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> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 16 January 2010
> Demonstration and information against the 13th European Police Congress. Berlin, 2 February 2010
> In preparation of the demonstration against the annual European Police Congress and security architechture, German civil liberties groups are holding a series of information nights in Berlin. 12 January: Grenzenlose Polizei – Never trust a cop (Überblick über europäische Polizeizusammenarbeit bei Gipfelprotesten, Sportereignissen und drumherum. Mit Heiner Busch, CILIP. Unterstützt vom Komitee für Grundrechte & Demokratie.). 19 Januar: Ein bißchen tödliche Waffen – Non Lethal Weapons (Technische Entwicklungen im Waffenarsenal europäischer Polizeien und ihr Einsatz gegen soziale Bewegungen). 26 January: Europäische Homeland Security – Ein neuer präventiver Sicherheitsstaat (Über die geplanten Veränderungen europäischer Innenpolitik in den nächsten fünf Jahren, die innenpolitischen Folgen des „Stockholmer Programms“ und des Lissabon-Vertrags. Mit Fabian Georgi, Frontex-Kampagne, reflect! und Matthias Monroy, Gipfelsoli). 29 January: General assembly (Wie beantworten wir die europäische „Strategie der inneren Sicherheit“ und die innenpolitische Staatswerdung der EU? Was bedeuten die skizzierten Entwicklung für einen radikalen, autonomen Widerstand?) 2 February: Demonstration against the European Police Congress, 5pm, Hackescher Markt, Rosenthaler Straße 30 S-Bahn Hackescher Markt/ U-Bahn Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin.
> Berlin January & February 2010
> Background informationMore information on euro-police.noblogs
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 27 July 2009
> International Action Day "Freedom not Fear 2009 – Stop Surveillance Mania!" on 12 September 2009
> A broad movement of civil rights defenders is calling upon everyone to participate in actions directed against the ongoing spread of excessive surveillance measures on the part of businesses, administrations and governments. On Saturday, 12th September 2009, concerned citizens in numerous countries around the world will gather to show protest under the motto "Freedom not Fear 2009 – Stop Surveillance Mania!" The coalition demands to cut back and evaluate existing surveillance powers, a moratorium on new surveillance powers and a guarantee of the freedom of expression, the freedom of opinion and information access.
> 12 September 2009
> Information on actions in different countriesMailinglist for coordinationInternational Call to the Freedom not Fear demonstrationGerman Working Group on Data Retention
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 16 March 2009
> Manifestazione contro il razzismo, per il diritto alla salute: noi non segnaliamo!
> In response to an amendment in the Italian 'security package', a number of associations from the medical, trade union and activist milieux are promoting a demonstration on 17 March 2009 in Bologna and mobilisations in up to 20 other cities to oppose the "obligation to report foreigners who are not in compliance with regulations and turn to the health service", resulting in a likelihood that they may not seek such medical care out of fear of being identified and expelled. The norm is considered "contrary to ethics and to medical deontology" and the promoters stress that hospital and A&E services are "places of care, not of discrimination and informers".
> Bologna 17/03/2009
> Sokos - Associazione per l'assistenza a emarginati e immigratiCoordinamento Migranti Bologna
> Noi non segnaliamo!
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 06 March 2009
> Block NATO!
> On 3 and 4 April, the heads of state and government of NATO will meet in Baden-Baden and Strasbourg to celebrate NATO's 60th birthday. A coalition of peace groups, migrant support organisations and civil society activists say: 60 years of NATO are not a reason to celebrate, but a reason to resist with acts of civil disobedience!
> Baden-Baden (Germany), Strasbourg (France) 3-4 April 2009
> Block NATOUK Stop the War CoalitionNATO Game Over (Belgian Vredesactie)
> Civil society
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 14 March 2009
> Protests against the G20 summit in London, 1-2 April 2009
> G20 protest website: "Capitalism has been heating up our world for years, melting the icecaps, burning up the rainforests, pushing the planet to tipping point. Now we're going to put the heat on them. At the London Summit , the G20 ministers are trying to get away with the biggest April Fools trick of all time. Their tax-dodging, bonus-guzzling, pension-pinching, unregulated free market world's in meltdown, and those fools think we're going to bail them out. They've gotta be joking!"
> London, 1-2 April 2009
> G20 meltdown website
> G20 Meltdown
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 12 September 2008
> Freedom Not Fear - International Day of Action
> On 11 October 2008 an international action day will take place world-wide to demonstrate against the retention of telecommunication data and other instruments of surveillance. The organisers would like to recall the remembrance of the historical achievement of civil rights and liberties as a heritage of the Age of Enlightenment and to support the trust in security in our free society.
