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> publications/research 18 October 2005
> AusgeLAGERt. Exterritoriale Lager und der EU-Aufmarsch an den Mittelmeergrenzen [Outsourced. Extraterritorial camps and the EU's deployment of forces in the Mediterranean]
> This excellent report criticises the externalisation of EU policy on asylum and migration and details research and analysis of the developing 'Lagersystem' in northern Africa.
> September 2005
> Report extracts and order detailsFlüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen
> Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen, Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie, Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht und Migration
> publications/research 18 October 2005
> Der Krieg gegen die trikontinentale Massenarmut - Migration, Flucht und die Rückkehr der Lager [The war against Third World mass poverty - migration, flight and the return of Lagers]
> This article analyses the strategy and logic of internment camps ("Lager") in Germany's and EU Member States' and international migration and refugee politics. The term "Lager" helps to identify and conceptualise the techniques of denial of rights, internment, deterrence and punishment, which serve the violent perpetuation of global injustice.
> 17 March 2005
> Full-text
> by Thomas Hohlfeld and Dirk Vogelskamp
> campaigns/open letters 18 October 2005
> Manifesto and signature campaign on migrants' deaths after being intercepted by the Guardia Civil
> On 29.8.2005, two sub-Saharan immigrants who were attempting to cross the border between Melilla (Spain) and Morocco, appeared dead. According to testimonies by four colleagues of the deceased and by two persons of Moroccan nationality, the immigrants could have died once they had crossed the border fence, that is, inside Spanish territory, and after having been intercepted by the Guardia Civil (Border Police). These testimonies point as well that the immigrants were brutally hit by some of the Guardia Civil officers and, afterwards, once of them was already dead and the other agonizing, their bodies were thrown into Moroccan territory.
> Manifesto and support signatures
> Inmigrantes en tránsito Marruecos (Immigrants in transit / Morocco)
> campaigns/open letters 18 October 2005
> International appeal to abolish the EUs extraterritorial refugee camps and to demand a public inspection of the inhumane internment camps of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean region
> In May this year, the EU initiated its third attempt to probe the foreign policy situation to assess if it can set up extraterritorial refugee camps in northern Africa. Sign this international appeal to protest against the policy of externalisation and stop the plans from going ahead.
> Full-text
> Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie e.V.
> campaigns/open letters 18 October 2005
> Action tour against Europe's camp system. For freedom of movement! Equal rights for everyone!
> Everywhere around the globe people are fighting against camps, partly from the inside, partly from the outside. We will pick up this issue on September 24./25. 2005 – with a two-day action tour against Europe's camp system.
> For more information see campaign website
> no-lager network
> campaigns/open letters 18 October 2005
> Zum Entwurf einer Verfassung für die Europäische Union [On the draft European Constitution]
> The EALDH finds that the EU draft constitution favours military intervention over peaceful means, neo-liberalism over a social Europe, private interests over human rights and inadequate legal protection for migrants and refugees.
> Full-text
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (EALDH)
> meetings/conferences 24 October 2005
> WAR ON REFUGEES: Justice - not deportation and torture
> Refugee rights are under attack as never before. The rhetoric of the "war on terrorism" links asylum seekers to terrorism with dangerous consequences for community relations.
> House of Commons, London 2 November, 7pm
> The refugee project website
> The Refugee Project
> publications/research 24 October 2005
> Working with the media: guide for anti-racist campaigners and refugee rights activists
> Working with the media is essential to any successful campaigning work or community activism. This guide aims to assist those in anti-racist and refugee rights campaigns to work with the media in a confident, strategic and effective way.
> October 2005
> Guide full-textIRR website
> Institute of Race Relations (IRR)
> publications/research 26 October 2005
> Ten Ways to Protect Undocumented Migrant Workers
> This report provides expert insight on all issues that should be considered to reach just and pragmatic policies in the fields of migration, economic growth and social inclusion.
> October 2005
> Full-text of reportPICUM website
> Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM)
> demonstrations 02 November 2005
> European caravan against the fence: no-one is illegal
> We invite you all, men and women from the different european cities, to join us in ths journey... raising our voices to say "basta" to the fence of death and to everything it symbolizes: not in our name.
> Europe Departs 4-6 November 2005
> Invitation
> No border network
> meetings/conferences 03 November 2005
> PERSECUTIONS DES FEMMES, MOBILISATIONS SOCIALES ET DROIT D’ASILE [Persecution of Women, Social Mobilisation and Asylum Rights]
> Persecution suffered by women in their countries often plays a role in their flight. In relation to female asylum seekers, the issue is underestimated in social movements and is struggling to gain official recognition as a valid reason for the granting of asylum.
