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> campaigns/open letters 22 October 2005
> International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance (ICAMS)
> ICAMS was launched on April 20 2005 in London, Manila, Ottawa and Washington with the support of almost one hundred groups from around the world. The ICAMS report, "The Emergence Of A Global Infrastructure For Mass Registration And Surveillance", was published with the launch of the campaign.
> ICAMS websitethe ICAMS report
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Bürgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP
> Covers civil liberties and policing and is based at the Free University of Berlin, founded in 1975
> Germany 
> CILIP website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Humanistische Union
> Founded in 1961, Germany's oldest civil liberties organisation
> Germany 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Statewatch
> Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe
> UK 
> Statewatch website
> publications/research 11 November 2005
> Balancing security and democracy. The politics of biometric identification in the EU
> European University Institute working paper
> October 2005
> Full-textEUI website
> Angela Liberatore
> campaigns/open letters 21 November 2005
> Free expression groups protest attacks on journalists and human rights defenders
> Protest against Tunisia's hosting of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in the wake of attacks on journalists and human rights activists in Tunis in the past few days. The coalition has cancelled plans to hold a WSIS event, saying a series of incidents, including the stabbing of a French reporter, show how unfit Tunisia is to host a conference on freedom of expression and the Internet.
> IFEX TMG website
> IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group
> campaigns/open letters 06 December 2005
> Europe’s debut ‘Worst EU Lobbying’ Award 2005
> There are now only seven days of online voting left to decide the winner of the "Worst EU Lobby" Award 2005. More than 8,000 votes have already been cast and the 'Campaign for Creativity' (front group for Microsoft and other software giants) has taken a solid lead, followed by Exxon-Mobile and the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment, both lobbying to undermine EU climate legislation.
> website (vote now)Corporate Europe Observatory
> Corporate Europe Observatory in association with LobbyControl, Spinwatch and Friends of the Earth Europe
> campaigns/open letters 06 December 2005
> Open Letter to the European Parliament on Data Retention
> Tomorrow is the dealine for amendments to the European Parliament's report on the EU proposals for the mandatory data retention of all telehone and internet usage records by service providers. As drafted, the proposals and the EP's report mean that all traffic data would wil have to be kept for two years for law enforcement purposes. A coalition of civil society groups has written to MEPs urging them to reject proposals.
> Open letter
> Privacy International, EDRI and others
> meetings/conferences 15 December 2005
> European Studies: between Globalisation and Regionalism (Humanitarian and Social Aspects)
> Proposed topic areas for presentations: New European Centres and Peripheries: the Dynamics of Polycentricity in EU The Change of Mentalities against the Background of European Integration Processes Development of National Languages in the New EU: Facts and Prospects National Literatures of EU: Globalisation and Pop-Culture vs. Artistry and Identity Political Identity Crossroads: between the East-West Concept and North-South Orientation of the New Europe. Global Integration and Migration of the Work Force: New Technological and Cultural Collaboration Opportunities New Historical Identities of EU: the Imagined Community, Propaganda and Facts. The application forms are available on request from: esi@su.lt
> Siauliai, Lithuania 12-13 May, 2006
> UACES: Exchanging Ideas on Europe
> European Studies Institute , Siauliai University ,
> publications/research 15 December 2005
> UNHCR comments on European Union asylum law and policy
> New webpage containing a collection of all UNHCR's observations on EC law and EU policy development on asylum, refugee protection and other issues relevant to the work of UNHCR. Among other subjects, the comments address current proposals and adopted texts, initatives and programmes, including those of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission.
> December 2005
> UNHCR comments on EUUNHCR website
> United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
> links to ECLN groups 19 December 2005
> Privacy International
> PI is a human rights group formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations
> December 2005
> PI website
> publications/research 04 January 2006
> Austrian EU presidency website
> Includes presidency work programme, timetable of Council meetings and summits, media service etc.
> January-June 2006
> English versionDeutschFrancaisEU presidencies 2006-2018
> Austrian government
> meetings/conferences 23 January 2006
> Will it Work? An Open Debate on Wallström’s White Paper on Information and European Democracy
> The White paper has been long awaited and this will be the first opportunity to examine its contents at the start of the consultation process. Margot Wallström will both present the White Paper and after brief reactions from the panel, answer questions from the participants. Participation is free, but by registration only.