> Multiple international demonstrations,  11 October 2008
> WIKI Freedom not Fear 2008German Working Group on Data Retention
> German Working Group on Data Retention
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 05 October 2008
> Vicenza, via il bavaglio. Oggi si vota per difendere la democrazia
> A two-year movement against the "expansion" of the US military base in Vicenza (effectively the construction of a second base) will climax today in an "unofficial" popular referendum that was backed by its mayor Achille Variati, for the acquisition of the site by the local council. The decree calling the "popular consultation" was deemed unlawful by the State Council on 30 September 2008, on the grounds that "its subject is a desire that cannot be realised", and was rejected by the competent authorities.
> Vicenza (Veneto) 5 October 2008
> Comitato No Dal MolinVia il bavaglio! Si votaDomenica si vota per Vicenza
> Comitato No Dal Molin
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 04 October 2008
> Tre giorni contro il razzismo
> Three days of anti-racist initiatives from 4 to 6 October, including a march against racism in the streets of Caserta, a demonstration, "Live against racism", a public talk-show in Piazza del Redentore and discussions with local and national institutional bodies. The demonstration's slogan is "there is no security without rights". The recent murder of six migrants by the Camorra in Castel Volturno also enhances the initiative's importance.
> Caserta (Campania) 4-6 October 2008
> Tre giorni contro il razzismo. Appeal, posters, programme...
> Casertamigrante
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 30 September 2008
> Contro tutti i razzismi. National antiracist demonstration
> It is time to react against the rationale and many acts of institutional and widespread racism - that go so far as to attack and endanger life itself - to live better and be freer. The measures proposed by the Berlusconi government that envisage the crime of "illegality", heighten and nourish racism. Recognition of our common humanity is the reason for a strong, direct and united mobilisation to affirm solidarity and a welcome for everyone.
> Rome 4 October 2008
> Stop Razzismo - Manifestazione nazionaleAppeal in Eng-Fr-Spa-Port-Romanian
> Comitato promotore
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 09 July 2008
> Dosta… Basta … manipolazione e autoreferenzialità. Rom e Sinti: dialogo diretto e ruolo attivo
> Public assembly and demonstration called by the Federazione Rom e Sinti Insieme to say "dosta!" (enough) to racial discrimination against Roma and Sinti people, calling for principles and norms included in constitutional, European and international texts to be implemented, and for the identification of these minorities as an enemy to cease. Treating an entire community as dangerous criminals, is something that is reminiscent of the past, when it has cost many lives, and the media and political class are accused of fostering a climate of racial hatred against them by using mystification and falsehood, without giving them the right to reply.
> Rome 10/07/2008
> Public assembly documentFederazione Rom e Sinti Insieme blog
> Federazione Rom e Sinti Insieme
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 24 April 2008
> No to the systematization of camps. Demonstration against the outrageous Directive
> Demonstration against the Returns Directive that is due to be submitted to the European Parliament on 20 May 2008, calling for MEPs to reject it. The demonstration's manifesto criticises: the extension to 18 months of detention for migrants whose only crime is illegally crossing a border; the detention of children; the 5-year re-entry ban for migrants who are expelled.
> Brussels 7 May 2008
> No to the systematization of campsAppeal. No to the outrageous Directive!Non à la directive de la honte!No a la directiva de la verguenza!No alla direttiva della vergogna!
> Migreurop network and several European NGOs
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 28 March 2008
> Demonstrations against racism and xenophobia
> Demonstrations and activities against racism and xenophobia organised by SOS Racismo are taking place in localities in the Basque Country, Navarre and Catalunya throughout the end of March, starting on 21 March, the international day against xenophobia. These include activities in Barcelona culminating in a demonstration on 28 March, a march from Trintxerpe to Donostia-San Sebastian on 30 March, a week against racism including documentary screenings, a concert and a talk about the media's treatment of immigration by Peio Aierbe in Iruna-Pamplona, a march against the immigration law (ley de extranjeria) in Bilbao on 28 March.
> Basque Country, Catalunya 21-30 March 2008
> Marca-li un gol al racismeCONTRA LA EXCLUSIÓN, POR LA IGUALDADXenofobiaren kontra. Contra el racismoMedios de comunicacion, racismo y xenofobia
> SOS Racismo
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 21 March 2008
> XI Marcha Antirracista: "Contra el racismo y la Xenofobia. Gizarte disriminaziorik ez, igualdad de derechos para tod@s"
> The 11th march from Trintxerpe to Donostia, in the Basque Country, to demonstrate against the different forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination people suffer due to their origin, or physical or cultural traits. This year's claims also include the non-recognition of political rights to foreigners, and opposition to the Ley de Extranjeria (immigration law) and to policies that are discriminatory for the enjoyment of social rights.
