26 September 2017
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> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 11 July 2013
> Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) demonstrates Guantanamo force-feeding Standard Operating Procedure
> Yasiin Bey appears in a video launched July 8 2013 demonstrating the Standard Operating Procedure for force-feeding prisoners on hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay.
> 8 July 2013
> Online video
> Various
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 11 July 2013
> TAFTA, the US-EU's Trojan Trade Agreement: Talks (and Leaks) Begin
> The first round of talks in what the U.S. and EU trade representatives intend to be the largest bilateral trade agreement ever have begun. The governments call it TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Everyone else calls it TAFTA, the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. Whatever the name, it will regulate all U.S. and EU trade, or around 30 percent of world trade in goods. And according to the first leaks of negotiation documents, it threatens to be yet another trojan horse for copyright and internet issues.
> 8 July 2013
> Article on website EFF
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 11 July 2013
> Statement on covert police surveillance of Newham Monitoring Project
> It is alarming that a Metropolitan police undercover surveillance unit, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), targeted Newham Monitoring Project (NMP) and serves as a reminder of the levels of corruption and misuse of power within the police that we have tirelessly campaigned against for years.
> Announcement on website
> Newham Monitoring Project (NMP)
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 11 July 2013
> Access to justice for undocumented migrants: new PICUM report explains how to engage with legal systems
> PICUM's new report "Using Legal Strategies to Enforce Undocumented Migrants' Human Rights" outlines ways for advocates of undocumented migrants to engage with legal systems on both national and international levels. The report is a practical guide to mechanisms within the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations that advocates can use to enforce undocumented migrants' fundamental rights and to fight impunity. The report is the outcome of a discussion amongst representatives from key monitoring bodies, legal experts, and frontline service providers at PICUM's Annual Workshop in June 2012.
> 25 June 2013
> Announcement on website
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 20 June 2013
> Somali communities targeted by UK 'counter-terror' measures: the need for solidarity
> In the mass media Somalia has become a synonym for war, disorder, terrorism and piracy. The country has been a focus for covert US-led 'counter-terror' operations. Even less well known is that many Somalis in the UK have been persecuted under 'anti-terror' powers. Moreover, MI5 has intimidated numerous individuals to act as informers on their community.
> Announcement on websiteBriefing paper (pdf)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 20 June 2013
> A World Refugee Day ... for refugees the European Union still does not want to accept - Joint Appeal
> On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, AEDH and its members issue a joint appeal expressing their disappointement with the minimum reform to the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) and the urge for a European Union showing solidarity and offering a dignified reception to the refugees who ask for our help.
> Appeal on website AEDH
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 20 June 2013
> New! Facing Tear Gas Campaign Website
> Facing Tear Gas is a campaign to end the US’s role in the business of tear gas in solidarity with global nonviolent uprisings and those facing US-backed repression everywhere, including within the US.
> Announcement on WRL websiteCampaign website
> War Resisters League
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 20 June 2013
> Europe’s pariah state? the future of human rights in Britain
> With nativism, racism and fascism on the rise throughout Europe, informing government policies towards migrants and other unpopular minorities as well as popular right-wing, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-Roma movements, the European system of human rights is vital. But, since taking office in September 2012, Conservative justice minister Chris Grayling has made no secret of his desire to get rid of the Human Rights Act and to ‘dramatically curtail’ the role of the European Court of Human Rights in the UK.
> 2 May 2013
> Briefing Paper on website
> Institute of Race relations
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 13 June 2013
> Naked Citizens – new documentary about surveillance technology
> (...) A new documentary out about surveillance, police using drones, legally extracting information form phones, FinFisher, CCTV, the NSA, Wikileaks and new trends in surveillance technology: Naked Citizens, Journeyman Pictures.
> 28 May 2013
> Review on Blog
> Annalist
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 13 June 2013
> Government's legal aid cuts threaten to 'decimate' access to justice - new warning
> The government’s proposed cuts to legal aid and restrictions to the judicial review process constitute an unprecedented threat to accessing justice in England and Wales, Amnesty International has said ahead of a demonstration outside the Ministry of Justice tomorrow.
> Call on website AIUK
> Amnesty International UK
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 13 June 2013
> Data protection in the EU: the certainty of uncertainty
> When a regulation asserts that some data is 'anonymous', it is disconnected from the best theories in computer science
> 5 June 2013
> blog on Guardian website
> Cory Doctorow/The Guardian
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 13 June 2013
> Bits of Freedom: Dutch spooks must stop use of PRISM
> Today reveals that also the Dutch intelligence services make use of PRISM, the controversial US intelligence program that was exposed by the newspaper The Guardian. Dutch digital rights organization Bits of Freedom demands the immediate halt of this practice and a thorough investigation into the use by the Dutch intelligence services of PRISM and comparable programs.
> Article on website BOF
> Bits of freedom
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 27 May 2013
> The Era of the Digital Mercenaries
> Online surveillance is a growing danger for journalists, bloggers, citizen-journalists and human rights defenders. The Spyfiles that WikiLeaks released in 2012 showed the extent of the surveillance market, its worth (more than 5 billion dollars) and the sophistication of its products.
> Report on website
> Reporters Without Borders
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 27 May 2013
> A Three-Fold Attack On Protest
> A promotional video for the Defend the Right to Protest Conference that took place on 14th October 2012. The film looks at the history of the police, the development of militarised methods of policing, and the increasing criminalisation of protest.
> 3 October 2012
> Online video
> Anthony Killick
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 27 May 2013
> Videos on 'less lethal weapons'
> The German video-collective leftvision has put different videos on the website showing the effects of police using so called 'less lethal weapons' (ruber bullets, paintballs, sound grenades)
> Videos and (German) text on website
> leftvision
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 27 May 2013
> Freedom for the five of Barcelona
> On May 15, Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Xabier and José were arrested in their homes in the province of Barcelona, by order of the Spanish National Court, in a police operation that resulted as well in the smashing and seizure of material from Catalan anarchists premises.
> Text in English on website
> Solidarity website
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 14 May 2013
> (NL)Don't let the thirststrikers die!
> Illegalised migrants, locked up in jails near the airports of Schiphol and Rotterdam, have gone into hungerstrike (and in some cases thirststrikes too) to protest their lail conditioans and demand freedom.
> 8 May 2013
> Translation of Dutch article into EnglishWebsite with more news (in Dutch mainly)
> noborder
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 29 April 2013
> Launching Big Brother Awards (Belgium)
> On May 30th the Big Brother Award will be announced, voting has started on 8 candidates.
> WebsiteAnnouncement at datapanik.org (Dutch)
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 28 April 2013
> European police to gain access to visa database
> Europol and national law enforcement authorities look likely to obtain access to asylum seekers' and irregular migrants' fingerprints held in the Eurodac database, following approval from the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee. Meanwhile, the Council is also looking to give effect to powers that provide access to the Visa Information System (VIS) for Europol and national law enforcement authorities.
> 26 April 2013
> Article on Statewatch website
> Statewatch News Online
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 28 April 2013
> Thousands more Tasers issued to police in London
> Police in London are being armed with an increasing number of "less lethal" weapons. Taser guns - electroshock weapons that deliver up to 1,200 volts into the body through metal probes that pierce the skin - are being made available to hundreds more police officers, leading to growing unease amongst politicians and the public. Concerns are being raised over the necessity and likely effectiveness of an increase in the use of the electroshock weapons, and an attempt is underway to have the legality of the decision-making process behind Taser use assessed by the courts.
> Article on Statewatch website
> Statewatch
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