> Brussels, Belgium 1 February 2006
> Programmeregister
> ECAS, EurActiv, Friends of Europe and Journalists @ Your Service
> publications/research 23 January 2006
> People's Actions for Human Security in Asia and Europe
> The ASEM People's Forum 5 was held in Hanoi from September 6-9, 2004 under the general theme "People's Actions for Human Security in Asia and Europe". This book is composed of different sections from the Forum: speeches at the Opening and Closing sessions; reports and presentations at the conferences and workshops; presentation at the "Meeting Vietnam Forum", the Final Statement of the Forum and feedback on the Forum
> January 2006
> Online bookTNI: alternative regionalisms
> Asem People's Forum 5 / Transnational Institute (TNI)
> meetings/conferences 21 February 2006
> SOCIAL RIGHTS IN EUROPE - A provocation for neo-liberalism
> The Welfare State and its theoretical and legal foundations; From the high point of the social welfare state to the status quo; Attacks on the Social Welfare State; The defense of what remains of the Social Welfare State and the construction of a Social Europe (simultaneous translation: English, French, German)
> Berlin, Germany 6 May 2006
> Conference details
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights
> meetings/conferences 10 March 2006
> Migrations, liberté de circulation et développement
> La dramatisation contemporaine du fait migratoire, pourtant historiquement et géographiquement universel, le déferlement de passions, notamment nationalistes et xénophobes, mais aussi les croyances et les phantasmes d’envahissement qui submergent les débats publics à ce sujet tant en Europe qu’au Maghreb rendent plus que jamais nécessaires l’expression et la formation de regards critiques, par les sciences sociales notamment, sur les enjeux très actuels des migrations entre l’Afrique et l’Europe.
> à l’INSEA, Rabat (Maroc) 27-30 March 2006
> TERRA website, conference details
> TERRA et réseaux interassociatifs Migreurop et Shabaka
> campaigns/open letters 10 March 2006
> Documents confiscated and criminal charges raised against Danish association ‘Oproer’ (Rebellion/uproar)
> Police authorities have ordered the removal of the international appeal for solidarity with proscripted organisations from the association ‘Rebellion’ from the web sites of a Danish parliamentary party, a left daily newspaper and a socialist youth group. ‘Rebellion’ is charged with transferring approximately 14000 Euro to the resistance movements FARC (Colombia) and PFLP (Palestine) in October 2004. The second charge concerns a statement on Danish television on 1 August 2005 by a spokesperson for ‘Rebellion’, Patrick Mac Manus, announcing that the association was in the process of collecting further funds in support of organisations on the EU 'terrorist list', and that it had issued an international appeal to democratic and solidarity organisations in the European Union urging them to similarly challenge national anti-terrorist legislation and the EU 'terrorist list'. Both charges have been raised personally aginst the spokesperson, Patrick Mac Manus, and not against the association as such.
> StatementOproer websiteStatewatch "terrorist lists" website
> Oproer
> meetings/conferences 20 March 2006
> The current situation on international migration in Europe and in Belgium
> Press conference hosted by "Journalists at your Service" to mark the publication of "Towards Harmonised European Statistics on International Migration", which compares statistical sources in the 25 Member States. The press conference will be held in English. The speakers will also be able to answer questions in French. Those wishing to attend are kindly requested to register.
> Résidence Palace, Brussels, Belgium 10:30 am, 30 March 2006
> E-mail address for registration Journalists At Your Service
> Michel Poulain (UCL), Ann Singleton (University of Bristol) and Nicolas Perrin (UCL)
> publications/research 20 March 2006
> A new European Century: the dangers of a military EU and those who resist
> Contents: "Bayonets bared for Europe’s military future", Enzo Mangini; "A Europe of peace is possible", Hilary Wainwright, "Strong roots for a better future", Kate Hudson; "Plane Thinking" (on the multi-billion dollar Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)), Gemma Galdon and Wilbert van der Zeijden; "Women in black", Cynthia Cockburn.
> 2006
> Eurotopia issue 2Spanish versionEurotopia website
> Eurotopia, Issue 2
> meetings/conferences 26 March 2006
> The Regulation of migration, asylum and movement in the "new Europe" - call for papers
> The impact of the 2004 Madrid and 2005 London bombings brought a new and fiercely regulatory extension to the movement of people in the context of the ‘war on terror’. Other events, such as the assassination of the film director Van Gogh in the Netherlands or the riots at the suburbs of Paris, brought up new questions about immigration policies and models of integration in Europe. Ironically, these policies and models have consolidated at the very time that the European Union is going through unprecedented expansion to include member states from the former Eastern bloc. In turn, expansion has revived theoretical and political debates about ‘old’ and ‘new’ immigration and modes of social control or conflict.