> Paris (France) 15-16 September 2006
> Université Panthéon-Sorbonne / Paris 1 – Centre de Recherches Politiques and Southampton University – Politics and International Research Centre in the framework of the TERRA network
> publications/research 11 November 2005
> Laika
> A new German-language bi-monthly journal has been launched covering events in eastern Europe. The aim of the publication is not to merely to counter existing stereotypes of eastern Europeans in Germany but to discuss possibilities of political collaboration to formulate a cross-border left-wing politics that applies to eastern and western Europe whilst the label 'communism' has become either tainted with state authoritarianism or obsolete amongst most activist circles. Laika offers a space to discuss these questions.
> Germany 2005
> Full-text
> meetings/conferences 11 November 2005
> IPPNW meeting "Achten statt verachten - Menschenrechte für Migranten ohne Papiere" in Berlin ["Respect not despise - human rights for migrants without papers"
> The pictures of African refugees outside the barbed wire fences in Ceuta and Melilla shock us and show that Europe has become a Fortress. But within this Fortress, Germany alone is home to around 500,000 to 1 million migrants without legal residency rights who are in contiunous fear of deportation. This meeting will inform about the situation of these people and discuss how the legal and political 'grey zone' they live in means they are denied basic human rights.
> Berlin (Germany) 10 December 2005
> German section of the IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)
> meetings/conferences 11 November 2005
> Sweatshops, workers and international solidarity: A conference for activists.
> No Sweat’s fifth annual gathering, with high-profile speakers, films, debate, and training sessions. Programme includes film and discussion on the Bolivian Gas and Water Wars and Argentina’s Occupied Factory movement. The conference will also look at Africa’s problems in the aftermath of the G8 summit and discussions on the sweatshop-produced clothes sold by the Arcadia group. Migrant work is discussed with the case of the Canary Wharf organising drive with a TGWU organiser.
> SOAS, University of London 26 November 2005 (12:00 - 6:00 pm)
> Book conference tickets online
> No Sweat Network
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Associazione di Studi Giuridici sull'Immigrazione
> Association of immigration law studies
> Italy 
> ASGI website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Bürgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP
> Covers civil liberties and policing and is based at the Free University of Berlin, founded in 1975
> Germany 
> CILIP website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Esculca
> Observatory on civil rights and liberties based in Galicia
> Spain 
> Esculca website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (EALDH)
> A democratic confederation of diverse national associations of democratic lawyers
> Europe 
> EALDH website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> European Race Audit
> Part of the Institute of Race Relations, based in London, founded in 1956
> UK 
> IRR website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Hellenic League for Human Rights
> Founded in 1953
> Greece 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Humanistische Union
> Founded in 1961, Germany's oldest civil liberties organisation
> Germany 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> MeltingPot Project
> Immigration news, campaigns and research
> Italy 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Mugak
> Covers immigration, racism and xenophobia, based in the Basque country
> Spain 
> Mugak website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Statewatch
> Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe
> UK 
> Statewatch website
> demonstrations 11 November 2005
> Campsfield: 12 years too long
> Demonstration marking 12 years of immigration detention at Campsfield
> Campsfield, Oxfordshire 26 November 2005
> posterClose Campsfield website
> Close Campsfield campaign
> meetings/conferences 19 November 2005
> Flucht - rechtspolitischer Kongress zu Migration und Asyl [Flight - legal conference on migration and asylum]
> This year's annual conference of the BAKJ is orgnaised by lawyers from Muenster and offers various workshops dealing with migration from various disciplines and viewpoints. Issues range from refugee campaigns for freedom of movement, capitalism & migration, foreigners in criminal law and EU asylum law.
> ESG, Muenster (Germany) 25 - 27 November 2005
> More information
> Bundesarbeitskreis kritischer Juragruppen (BAKJ)
> meetings/conferences 15 December 2005
> Defy Section 9 [S.9 of the 2004 Asylum and Immigration Act UK allows the withdrawal of all state support and threats to take children of asylum seekers into care if they do not leave]
> A working conference for trade unionists, anti-deportation campaigners and anti-racists. Plenaries and workshops on: • campaigning against section 9 • local anti-deportation campaigns - how to win • defending civil liberties • racism / fascism - defence of asylum seekers • co-ordinating our campaigns
> Manchester, UK 28 January 2006
> leaflet
> NUT, CDAS and others
> publications/research 15 December 2005
> UNHCR comments on European Union asylum law and policy
> New webpage containing a collection of all UNHCR's observations on EC law and EU policy development on asylum, refugee protection and other issues relevant to the work of UNHCR. Among other subjects, the comments address current proposals and adopted texts, initatives and programmes, including those of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission.
> December 2005
> UNHCR comments on EUUNHCR website
> United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
> publications/research 18 December 2005
> EUMC Annual Report 2005
> The report looks at the evidence of discrimination in employment, housing and education, as well as racist crime data, and at measures being taken to combat this. The Roma emerge as the group most vulnerable to racism in the EU. They face discrimination in employment, housing and education - as well as being regular victims of racial violence. Other groups facing high levels of discrimination in many Member States are migrant workers from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Muslim groups face particularly challenging conditions in many Member States. Also recent migrants from Russia or the Ukraine may be subject to discrimination in some Member States.
