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> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 13 February 2007
> Towards the repeal of Bossi-Fini Law. National demonstration in Bologna.
> Towards the repeal of Bossi-Fini Law. First step: the closure of all detention centres. Struggles against detention centres have started in 1998 and stayed at the top of the movements’ agenda. Many hoped that Prodi’s government would start to change politics in migration flows management, unfortunately it did not. There are no signs of a reform of the Bossi-Fini Law and detention centres will not be abolished, they are even extending to EU borderline countries, where migrants pass through in their journey to Europe. The left wing government continued agreements by Berlusconi with Libya and cooperation with Spain, Senegal and Malta in the military surveillance of Western and Northern Africa. In Bologna, movements have been opposing ethnic jails, invaded and dismantled them. They supported migrants and they attacked businesses involved in detention-deportation chain. This is why we propose to come together for a demonstration on 3 March in Bologna to oppose the exploitation of migrants. In the name of a different Europe, where every woman and man have the right to live freely and independently from nationality, we wish to build a mobilisation that forces governments to close all detention centres, our century’s concentration camp.
> Bologna, Italy, 3 March 2007
> English call out
> Teatro Polivalente Occupato (TPO), Bologna
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 23 February 2007
> Sveglia! È l’ora dei diritti! Manifestazione nazionale per le unioni civili
> Call for a national demonstration for the rights of civil partnerships in Rome on 10 March 2007. For equal rights for unmarried couples, both hetero- and homosexual, freedom and secularism. Includes criticism of the proposed DiCo law (on rights for couples living together) as an unwarranted reduction of the scope of PACS (Civil Solidarity Pacts).
> Rome 10 March 2007
> Sveglia! È l’ora dei diritti!Appeal for the demonstrationText of the draft law on civil partnerships and critical LGTB commentary
> Diritti ora!
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 07 November 2006
> 3rd day of Migration-Related Actions
> 7 October 2006 was the 3rd Day of Migration related action directed against the denial of rights, against the criminalisation of migrants and against all immigration controls. Actions took place in more than 30 cities across Europe, Africa and North America. Activists are demanding equal rights for all migrants, the closure of all detention centers in Europe and everywhere, an end to all deportations. Further, they demand an end to the externalisation process and the uncoupling of the residence permit from the labour contract to fight 'precarity'.
> International demonstration, 7 October 2006
> Action report and pictures on noborder.org
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 03 October 2006
> Call the Shots: Shut DESO (Defence Export Services Organisation)
> This will be a momentous and important day of action that will help to bring us closer to shutting DESO. We need 170 people to take part in the action - join us, and send a clear message that time's up for the government's gunrunners.
> London 16 October 2006
> CAAT - DESO day of action
> Campaign Against Arms Trade
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 03 October 2006
> 70th anniversary of the battle of Cable Street
> This is a significant anniversary, particularly when fascists are advancing today in places like Barking and Dagenham. NAAR supports this event and calls on everyone to attend it.
> Cable St., London E1 8 October 2006
> FlyerNAAR website
> National Assembly Against Racism
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 19 September 2006
> Manifestazione Verità e Giustizia per Federico Aldrovandi
> “At dawn on 25 September 2005, 18-year-old Federico Aldrovandi died, handcuffed with his face on the floor in a pool of blood during a police control. He was on his own, unarmed and without a previous criminal record…”. This is how the announcement of a demonstration to be held in Ferrara on 23 September 2006 begins. It also notes how efforts were made to discredit the youth by labelling him as a drug addict, and a violent person liable to cause himself bodily damage, and to cover up the police’s responsibility while evidence surfaced showing that he was on the receiving end of considerable violence by officers.
> Ferrara 23 September 2006
> Piattaforma Manifestazione Verità e Giustizia per Federico AldrovandiComitato Verità per AldroFederico Aldrovandi blog
> Comitato Verità per Aldro
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 28 August 2006
> Mass lone demonstration
> Hundreds of demonstrators are expected to gather in Parliament Square next Thursday to take part in a unique protest. The subject: absolutely anything. Opponents of war, fur, fees, developing world debt - whatever - will come together for what has been called a "mass lone demonstration" by its organisers. The stunt is designed to subvert the government's widely criticised ban on taking part in protests within a kilometre of parliament without prior police authorisation. Each participant is being encouraged to apply to the police for a "lone protest" licence (one demonstrator holding one placard), in the hope that the constabulary will be overrun by having to grant huge volumes of individual licences. The police cannot refuse an application made at least six days in advance.
> Parliament Square, UK 31 August 2006
> Comedian calls for mass lone demonstration (Guardian)First Mass Lone Demo in Parliament square (CAMPACC)
> Mark Thomas
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 07 August 2006
> Emergency protest and petition: end the criminalization of the Kurds; no to UK Ban on Kongra-gel
> The recent decision by the British government to add the Kurdish organisation KONGRA-GEL to the list of banned organisations under Anti-Terrorism Act 2006 represents a further step in criminalising the Kurdish community in Europe.
> Downing Street, London 9 August 2006, 5.30-7pm
> CAMPACC website & petition
> Mark Thomas, Kurdish Federation UK and CAMPACC
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 18 July 2006
> Manif contre le racisme
> Magatte Mbengue was violently mistreated by police officers when she was in Madrid airport, in transit, on the way from Senegal to France in November 2005. She gave her account of the treatment she received, and of the discriminatory treatment that was reserved to all black paasengers on her flight, in a blog entitled "The right to dignity". On 19 July, demonstrators will march to demonstrate outside the Spanish embassy to support her.