> Corinth, Peloponnese, Greece 31 August - 3 September 2006
> Call for papers
> 34th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
> campaigns/open letters 05 April 2006
> FoI advocates letter to Council of Europe Steering Committee on Human Rights on access to documents
> In the first week of April, 2006, the Council of Europe's Steering Committee on Human Rights will review the interim report of the expert Working Group on Access to Official Documents (DH-S-AC) and, it is hoped, approve the next phase of drafting the treaty. The Working Group is recommending a treaty based strongly on the Recommendation 2002 with mention of the fact that this is a right and with a limited list of exemptions. More than thirty FOIAdvocates members and activists have submitted a letter of support to the Council of Europe.
> Full-text of the letterAccess Info EuropeFOIAnet news
> Access Info Europe
> meetings/conferences 18 April 2006
> OSCE International NGO Conference
> Workshops: Security Concept OSCE; Human Trafficking; Small Arms; Racism (TBC); Kosovo; Drugs trafficking and use; Kaukasus; Dialogue among religions; Fight against Terrorism and Respect for Human Rights; Future of the OSCE.
> Palace d’Egmont, Brussels 16-17 May 2006
> Conference website and programme etc.
> campaigns/open letters 20 April 2006
> NGOs' concerns over the proposed EU Fundamental Rights Agency
> Joint letter commenting on the restricted approach to EU human rights policy reflected in the Commission proposal for a Fundamental Rights Agency. Giving the Agency a remit that largely excludes human rights compliance by Member States will effectively bar it from addressing the reality of the state of human rights within the EU's own borders.
> Joint letter
> The Social Platform, Amnesty International EU Office, Human Rights and Democracy Network, CONCORD
> publications/research 20 April 2006
> The State of the World's Refugees 2006: Human displacement in the new millennium
> Contents: 1) Current dynamics of displacement; 2) Safeguarding asylum; 3) Addressing refugee security; 4) Responding to emergencies; 5) Protracted refugee situations: the search for practical solutions; 6) Rethinking durable solutions; 7) Internally displaced persons; 8) Looking to the future
> April 2006
> Full report
> publications/research 25 April 2006
> Arming Big Brother The EU’s Security Research Programme
> The European Union is preparing to spend up to €1 billion per year on new ‘research’ into surveillance and control technologies, according to Arming Big Brother, a new report by the Transnational Institute (TNI) and Statewatch. “Arms industry lobbying is leading to the creation of a powerful new internal security-industrial complex,” says Ben Hayes, author of the report. Arming Big Brother lifts the lid on the secretive committees and arms industry lobbying that led to the creation of the European Security Research Programme (ESRP).
> April 2006
> Press releaseFull-text of report
> Statewatch & Transnational Institute
> meetings/conferences 02 May 2006
> High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development
> The purpose of the high-level dialogue is to discuss the multidimensional aspects of international migration and development in order to identify appropriate ways and means to maximize its development benefits and minimize its negative impacts... There will be "informal Interactive Hearings" with NGOs, civil society and the private sector on 12 July 2006.
> United Nations, New York 14-15 September 2006
> UN High Level DIalogue websiteInformal Interactive Hearings
> United Nations General Assembly
> meetings/conferences 31 May 2006
> Sixth Asia Europe People's Forum
> The AEPF is a forum for NGOs and civil society groups that are non-state and non-corporate. It aims to bring the voice of the civil society in the official Asia Europe Summit, ASEM, and to create alternatives to its neoliberalistic agenda. The Conference Plenaries and workshops are organised around three main focus areas: 'Peace and Security', 'Economic Security and Social Rights' and 'Democratisation and Human Rights'.
> Helsinki, Finland 3-6 September 2006
> AEPF website
> publications/research 29 June 2006
> BEHATOKIA Bulletin
> Contents: Penitentiary policy claims more lives; Torture; New moves to prevent release of Basque prisoners; Statement from Atenco women prisoners ; Opinion: Will the Spanish state finally fulfil its international commitments to human rights?