> November 2005
> full text
> The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC)
> demonstrations 28 December 2005
> 6th anniversary of the Serraino Vulpitta CPT tragedy
> A demonstration to mark the 6th anniversary of the disaster in the Serraino Vulpitta detention centre in Trapani (Sicily), in which 6 migrants died following a fire. Calls for the closure of CPTs (detention centres).
> Trapani (Italy) 28 December 2005
> Per un 28 dicembre a TrapaniProgetto Melting Pot
> Rete Antirazzista Siciliana
> campaigns/open letters 29 December 2005
> Refugee threatened with imprisonment for resisting travel restrictions in Germany
> The German self-organised refugee group The Voice and the Göttinger Arbeitskreis zur Unterstützung von Asylsuchenden e.V. is asking support for the campaign to stop the imprisonment of Cornelius Yufanyi for fighting for his right to free movement.
> FAX Campaign for Cornelius Yufanyi !!!Press releaseThe Voice e.V.
> The Voice Refugee Forum e.V.
> publications/research 04 January 2006
> Fronteras y derechos humanos (Borders and human rights)
> A collection of essays and declarations by ONGs concerning the death of migrants in border areas and immigration policies.
> Andalucía (Spain) December 2005
> Fronteras y derechos humanosAsociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía
> Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía
> publications/research 05 January 2006
> Migrant workers: a guide for NGOs
> A Guide for Non-Governmental Organisations on the Implementation of the UN Migrant Workers Convention is a handbook prepared by December 18 for the International NGO Platform on the Migrant Workers Convention (IPMWC) [December 18 is International Migrant's Day]
> August 2005
> Guide (English, pdf)Guia (Espanol, pdf)choike.orgdecember18.net
> December 18 and others
> meetings/conferences 05 January 2006
> Lecce - Immigrazione e CPT, storia di diritti dimenticati
> A play, debate and film screening concerning the situation of migrants in Italy, with special emphasis on Italian legislation, detention centres and the tragedies at sea.
> Lecce (Italy) 11 January 2006
> Lecce - immigrazione e CPTProgetto Melting PotMare nostrum, film by S. Mencherini
> Associazione Bilblioteca di Sarajevo
> campaigns/open letters 10 January 2006
> Stop Air France and Minister Timm from deportation of Alassane Moussbaou!!
> Telephone and e-mail campaign to stop the planned deportation of a refugee to Togo.
> Free Alassane Moussbaou! Stop the deportations to TogoCampaign and demonstrationThe Voice Refugee ForumThe Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants
> The Voice Refugee Forum
> publications/research 20 January 2006
> Derechos Humanos en la Frontera Sur 2006. Informe sobre la inmigración clandestina durante el año 2005.
> This year's edition of the report about "illegal" immigration by APDHA. The issues dealt with include events in Ceuta/Melilla, deportations, documentation concerning the deaths of migrants (368 in 2005) and Morocco's role as the EU's new border guard.
> Seville (Spain) January 2006
> Informe: Derechos Humanos en la Frontera Sur 2006Asociación pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía2005 Report: Informe sobre la inmigración clandestina en el año 2004Report on illegal immigration in 2004 (unofficial English translation by Statewatch)
> Asociación pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía
> links to ECLN groups 23 January 2006
> Association européenne pour la défense des droits de l'homme (AEDH)
> European Association for the protection of Human Rights (EAHR)
> Belgium January 2006
> AEDH website
> campaigns/open letters 06 February 2006
> Migeurop at the Bamako (Mali) World Social Forum - Appel de Bamako pour le respect et la dignité des migrants.
> Report by the Migreurop network about activities at the World Social Forum in Mali, and the Bamako appeal for the respect and dignity of migrants.
> Migreurop at the Bamako WSF (French, English)Appel de Bamako pour le respect et la dignité des migrantsMigreuropBamako Call for the respect and dignity of migrants
> Migreurop
> publications/research 21 February 2006
> Updated map of detention camps for foreigners in Europe and Mediterranean countries
> Migreurop, an association of individuals, NGOs and academics from different EU and North African countries, has published an updated version of the map on detention camps for foreigners in European and Mediterranean countries that it produced in July 2004.
