26 September 2017
The ECLN's call for civil liberties and democratic standards was launched on 31st March 2006

275 people have signed the call so far > signatories

Groups wishing to become supporters of the ECLN should send an e-mail to info@ecln.org. There is no financial obligation but your group must share ECLN's objectives > founding statement
The ECLN does not have a corporate view, nor does it seek to create one. The aim of the ECLN is to bring together groups across Europe working on similar issues > about the ECLN
The following people support the ECLN's call for civil liberties and democratic standards

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LAWRENCE IKE,  romford-uk
Lisa Hood, student, Dallas Texas, USA
Lorna Nicholls,  South Wales, UK
Luiz Marcelo Cubas Moura , IntellGlobe Consulting/General Director, Florianópolis/Brazil/Planet Earth Oneness
Luk Vervaet,  Brussels Belgium
Lukas Feiler,  Vienna, Austria
M A Gula,  London UK
Maartje De Schutter, Liga voor Mensenrechten, Antwerp/Belgium
Malcolm Eremionkhale, African Community Development Project, Rep of Ireland
Malcolm Eremionkhale, African Cultural Awareness Project, Rep of Ireland.
Marco Layani,  Madrid / Spain
Maria Moodie,  London, UK
Mariagrazia Fasoli, physician, Brescia Italy
marina prentoulis,  london
marion jaffré,  France
Marjolein Noyce-Bellinga,  Haarlem/Netherlands
Mark Bruyneel,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mark Medley,  Coin, Malaga
Markos, None, Honolulu CDP
Martin Lang,  London
marycurran,  dorking, uk
Matilda MacAttram, Black Mental Health UK, London, England
Matthias Koegler,  Innsbruck/Austria
Max Rowlands,  UK
Melissa Wilson, Student, UK
Michele Plantard, writer, Lancashire, England
Mike Ashmore,  Newcastle Upon Tyne
Mikko Kauttonen,  Finland
Milan, Computer programer, Belgrade/Serbia
Milla Vidina, Graduate Student in Politics, Princeton, United States; home country: BULGARIA