> June 2006
> Full contentsPDF version
> Basque Observatory for Human Rights
> meetings/conferences 30 June 2006
> Public Hearing on the European Security Strategy and the future of the European Security and Defence Plan
> Speakers: Mr Elmar BROK, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs; Mr Karl von WOGAU, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence; Mr Robert COOPER, Director General, Council of the EU; Mrs Nicole GNESOTTO, Director of the EU Institute for Security Studies; Mr Narcis SERRA, former Defence Minister of Spain; Mr Otfried NASSAUER, Director of the Berlin Information Centre for Transatlantic Security; Prof. Michael COX, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics; Lieutenant General Jean-Paul PERRUCHE, Director-General of the EU Military Staff; Mr Lars-Erik LUNDIN, Head of Unit, Deputy Political Director, Security Policy, Relex, European Commission. If you would like to attend, please contact Mrs Urszula PROCNER (+32-2-283-2535, uprocner@europarl.europa.eu)
> Room 4B001, PHS Building, EP, Brussels 9-12.30, 13 July 2006
> European Parliament subcommittee on Security and Defence
> campaigns/open letters 24 August 2006
> Appeal to the European Governments and the European Union - Don't tolerate Aggression, War Crimes and Human Rights Violations in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel
> urges European governments and the EU to take steps to end the bloodshed in the Middle East
> EALDH appeal
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights
> publications/research 02 September 2006
> Conference proceedings: Freedom from Nuclear Weapons through Legal Accountability and Good Faith
> This conference took place on 6-7 July 2006 in the European Parliament. It marked the tenth anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Advisory Opinion on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons. It was organised by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), Abolition 2000 Europe, the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA), and the International Peace Bureau (IPB). It was sponsored by MEPs Gisela Kallenbach and Caroline Lucas on behalf of the Green/EFA Group in the European Parliament.
> Brussels August 2006
> Speeches (audio files)Radio Nizkor
> Radio Nizkor
> campaigns/open letters 04 October 2006
> People’s Vision - Building Solidarity across Asia and Europe: TOWARDS A JUST, EQUAL AND SUSTAINABLE WORLD
> The AEPF is a forum for NGOs and civil society groups that are non-state and non-corporate. It aims to bring the voice of the civil society in the official Asia Europe Summit, ASEM, and to create alternatives to its neoliberalistic agenda. AEPF 6 was held on 3rd - 6th September 2006 in Paasitorni Conference Center in Helsinki, Finland.
> DeclarationAEPF website
> Final Declaration of the Asia-Europe People’s Forum 6
> campaigns/open letters 07 November 2006
> Worst EU Lobby Award 2006 - Vote Now!
> This year, the voting for the awards takes place in two different categories: 'the Worst EU Lobbying' for that lobbyist who goes the extra mile in deception and spin; and 'The Worst Privileged Access' for the public servant or politician who's just too cosy with a particular lobby group. The EU lobby awards are organised by Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth Europe, LobbyControl and Spinwatch.
> Worst EU Lobby Award 2006Worst EU Lobby Award 2005Corporate Europe Observatory
> meetings/conferences 04 January 2007
> CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS (AUDIO FILES): CIA flights, extraordinary renditions, secret prisons. American policy and European complicity
> Proceedings from conference organised by Nordic Green Left and United Left Groups in the European Parliament and Rifondazione Comunista, Italy. [Convegno dal titolo "Voli della Cia, extraordinary renditions, carceri segrete. Strategia americana e complicità europea"; audio files in Italian, German and English]
> Milan 16 December 2006
> Audio files
> RadioRadicale.it
> meetings/conferences 12 January 2007
> World Social Forum 2007
> The 7th World Social Forum (WSF) will be held from 20 until 25 January 2007 at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani, Nairobi and is expected to host up to 150,000 delegates from all over the world. Over 1,000 activities will take place in the 106 spaces provided at the venue. Rallying around the call of Another World Is Possible, the World Social Forum has placed social justice, international solidarity, gender equality, peace and defence of the environment on the agenda of the world’s peoples. From its modest origins in Porto Alegre in the year 2001, to Mumbai, Bamako, Caracas, Karachi and now Nairobi, the forces and the contingents of the World Social Forum have collectively expanded the democratic spaces of those seeking concrete, sustainable and progressive alternatives to neo-liberalism and imperialist globalisation.