> Paris (France) 19 July 2006
> Manif contre le racismeDroit à la dignitéMadrid, policiers raciste (account of events from Libération)Petition (for signing)
> Magatte Mbengue - Droit a la dignité
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 08 June 2006
> Emergency Demonstration: Breaking the Spider¹s Web - End torture flights; Properly investigate the allegations
> Liberty is demanding an independent inquiry into UK assistance with CIA "torture flights" in light of the damning Council of Europe report released on the 7th June. The report concludes that CIA flights carrying terror suspects likely to face torture have been given access to UK airspace and airports. It states that there is a "spider's web" of rendition flights spun across the globe by the CIA. Since November 2005, Liberty has warned the Government that the UK will breach domestic and international law if CIA ³extraordinary rendition flights have been allowed to land and re-fuel in Britain. In response to the new findings, Liberty and Reprieve are holding an emergency demonstration to demand an end to torture flights on 25 June, the eve of the United Nations Day Against Torture. Please wear black...
> United States Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, W1 Sunday 25th June, 12 noon
> Liberty: renditionCoE reportCoE ''spider’s web'' map
> Liberty
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 02 June 2006
> Liberiamo le nostre vite. Liberi/e tutti/e, Liberi/e subito
> Appeal and poster for a demonstration to be held in Milan on 17 June to demand the freeing of 25 people who are in detention as a result of clashes during an anti-fascist march on 11 March 2006.
> Milan June 2006
> Appello e manifesto corteo 17 giugno
> Social movements from Milan
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 15 June 2006
> Caravana Europea por la libertad de movimiento
> The second caravan for freedom of movement calls for an end to deportations, the closing of detention centres for migrants, and criticises policies aimed at discriminating migrants in European countries. The first such Caravan took place in Ceuta in November 2005.
> Barcelona 23-25 June 2006
> Caravana Europea por la libertad de movimiento (parte 2)
> European networks for the rights of migrants
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 20 April 2006
> Million Marijuana March
> The sixth Italian edition of the Million Marijuana March, calling for an end to the criminalisation of consumers and for the new Italian drug law to be repealed. On the same day, marches are planned in 200 cities worldwide.
> Rome (Italy) 6 May 2006
> Million Marijuana March website
> Million Marijuana March
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 10 March 2006
> Invitation to join in first annual international action against immigration detention
> To all organisations and individuals opposed to the detention of refugees and other migrants. You are invited to participate in a period of actions against immigration detention in countries around the world in April 2006 including the weekend of 15-16 April. The aim is to spread opposition to detention; create contacts between anti-detention groups in different countries; move towards a more prepared and larger second period of international anti detention actions in April 2007. Please send updates and details on events or actions to barbedwirebritain.org.uk
> Worldwide April 2006
> Barbed-wire Britain website
> UK and Australian anti-detention and refugee rights groups
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 29 March 2006
> V Marcha a la macrocárcel de Zuera
> The fifth March to oppose 'macro-prisons' and plans by the government to build more prisons. Zuera prison is one such 'macro-prison', and is the prison where the most deaths (13) have occurred in Spain in the year that has passed since the last march in April 2005.
> Zaragoza - Zuera (Aragón, Spain) 1 April 2006
> V Marcha a la macrocárcel de ZueraAPDHA
> Iniciativa Ciudadana Contra las Macrocárceles
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 31 March 2006
> Demonstation against racist state violence, cover up and impunity
> Can a person burn himself to death while tied at his hands and feet? How is it possible that a person in a so-called security area of a jail cell burns alive and the causes as to his death remain unclear for over a year? Why did the responsible police officer turn off the acoustic surveillance?
> Central train station, Dessau, Germany 1 April 2006 (13:00)
> Mobilisation update
> The VOICE Refugee Forum
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 10 March 2006
> International Demos and Protests Against the Invasion of Iraq
> On March 20 2003, George Bush, Tony Blair and Jose Marie Aznar launched the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Three years later the occupation is a blight on the conscience of the world. All over the globe plans are being made for protests in March 2006 to mark the anniversary of the start of the war and to call for its rapid end. Demonstrations have been organised in more than 40 European cities.
> Europe-wide 18-20 March 2006
> www.march-in-march.org - International Anti-War Mobilisation
> Stop the war
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 10 March 2006
> Melbourne 2006 - XVIII Stolenwealth Games - Divided by history
> The 2006 Commonwealth Games is an opportunity for Australia to showcase its success and wealth to the rest of the former British Empire... The Stolenwealth Games Convergence is planned as an organic meeting of autonomous individuals organising amongst themselves. Most protests and events will be planned by consensus of opinion at the camp.
> Melbourne, Australia 11-26 March 2006
> Stolenwealth Games website
> Stolenwealth Games Convergence
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 03 January 2006
> Justice for the British Residents in Guantanamo Bay - Bring them home - Support the Hunger Strikers - Shut down all illegal US jails
> Assemble 12 noon, Tothill Street, London (nearest tube St James Park). March via Downing Street to the American Embassy in Grovesnor Square.
> London, UK 21 January 2006
> Save Omar website
> The Save Omar Deghayes campaign, The Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign, The Manchester Guantanamo and Belmarsh Campaign
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 18 January 2006
> No all'inaugurazione della Gendarmeria Europea!
> Demonstration against the inauguration of the European Gendarmerie in Vicenza (where its headquarters will be), made up by the paramilitary police forces of France (gendarmerie), Italy (carabinieri), the Netherlands (Koninklijke Marechaussee), Spain (Guardia Civil) and Portugal (Republican National Guard).
> Vicenza, Italy 19 January 2006
> No all'inaugurazione della Gendarmeria Europea!Global ProjectEGF to be launched in Italy on 19 January (background from Statewatch)
> Global Project Vicenza
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