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> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 26 January 2012
> LOST AT BORDER – A journey to the lost and the dead of the Greek borders
> LOST AT BORDER reports on the reality of loss and death at the Greek borders. As a close friend of ours said once: “If you are a refugee and you die nobody asks any questions. But for living somewhere, everybody is questioning you!” We want to break the silence and ask: What happened with all these people whose traces got lost?
> BlogLostatborder Report (pdf)
> Infomobile
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 25 January 2012
> The EDRi papers, EDITION 02
> The purpose of this booklet is to briefly outline current EU surveillance and security measures in order to give an insight into their scale and cumulative effect. In order to be legal under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, each security measure that limits fundamental rights is understood to be effective and a “necessary” and “proportionate” breach of the rights which our society considers to be fundamental.
> Jan 2012
> PDF at statewatch
> EDRi
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 20 January 2012
> Humanitarian organizations call to action to help homeless migrants in Denmark
> In Denmark there are homeless migrants, for whom the dream of a job and a better life has ended in homelessness and social marginalization. They spend the night on mattresses in damp basements or parks, and are struggling to make it through the day. They live a miserable life on the street without fundamental rights or the opportunity to get the needed help in order to get off the streets and move on with their lives. Four private organizations, all working with vulnerable and homeless people, want to change the situation for the homeless migrants in Denmark. They have started a campaign to persuade the Danish politicians to take responsibility and solve the difficult situation concerning the homeless migrants. The four organizations are Kirkens Korshaer, Hovedstadens Red Cross Denmark, Missionen blandt Hjemlose and projekt UDENFOR. The organizations have amongst others invited the mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen and the Minister for European Affairs Nicolai Wammen to a discussion about the situation. Lack of counseling, medical care and recognition of problems The organizations have the following suggestions for improving the situation for the homeless migrants in Denmark: Proper advice to migrants about the Danish labor market. Access to existing services such as medical and health services. Political initiative to put strategies and concrete proposals to improve the situation for homeless migrants on the agenda during the Danish EU Presidency.
> Hjemlos.dkDanish red CrossKirkenskorshaerUdenfor.dk
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 January 2012
> the meaning of treaties and readmission agreements between Italy and north African states
> The Italian government and the EU are attempting to urgently re-establish readmission agreements with new regimes in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya with scant regard for the wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers. A �state of emergency� has been declared in Italy which has allowed the government to derogate from certain laws and fast-track the application process.
> Jan 2012
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Yasha Maccanico
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 January 2012
> The Arab Spring and the death toll in the Mediterranean: the true face of Fortress Europe
> Throughout the uprisings in North Africa, the EU has maintained a discourse of double standards: supporting calls for freedom and democracy but greeting resulting population displacement with hostility. This has contributed to a record number of people dying at Europe�s borders during the first seven months of 2011.
> Jan 2012
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Marie Martin
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 January 2012
> (Sp/Fr)The ongoing disgrace of detention centres
> Two reports on detention centres have been published in Spain and France that highlight a situation in which foreigners are experiencing conditions that are often worse than those in prisons as a result of administrative offences (irregular residence) and an aim to maximise the rates of detention and returns. This has led to large-scale violations of human rights and to policies that reduce judicial oversight and the possibility of detained foreigners to effectively exercise their rights through judicial proceedings and access to effective remedies.
> 06 Jan 2012
> French reportSummary for the pressArticle by Statewatch
> Statewatch
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 17 January 2012
> For the Respect of all migrant workers
> Critical Report n° 9 from CETIM, the Third World Centre in Geneva, is on the human rights of migrant workers
> October 2011
> The report as pdf
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 20 December 2011
> Hungarian Government to Create Top-rank National Security Informational Center
> The Hungarian government came up with a new proposal, which talks about the setting up of a National Security Informational and Criminal Analysis Center. This new government body could freely roam about in other government databases and could collect and retain our data without any restriction. The monster feeding on our personal data is digging privacy’s grave even deeper.