> Nairobi 20/01/2007
> WSF website
> publications/research 02 February 2007
> Access Information: A Universal Right, A Universal Standard
> As Council of Europe experts debate the conversion of Recommendation 2002(2) on Access to Official Documents into a binding treaty, two issues need to be addressed. The first, is whether the right is of is one of access to documents or access to information, the second, is whether there exists sufficient consistency in international standards to require that the future treaty to set binding standards rather than laying out a shopping list of options available to member states. This paper shows that the right to information that has emerged in the past four decades is a right of access to information rather than a narrower right of access to documents. Core standards on access to information exist, indicating that any future treaty developed by the Council of Europe should set absolute standards. It is recommended that, whatever form the final treaty takes, the Council of Europe ensure that it enshrines the highest standards set by access to information laws in Europe and globally.
> Madrid 17 January 2007
> Access Information: A Universal Right, A Universal StandardAccess Info Europe website
> Access Info Europe
> demonstrations 29 May 2007
> Antiracist G8 'action and events' calendar
> Between 2 and 7 June, thousands of refugees, migrants and activist will protest against the G8. In this context , mass actions and information events will take place under the slogans: ‘For Global Freedom of Movement’ and ‘Equal Rights for All’. Below you find links to the 'choreography of resistance', and events calendar. CALL OUT DECEMBER 2005: "We are here, because you are destroying our countries." This central slogan of the ‘Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants’ explicitly links capitalist destruction on the one hand to flight and migration on the other. The G8-governments - as well as the WTO, IMF and World Bank - are not only responsible for neocolonial relations of exploitation; they also increasingly rely on and further the intensification of processes of selection and exclusion in the Northern parts of the globe, the intensification of legal, social and political hierarchies. It is these and other developments - whether in the North or the South - that lead us to speak of a system of global Apartheid. [...]
> Heiligendamm/Rostock, Germany 2-7 June 2007
> Updated events calendarWorking Group Migration of the protest networksCaravan of Refugees and Migrants tours Germany
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> Escape from Tripoli Report on the Conditions of Migrants in Transit in Libya
> "The deaths in the desert and in the Channel of Sicily, the tortures and rapes in detention centres funded by Italy, deportations to the Sahara, collective refoulements, the repatriation of refugees on flights paid by Rome, deportations from Lampedusa, murders in police stations, the abuses perpetrated by passeurs and racist attacks in Tripoli. Everything that must not be known about the country to which Italy and the EU entrust the control of the southern border, on the eve of Frontex patrol operations in Libya in 2008, when refoulements at sea will become the norm."
> October 2007
> Fortress EuropeReport (PDF)
> Fortress Europe. The observatory on victims of migrations
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> FRONTEX-led EU Illegal Immigration Technical Mission to Libya. 28 May - 5 June 2007
> Frontex, the "European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union", reports on its second EU technical mission on illegal immigration to Libya between 28 May and 5 June 2007.
> 2007
> Report (PDF)
> Frontex
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> »The truth may be bitter, but it must be told« The Situation of Refugees in the Aegean and the Practices of the Greek Coast Guard.
> Asylum seekers are being sent back to Greece from Germany and other European countries without their applications for asylum having been thoroughly examined. The legal basis for this is the European Dublin II Regulation under which the state through which the asylum seeker entered European territory is responsible for processing the asylum claim. For a large number of people, particularly those from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia, the escape route leads them across the Aegean into Greece. This report forms part of a series of fact-finding missions (to Spain/Morocco, Italy, Slovakia/Ukraine) about human rights violations committed at the external borders of Europe, conducted by PRO ASYL. This report finds systematic refoulement of refugees at sea, illegal deportations and detention and inhumane detention conditions and makes a series of demands.
> October 2007
> Report (PDF)Pro Asyl: Information on reactions to the report
> Pro Asyl, Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants
> campaigns/open letters 12 November 2007
> Campaign against the “11th European Police Congress“, 29th-30th of January 2008 in Berlin. Against a “Global Security Architecture”, for more security-critical behaviour!
> Police investigation methods and the global security apparatus are increasingly violating basic democratic and human rights. Police and intelligence services want to attain unrestricted access to personal data and internet user profiles. The “European Police Congress”, a forum where politicians, police authorities, intelligence services, the military and the security industry meet to discuss the implementation of new measures for data collection and prosecution facilitates the increasing social control and authoritarian state tendencies within the EU. The 2008 Congress takes place under the motto “Information technology – investigation – operation”. On Tuesday, 29 January 2008, Schäuble, the German Minister of Internal Affairs, will speak at the “Forum of European Ministers of Internal Affairs”. A coalition of civil liberties and social justice groups is organising protest actions, with the aim to reach broad segments of society. This recent initiative is seen as a potential extension of already existing campaigns: against data retention, against anti-terrorist laws, the EU border agency Frontex and the repressive EU migration regime, against police racism and militarism.
