26 September 2017
The ECLN's call for civil liberties and democratic standards was launched on 31st March 2006

275 people have signed the call so far > signatories

Groups wishing to become supporters of the ECLN should send an e-mail to info@ecln.org. There is no financial obligation but your group must share ECLN's objectives > founding statement
The ECLN does not have a corporate view, nor does it seek to create one. The aim of the ECLN is to bring together groups across Europe working on similar issues > about the ECLN
The following people support the ECLN's call for civil liberties and democratic standards

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renate schreiber,  vienna/austria
Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes, Artist, Mediator, Berlin/Germany
Ricardo Marques, PE/assistant MEP, Brussels
Richard Haley, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, Edinburgh, UK
Richard Hurley,  London, UK
Richmond offor, worker, Germany
Rob Paisley,  brighton
rob whitehead, Our World Our Say, Brighton
Robin LESLIE, LSE research, UK
Ros Olleson, Solicitor, London
rsalenorthface, rsalenorthface, Smalbyvägen 2f Lingbo Gävleborge Sweden 81692
ruellan,  france
Ruth Chigwada-Bailey, Criminology in Millennium Consultant criminologist, London
S.Q.Masood, Peoples union for civic action and rights, India
samuel, lawyer(international), Italy
Samuel William Horton, Student, Hull, United Kingdom
sanwarul hoq,  london
Sara Joaquim, Worker-Student, Portugal
Sarah E. Cromwell, Student, Leicester, UK
Sarah Vandekerckhove, Student Master in European criminal law and criminal justice systems, Ghent/Belgium
Schäfer Thaddäus, lawyer, Innsbruck - Austria
Scots Rights - www.scotsrights.org, Scots Rights - For victims of Oppression and Victimisation, Glasgow, Scotland
Selma Muhic Dizdarevic, Charles University/Teacher, researcher, Prague/Czech Republic
Serena Grassia,  Italy
Shahjamal Ahmed, EKUSHE, Madrid
Simon,  leeds, uk
Simon Dyda,  Caernarfon, Wales
Sokratis Ioannidis,  Atthens, Greece
Soraya Boyd,  London
sozelaskoleop, sozelaskoleop, Kulgränd 9 Tungelsta 13754 Tungelsta Sweden 7433DC