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> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 10 May 2012
> Imprisoned for telling the truth?
> On Thursday 26th April Mike Wells, a citizen journalist who writes for the Games Monitor website, was filming unsafe working practices on Leyton Marsh at the chaotically managed Olympic construction site. He was assaulted and arrested...
> More on website
> Save Leyton Marsh
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 10 May 2012
> Boats 4 People: Transnational Newsletter No.1
> Boats 4 People starts concrete mobilisation. The project will be on tour between Italy and Tunisia from 1st July to 19 July 2012. Join the project ! All kind of support needed ! Boats4People aims to observe the situation in the Mediterranean Sea, collect information on the situation of migrants, disseminate it in the media and denounce the role played by the EU. Boats4People also participates in the preparation of legal files on cases of non-assistance by European military or border control boats. Another objective is to build a network of sailors to alert us to violations of migrants� human rights at sea. The cooperation between European and African organizations, activists and researchers is meant as a step towards a strong long-term alliance. By mobilizing people in the Mediterranean, Africa and Europe we strive for a Mediterranean that will become a place of solidarity and cease to be a mass grave for migrants. We advocate freedom of movement for all.
> Newsletter no 1
> Boats 4 People
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 09 May 2012
> Frankfurt authorities try to ban all protests
> Organisations have been planning protests at the European Central bank (ECB) in Frankfurt from May 16-19 to protest EU austerity policies. Local authorities have been refusing to cooperate with the organisers, and have now issued an prohibition of all protests and demonstrations during those days (including a mass demonstration on Saturday May 19).
> Frankfurt 09 May 2012
> More informationSign petition against ban here
> Blockupy Frankfurt
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 19 April 2012
> German Government wants to retain information on all internet traffic
> According to a leaked law proposal, the German government wants to collect - and retain for 7 days - all traffic on internet (including mobile phones and email).
> 18 April 2012
> German article Vorratsdatenspeicherung
> Arbeitskreise Vorratsdatenspeicherung
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 18 April 2012
> Annual General Assembly EADH
> The AEDH organises its annual General assembly and seminar in Brno, Czech Republic, on 27, 28 and 29 April 2012. During its General assembly, the AEDH will organise, with the Czech Helsinki Committee, its annual seminar on "Roma in Europe". It will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, on 27 April 2012.
> Website AEDH
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 April 2012
> Protester receives Olympics asbo
> London man who opposed construction of basketball venue believed to be first to receive wide-ranging ban from Olympics
> London 17 April 2012
> Article in The Guardian
> Guardian
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 18 April 2012
> Preemptive Arrests Planned for Olympics Protesters?
> "(...) A month ago the police dropped very strong hints that they planned to repeat the preemptive arrests of peaceful protesters that they used during the Royal Wedding. (...)"
> Article on Beyond Clicktivism
> Beyond Clicktivism
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 April 2012
> Getting the Voice Out
> Getting the Voice Out gathers stories from people detained in detention centres, to get their voices heard in the outside world and highlight what the authorities try so hard to hide. (Eng, Fr, Dutch)
> April 2012
> Website
> --
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 18 April 2012
> The Frontex Regulation – Consolidated text after final 2011 amendments
> All agreements signed by Frontex with third parties are available on Statewatch's Observatory. (www.statewatch.org/frontex (Frontex publications)
> pdf-file
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 11 April 2012
> Arad Camp (Romania): handcuffed and beaten for a lighter
> Arad camp, detainee stories collected on the 26/03/2012
> 27/03/2012
> On website migreurop
> Migreurop
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 04 April 2012
> Stop and search flashmob
> urban dancers flash mobbed Trafalgar Square and Grosvenor Square on Saturday 31 March 2012 as part of the Stopwatch campaign against discrimination in stop and search.
> London 4 April 2012
> Clip and description on website
> Network for Police Monitoring
> ECLN notice - meetings/conferences - added 25 March 2012
> Invitation for yearly Conference Komitee fur Grundrechte und Demokratie
> Who defends, and endagers the 'active democratic system' is the theme for this years conference. in the setting about disclosures of fascist violence in Germany, and the role the secret service has plaid.
> Cologne 22/23 September 2012
> Invite on website (in German)
> Komitee fur Grundrechte und Demokratie
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 25 March 2012
> Know your rights on on stop & search, especially during the 2012 Olympics
> Poet, writer and patron of Newham Monitoring Project Benjamin Zephaniah explains why it is important for young people in east London to know their rights on stop & search, especially during the 2012 Olympics.
> Article and clip on NMP-website
> Newham Monitoring Project (NMP)
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 25 March 2012
> AVID: Helping immigration detainees across the UK
> AVID is the membership network for all volunteer visitors to immigration removal centres, short term holding facilities, and prisons: anywhere someone is held for immigration purposes in the UK. Since 1994 we have sought to ensure detainees rights are protected and to promote access to volunteer visitors.
> Website
> ECLN notice - campaigns/open letters - added 25 March 2012
> Letter to FRONTEX from European Ombudsman
> The European Ombudsman, Nikiforos Diamandouros, has written an official letter to the head of FRONTEX, pointing at the fact that the Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the EU is legally binding for all EU Institutions, including FRONTEX
> The letter (as pdf-file)
> European Ombudsman/statewatch
> ECLN notice - demonstrations - added 25 March 2012
> Student Alfie Meadows' trial on March 26
> Alfie Meadows is a student who was severely wounded at the demonstration of 9 December 2010. Solidarity demonstration at the beginning of his trial Monday, March 26 at 9:00am at Kingston Crown Court
> London 26 March 2012
> Website
> Defend the Right to Protest
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 22 March 2012
> Europol chasing the anarchist ghost
> (German) description of increasing cross-border activities of European institutions against leftist organisations
> 22 March 2012
> Article on Euro-policeOriginal article on website heisse.de
> Matthias Monroy/Europolice
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 22 March 2012
> Counter-terrorism, Policy Laundering and the FATF (Financial Action Task Force)
> Ben Hayes' study on Counter-terrorism, Policy Laundering and the FATF (Financial Action Task Force): legalizing surveillance, regulating civil society gives a thorough account of an important institutional phenomenon: the world of financial regulation of non-profit organisations (NPOs) in the post 9/11 era.
> February 2012
> Report as pdf-file
> Ben Hayes TNI/Statewatch
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 22 March 2012
> Greece: a suicide of "increasing austerity"
> The European Association for the Defence of Human Rights (AEDH), the Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR) and the French League of Human Rights, (LDH), consider that austerity measures imposed on Greece lead the society to a dramatic and suicidal situation.
> February 2012
> Declaration on website HLHR
> Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR)
> ECLN notice - publications/research - added 09 March 2012
> Reclaim the Seas
> "The fishermen, when they lose their fish, they think" - A., Somali in Germany. Since November 2010, ten Somali citizens are on trial for Piracy in Hamburg, Germany. This blog is about the trial and the background on why fishermen are forced to change their profession.
> March 2012
> Weblog
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