> 11th European Police Congress home pageMore information about the campaign (English)More information about the campaign (German)
> Six Hills
> meetings/conferences 07 January 2011
> entsichern kongress (Desecuritising the European Union)
> A two-days congress for critical debates on the current state of the European "security architecture" at Mehringhof in Berlin. The event is organised as antipode to the 14th European Police Congress that will take place in mid-February in Berlin.
> Berlin, Germany 29.-30. January 2011
> entsichern kongress
> meetings/conferences 08 May 2011
> Anti - Frontex Days /16-23 May Warsaw
> Ending oppression in Europe requires radical solidarity; this entails realizing that our liberation is co-dependent. Migrants and non-alike, our freedom is bound together, and thus so must be our struggle.
> Warsaw 16-23 May 2011
> WebsiteAnti-Borders CollectiveProgram
> publications/research 29 September 2011
> Conference speeches Statewatching Europe: Civil Liberties, the State and the EU
> Statewatchs 20th anniversary conference was held at Conway Hall in London on Saturday 25th June 2011. More than 220 people from 18 EU countries registered and over 30 NGOs attended the conference.
> September 2011
> Videos and material on website
> publications/research 06 December 2011
> Migreurop Migration Policy Chronology
> This chronology seeks to make it easier to understand European migration and asylum policies through a time-framed comparison of the evolution of the legal framework (columns A1 to A3), the public discourse (B1) and the facts (B2). The table is updated twice a year.
> 30 November 2011
> Migreurop website
> publications/research 20 December 2011
> Hungarian Government to Create Top-rank National Security Informational Center
> The Hungarian government came up with a new proposal, which talks about the setting up of a National Security Informational and Criminal Analysis Center. This new government body could freely roam about in other government databases and could collect and retain our data without any restriction. The monster feeding on our personal data is digging privacy’s grave even deeper.
> 30 November 2011
> More details on website HCLU
> publications/research 18 January 2012
> the meaning of treaties and readmission agreements between Italy and north African states
> The Italian government and the EU are attempting to urgently re-establish readmission agreements with new regimes in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya with scant regard for the wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers. A �state of emergency� has been declared in Italy which has allowed the government to derogate from certain laws and fast-track the application process.
> Jan 2012
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Yasha Maccanico
> publications/research 01 February 2012
> When Preparing for Major Events, How Should Cities Balance Civil Rights and Security?
> The G8/NATO summit heading to Chicago this spring is still several months off, but the city’s security preparations are in full swing. Officials recently expanded Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s authority and increased the application requirements for protest groups in preparation for the Chicago’s turn in the international spotlight this May.
> 30 January 2012
> Article on website Atlantic Cities
> David Lepeska
> publications/research 18 April 2012
> The Frontex Regulation – Consolidated text after final 2011 amendments
> All agreements signed by Frontex with third parties are available on Statewatch's Observatory. (www.statewatch.org/frontex (Frontex publications)
> pdf-file
> campaigns/open letters 18 April 2012
> Annual General Assembly EADH
> The AEDH organises its annual General assembly and seminar in Brno, Czech Republic, on 27, 28 and 29 April 2012. During its General assembly, the AEDH will organise, with the Czech Helsinki Committee, its annual seminar on "Roma in Europe". It will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, on 27 April 2012.
> Website AEDH
> publications/research 10 May 2012
> Secret meeting on EU 'Security' in Munich
> Six European ministers of Interior meet with the European Commission and representants of the US Homeland Security to discuss exchange of police information and more pressure on Greece
> 10 May 2012
> German article
> Europolice
> publications/research 21 June 2012
> ENS: European Network on Statelessness
> ENS raises awareness about statelessness, and provides a platform for collaboration among civil society organizations.