> 30 November 2011
> More details on website HCLU
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 20 December 2011
> Violence against Roma in the European Union must stop
> One month before the beginning of the evaluation of the different national policies for Roma inclusion of the Member States of the Commission, AEDH denounces the passive stance of the European Commission and the Council confronted with the violent acts committed against the Roma in a certain number of European countries.
> Website AEDH
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 06 December 2011
> State of Surveillance - The Data
> The Bureau of Investigative Journalism: The State of Surveillance: The Data (link): The Bureau and London-based human rights group Privacy International have compiled a comprehensive database of companies that sell surveillance products.
> 1 December 2011
> State of Surveilance: The Data
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 06 December 2011
> Migreurop Migration Policy Chronology
> This chronology seeks to make it easier to understand European migration and asylum policies through a time-framed comparison of the evolution of the legal framework (columns A1 to A3), the public discourse (B1) and the facts (B2). The table is updated twice a year.
> 30 November 2011
> Migreurop website
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 03 December 2011
> European Court rules German arrest of G8-activists illegal
> The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that two persons arrested during the G8-protests in Heiligendamm in 2007, were illegally. They were arrested and kept in prison for almost six days after their care had been searched and banners were found with the tekst "Freedom for all Prisoners".
> 1 December 2011
> More information in German
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 03 December 2011
> (GE) Press release repression against antinuclear activists Gorleben
> The first aid service, providing help to those injured during the protests against the transport of nuclear waste to Gorleben, Germany, gave a preliminary summary of persons treated: 355 wounded by police activity, 5 grave, one person was run over by a (police)horse.
> 28 November 2011
> Press release in German
> Ersten-Hilfe-Koordination der BI (Sani-Zentrale)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 03 December 2011
> (NL) Solidarity with migration activist
> Joke Kaviar is a Dutch poet and writer who is very much involved in campaigns against the Dutch and European migration policies. She was arrested and had her house searched, kept prison vor four days and is being threatened with further prosecution because of her literature
> solidarity Website
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 25 November 2011
> (FR) Racial profiling and anti-poor byelaws
> An anti-chiffonnage (literally anti-"rag-and-bone activities") byelaw was adopted on 21 October 2011 by a French municipality, Nogent-sur-Marne in the southeast of Paris. It replaced a previous byelaw that had been adopted on 5 October 2011 prohibiting "scavenging" in public bins (fine of 38 Euros). [1] The anti-chiffonnage byelaw was suspended by the Administrative Court of Melun on 22 November 2011 after the Human Rights League launched a successful simplified appeal procedure: this leads to the temporary suspension of a decision, until a more in-depth investigation and decision is made by the Tribunal.
> 22 November 2011
> English article at StatewatchAnnouncement LDH in French
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 25 November 2011
> (GE) Video about demonstration against secret service
> On November 19 a demonstration was held in front of the office of the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) in Erfurt, to protest their role in "hunting undocumented foreigners".
> 19 November 2011
> VideoMore information
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 21 November 2011
> Media and the Riots
> a unique one-day conference that brings together young people from riot areas and media practitioners in a long-overdue and much needed dialogue. The event will be informative, educative and practical with general sessions and youth-focused breakout workshops. Afterwards, the plan is to produce a report, perhaps in multi-media format, that will have a positive impact on future media coverage of our communities.
> London 26 November
> more on website Latest.com
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 November 2011
> (NL) Lobbying for War
> Corporate Europe Observatory in Brussels has issued a report on the lobbying activities of the weapons industry towards the EU
> November 2011
> Report (in Dutch, pdf)
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 November 2011
> IRR: New geographies of racism: Stoke-on-Trent
> Research published by the Institute of Race Relations shows that the geography of racial violence is changing rapidly in the UK and yet the authorities show little interest in tackling the problem.
> 15 November 2011
> Press release on website IRR
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 November 2011
> (GE) Free newspaper for pupils on extreme right
> A free newspaper to inform high school kids on the extreme right in Germany, has been printed in an impression of 500.000
> 27 October
> website
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