> Belgium: Camera spotting
> The League for Human Rights (Liga voor Mensenrechten) in Flanders has started an interactive online mapping project where people can register CCTV-camera's that they spot in their surroundings. If wanted one can add comment to each registration. The Liga voor Mensenrechten has received notice that subsidies which it used to received from the Flanders government, will be stopped by 2011. The organisation calls for support in protesting against this decision:
> Liga voor Mensenrechtencamera-mappingcall for support
> Liga voor Mensenrechten
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 06 August 2010
> Letter in the Guardian: Protest at shocking Tomlinson decision
> The shocking decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to charge any officers over the death of Ian Tomlinson (Editorial, 23 July) exposes the root-and-branch corruption of the justice system. Rather than protecting the innocent, the police, CPS and Independent Police Complaints Commission have been shown to protect each other's backs.
> United Campaign Against Police ViolenceThe letter in The Guardian
> United Campaign Against Police Violence
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 27 July 2010
> Ian Tomlinson Family launch fighting fund
> The Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to bring any criminal charges over the death of Ian Tomlinson, who died during the protests against the G20 summit in London on 1 April 2009. The Tomlinson family launched a 'fighting fund' that will help to make decisions about the direction of the campaign without always having to worry about the financial costs, especially when the emotional ones are tough enough already.
> website family campaignInquest lawyers Group
> Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign
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