> June 2012
> Website ENS
> campaigns/open letters 09 October 2012
> EU: FRONTEX Fundamental Rights Strategy: Statewatch and Migreurop’s joint submission to the Ombudsman of the European Union (pdf)
> "Frontex has adopted a restrictive approach to the human rights impact of its activities, and put forward a strategy where preventive mechanisms remain weak and where redress mechanisms are absent. In so doing, Frontex seems to fall short of two of its commitments presented in its reply to the Ombudsman: a "zero tolerance policy" and the mainstreaming of fundamental rights into all Frontex activities. We thus argue that the understanding of the human rights risks in the context of Frontex operations may be underestimated and that the proposed safeguards are unsatisfactory as a result".
> pdf (English)pdf French)
> Statewatch and Migreurop
> publications/research 25 October 2012
> CLEAN IT: the secret EU surveillance plan that wasn't
> There are elements in Europe who would dearly like to see the CLEAN IT wish list put into practice (including from the law enforcement community, the industries that serve it, and the European Commission), but we must distinguish between transnational talking shops, EU working groups and draft EU policy.
> 09 October 2012
> Article on website
> Ben Hayes/Open Democracy
> campaigns/open letters 11 November 2012
> Troika for everyone, forever
> "Harsh loan conditions and a wave of EU-laws that prescribe neoliberal policies have triggered a major attack on welfare and democracy in Europe. Can it get any worse? A look at the proposals for a fiscal union and deeper economic integration shows quite clearly that it can."
> Article on Website
> Corporate Europe Observatory
> publications/research 21 November 2012
> The trouble with Fortress Europe
> To prevent illegal immigration, the EU has built a set of far-reaching border control and enforcement policies. But it doesn't work: today's 'Fortress Europe' is an inefficient, immoral and costly bureaucratic construction that should be urgently reformed.
> 21 November 2012
> Article on website Opendemocracy
> Mathew Carr/Open Democracy
> campaigns/open letters 29 January 2013
> Solidarity with Fighting Refugees in Choucha / Tunisia
> This blog will provide you with informations and ressources on the protest of refugees from Choucha refugee-camp in Tunisia.
> Chouchaprotest blog
> Blog on Choucha refugee-camp
> publications/research 07 February 2013
> Capita gets bigger slice of UK immigration cake, chokes on first bites
> Thousands of migrants received threatening text messages over the Christmas holiday telling them they did not have the right to be in the UK and should leave the country immediately. But many of them reportedly had valid visas, leaves to remain or even British passports. The texts were sent on behalf of the immigration authorities by the outsourcing giant Capita under a new £30 million contract to trace and contact 'overstayers'.
> 25 January 2013
> Article on website
> Corporate Watch
> campaigns/open letters 14 March 2013
> Newest Amendment to Hungary’s Fundamental Law Would Seriously Undermine the Rule of Law
> Three Hungarian NGOs, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Eötvös Károly Institute and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union addressed the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and the European Commission Vice-President, Commissioner in Charge of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship in order to raise their attention to the planned Fourth Amendment to the Fundamental Law of Hungary, threatening the rule of law.
> More on website
> campaigns/open letters 29 April 2013
> Launching Big Brother Awards (Belgium)
> On May 30th the Big Brother Award will be announced, voting has started on 8 candidates.
> WebsiteAnnouncement at datapanik.org (Dutch)
> campaigns/open letters 13 June 2013
> Bits of Freedom: Dutch spooks must stop use of PRISM
> Today reveals that also the Dutch intelligence services make use of PRISM, the controversial US intelligence program that was exposed by the newspaper The Guardian. Dutch digital rights organization Bits of Freedom demands the immediate halt of this practice and a thorough investigation into the use by the Dutch intelligence services of PRISM and comparable programs.
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> publications/research 11 July 2013
> TAFTA, the US-EU's Trojan Trade Agreement: Talks (and Leaks) Begin
> The first round of talks in what the U.S. and EU trade representatives intend to be the largest bilateral trade agreement ever have begun. The governments call it TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Everyone else calls it TAFTA, the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. Whatever the name, it will regulate all U.S. and EU trade, or around 30 percent of world trade in goods. And according to the first leaks of negotiation documents, it threatens to be yet another trojan horse for copyright and internet issues.
> 8 July 2013
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> campaigns/open letters 19 October 2013
> New campaign on climate change and international security: Cashing in on catastrophe
> Does climate change cause you to worry? Do you read news about increased carbon emissions - and the paltry inadequate political responses - and despair? Do you wonder what will happen as the impacts of climate change hit home? - Ben Hayes and Nick Boxton
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