> Donostia /San Sebastian 30 March 2008
> XI Marcha Antirracista: "Contra el racismo y la Xenofobia. Gizarte disriminaziorik ez, igualdad de derechos para tod@s"Mugak, Centro de estudios y Documentacion sobre racismo y xenofobia
> Mugak/SOS Arrazakeria (SOS Racismo)
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 29 February 2008
> Accounts from inside detention centres
> A collection of accounts from communication with detainees who are mobilising and carrying out protest actions in French detention centres.
> France 13 February 2008
> Accounts from inside detention centresTemoignages de l'interieur des centres de retention (or.)Augenzeugenberichte aus dem Inneren französischer AbschiebegefängnisseMigreurop
> Zpajol, Migreurop
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 22 February 2008
> Jornada Estatal por los derechos de las personas inmigrantes
> Demonstration organised by the national network for the rights of immigrants (REDI) in Seville to express the support of dozens of organisations to claims for migrants' rights. These include: a) immediate regularisation of migrants and guarantees concerning residence, employment and family life; b) the ending of repression against migrant people and guarantees against abuses by the police and xenophobic discrimination; and c) equal rights for all migrants.
> Seville 23 February 2008
> Jornada Estatal por los derechos de las personas inmigrantes12 Medidas urgentes por la Dignidad de los Inmigrantes
> Red Estatal por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes (REDI)
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 06 January 2008
> MEMORIAL CONFERENCES AND DEMONSTRATION IN DESSAU - in memory of Oury Jalloh, Layé Konde, Dominique Koumadio and all other victims of racist police brutality
> With this call we would like to invite all interested people to participate in the conferences in Berlin and Dessau as well as the demonstration in Dessau, all of which will be held in memory of Oury Jalloh, Layé Konde, Dominique Koumadio and all other victims of racist police brutality. 05 January 2008 - Memorial Conference in Berlin for the victims of racist police violence; 4 p.m., Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, U6/U7 Mehringdamm 06 January 2008 – Black Africa Conference in Dessau; 12p.m., Beat Club 07 January 2008 - Demonstration in Dessau For the 3rd anniversary of Oury Jalloh’s murder, 1 p.m.
> Berlin/Dessau, Germany 4-7 January 2008
> Call out (Full-text)
> The Voice e.V. Africa Forum
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 20 September 2007
> Protest march "Liberty instead of fear". No data retention!
> Civil rights groups are calling on citizens to join in a protest march against excessive surveillance by businesses and governments. On 22 September 2007 concerned citizens will take to the streets, the motto being "Liberty instead of fear - Stop the surveillance mania!". We will meet at Pariser Platz (Brandenburger Tor) at 2.30 pm.
> Berlin, Germany 22/09/2007
> Judges' Association press release against data retentionBackground article (German, Telepolis)Demonstration call out & Campaign background
> Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (German Working Group on Data Retention)
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 11 July 2007
> Basta pagare per restare!
> Report on a demonstration in Bologna on 7 July 2007 to protest against the Bossi-Fini immigration law and the practice of renewal of residence permits in the post office, at a cost of €74. Includes a letter of the migrants' claims, reminding interior minister Amato of the promise to abrogate the law, calling for an end to the practice of expensive residence permit renewals in post offices, the breaking of the link between employment and residence permits, the closing of detention centres and the possibility to withdraw their social security contributions if they choose or are forced to leave.
> Bologna 7 July 2007
> Basta pagare per restare!Letter of the demonstrators' claims
> Coordinamento Migranti Bologna
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 27 June 2007
> An Invitation To The Gatwick No Border Camp 2007
> From 19th to 24th September 2007, noborder activists will gather at Gatwick Airport for the first No Border Camp in the UK. This camp will be a chance to work together to try and stop the building of a new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls.
> Gatwick, London, UK 19 - 24 September 2007
> More information
> noborder UK
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 29 May 2007
> Antiracist G8 'action and events' calendar
> Between 2 and 7 June, thousands of refugees, migrants and activist will protest against the G8. In this context , mass actions and information events will take place under the slogans: ‘For Global Freedom of Movement’ and ‘Equal Rights for All’. Below you find links to the 'choreography of resistance', and events calendar. CALL OUT DECEMBER 2005: "We are here, because you are destroying our countries." This central slogan of the ‘Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants’ explicitly links capitalist destruction on the one hand to flight and migration on the other. The G8-governments - as well as the WTO, IMF and World Bank - are not only responsible for neocolonial relations of exploitation; they also increasingly rely on and further the intensification of processes of selection and exclusion in the Northern parts of the globe, the intensification of legal, social and political hierarchies. It is these and other developments - whether in the North or the South - that lead us to speak of a system of global Apartheid. [...]
> Heiligendamm/Rostock, Germany 2-7 June 2007
> Updated events calendarWorking Group Migration of the protest networksCaravan of Refugees and Migrants tours Germany
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