26 September 2017
The ECLN's call for civil liberties and democratic standards was launched on 31st March 2006

275 people have signed the call so far > signatories

Groups wishing to become supporters of the ECLN should send an e-mail to info@ecln.org. There is no financial obligation but your group must share ECLN's objectives > founding statement
The ECLN does not have a corporate view, nor does it seek to create one. The aim of the ECLN is to bring together groups across Europe working on similar issues > about the ECLN
The following people support the ECLN's call for civil liberties and democratic standards

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Stefano Anastasia,  Rome/Italy
Stephanie Wetzstein, University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden
steve melia,  united Kingdom
stinky,  bournemouth uk
Stuart Hill, ID Cards Exposed, Cunningsburgh, Shetland, UK
sunny amas, director, cote d lvoire
Tahir Tabassum Muhammad, Institute of Peace & Development, Brussels,Belgium
Terry Thomas,  Leeds UK
Theo Peuyn, Verein gegen Rechtsmi├čbrauch e.V. Waldshut-Tiengen, D 79650 Schopfheim, Baden W├╝rttemberg
thomas bryan, law student, manchester
Thomas Zehetner, ISIS Europe, Brussels
Thorsten Engels,  Germany
Tiago Barradas, Public Relations, Portugal
Tim Nilsson, Salesman, Stockholm, Sweden
Tippa Naphtali, Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice, Birmingham UK
Tony Bunyan,  UK
trevor hemmings, statewatch, UK
Tyrone D Murphy, Classic Media Entertainment, London
Ullrich F.J. Mies, attac, Vaals/ Netherlands
Ursula Tueffel,  Germany and France
Vaibhav Satpute, TULS Management, Thane, India
Vaibhav Satpute, Project Management Professional, Mumbai, India
Valentina Azarov,  Jerusalem, Palestinian Territory, Occupied
vanna palumbo,  rome (italy)
venkatesh bubberjung, reachlaw, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Vida Bakondy,  Vienna/Austria
Ville Partanen,  Vantaa / Finland
virginia brown keyder, lawyer/univ. instructor, Istanbul, Turkey
vivianne, People Against Police Abuse, South Africa
Vivienne Boon, PhD Student University of Liverpool, Liverpool