26 September 2017
The ECLN's call for civil liberties and democratic standards was launched on 31st March 2006

275 people have signed the call so far > signatories

Groups wishing to become supporters of the ECLN should send an e-mail to info@ecln.org. There is no financial obligation but your group must share ECLN's objectives > founding statement
The ECLN does not have a corporate view, nor does it seek to create one. The aim of the ECLN is to bring together groups across Europe working on similar issues > about the ECLN
The following people support the ECLN's call for civil liberties and democratic standards

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Miranda Panda, SAVE - Stop All Vivisection Everywhere, London
Mohamed Larbi Zitout, Alkarama for Human Rights in the Arab World, London UK
Mohammad Basirul Haq Sinha, We The People United Bangladesh, Dhaka/Bangladesh
mohammed, student, uk
Mr. Robin Tso, BritishHongKong, Edinburgh/ United Kingdom
Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD), Islamabad, Pakistan
Naiara Arri,  Glasgow
Nathalie FESSOL, RESF France (Réseau éducations sans frontières), Paris/France
Nayia Barmpaliou,  Greece
Nemokrati, Member of the Swedish blogging community, Sweden
nicolas kalinin, Belarusian Roma Youth Club ROMANIPE, Minsk/Belarus
Nicole LeBrasseur, Health care, Montreal, QC. Canada
Nigel Borrington, Artist, Kilkenny, Ireland
Oliver Davies, Teacher, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England
Omar de Bary,  Bristol/UK
Ottavio Marzocchi,  Italy / Belgium
Ould Ahmed Haroune , Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bruxelles
Patrick Mac Manus, Africa Contact, Copenhagen Denmark
Paul C.Dyer, RMT (PC), Barnstaple
Paul Philip Craig, Professor of Law, Oxford, England
Peter Hunn,  Southampton, UK
Peter Rees, Sports therapist., Cardiff / Wales
Peter Zbornik,  Czech Republic
Phil Scraton, University Professor, Belfast, Ireland
Philip Hosking, Cornish Stannary Parliament, Paris France
Philip R Hosking, The Cornish Democrat blog spot, Penryn / The Duchy of Cornwall UK
Preeti Gill, student, Ithaca, USA
Professor Kate Moss, University of Wolverhampton, UK
Raimund Rauter,  Mauterndorf/Austria
rdemarckris, rdemarckris, Kulgränd 9 Tungelsta 13754 Tungelsta Sweden 7433DC