> February 2005
> Map - English versionMap - French versionMireurop: Camps en Europe et ailleurs
> Migreurop
> demonstrations 10 March 2006
> Invitation to join in first annual international action against immigration detention
> To all organisations and individuals opposed to the detention of refugees and other migrants. You are invited to participate in a period of actions against immigration detention in countries around the world in April 2006 including the weekend of 15-16 April. The aim is to spread opposition to detention; create contacts between anti-detention groups in different countries; move towards a more prepared and larger second period of international anti detention actions in April 2007. Please send updates and details on events or actions to barbedwirebritain.org.uk
> Worldwide April 2006
> Barbed-wire Britain website
> UK and Australian anti-detention and refugee rights groups
> meetings/conferences 10 March 2006
> Migrations, liberté de circulation et développement
> La dramatisation contemporaine du fait migratoire, pourtant historiquement et géographiquement universel, le déferlement de passions, notamment nationalistes et xénophobes, mais aussi les croyances et les phantasmes d’envahissement qui submergent les débats publics à ce sujet tant en Europe qu’au Maghreb rendent plus que jamais nécessaires l’expression et la formation de regards critiques, par les sciences sociales notamment, sur les enjeux très actuels des migrations entre l’Afrique et l’Europe.
> à l’INSEA, Rabat (Maroc) 27-30 March 2006
> TERRA website, conference details
> TERRA et réseaux interassociatifs Migreurop et Shabaka
> meetings/conferences 20 March 2006
> The current situation on international migration in Europe and in Belgium
> Press conference hosted by "Journalists at your Service" to mark the publication of "Towards Harmonised European Statistics on International Migration", which compares statistical sources in the 25 Member States. The press conference will be held in English. The speakers will also be able to answer questions in French. Those wishing to attend are kindly requested to register.
> Résidence Palace, Brussels, Belgium 10:30 am, 30 March 2006
> E-mail address for registration Journalists At Your Service
> Michel Poulain (UCL), Ann Singleton (University of Bristol) and Nicolas Perrin (UCL)
> meetings/conferences 20 March 2006
> Sub-Saharan Migrants in Europe
> International meeting to analyse the effects of sub-Saharan immigration to Europe on societies in both countries of origin and Europe, and workshops to discuss civic participation, post-colonial second generations, cultural productions and gender and integration issues.
> Lisbon (Portugal) 23 June 2006
> SociNova Migration – Universidade Nova de LisboaMeeting poster (Portuguese)Meeting poster (English)
> Faculty of Social and Human Sciences – Universidade Nova de Lisboa
> meetings/conferences 20 March 2006
> 2nd World Social Forum on Migrations
> International initiative to bring together groups, associations and networks working around migration and asylum issues. The main themes include the effects of globalisation, violations of human rights and regression of civil and political rights, the situation of asylum seekers, analysis of models for coexistence, public policies and co-development, with a special emphasis on the role that migrants can have in development projects and policies in their countries of origin.
> Madrid (Spain) 22-24 June 2006
> II Forum Social Mundial de las MigracionesCEAR - Comité Español de Ayuda al Refugiado
> CEAR - Comite' Espanol de Ayuda al Refugiado
> meetings/conferences 26 March 2006
> The Regulation of migration, asylum and movement in the "new Europe" - call for papers
> The impact of the 2004 Madrid and 2005 London bombings brought a new and fiercely regulatory extension to the movement of people in the context of the ‘war on terror’. Other events, such as the assassination of the film director Van Gogh in the Netherlands or the riots at the suburbs of Paris, brought up new questions about immigration policies and models of integration in Europe. Ironically, these policies and models have consolidated at the very time that the European Union is going through unprecedented expansion to include member states from the former Eastern bloc. In turn, expansion has revived theoretical and political debates about ‘old’ and ‘new’ immigration and modes of social control or conflict.
> Corinth, Peloponnese, Greece 31 August - 3 September 2006
> Call for papers
> 34th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
> campaigns/open letters 28 March 2006
> CPT, l'informazione negata
> Italian journalists are denied access to detantion centres for migrants (CPTs). This practice "has so far been adopted so scrupulously as to make the question arise inevitably: what is there to hide?"
> CPT, l'informazione negataCPT, the denial of informationMeltingPot Project
> Appeal by Italian journalists
> campaigns/open letters 10 April 2006
> No Fortress Europe
> Online petition in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Greek that seeks the closure of some 178 temporary holding centres for migrants in the European Union and neighbouring countries.
> No Fortress Europe campaign
> European United Left & Nordic Green Left
> campaigns/open letters 10 April 2006
> Paremos el genocidio de africanos
> Actors, writers, playwrights and social groups sign this manifesto, calling on Europeans not to look away because "we no longer have any excuse". "We have seen them knock on our door... and we have also seen that the answer is none other than to beat them, shoot at them, abandon them in the desert, detain them in prisons and return them to misery. But this is nothing new, it is what Europe has done for centuries".
> Paremos el genocidio de los africanosreported by Mugaksigned by APDHAAsociación Ecos, Traductores e Intérpretes por la Solidaridad
> Manifesto by intellectual and social collectives
> meetings/conferences 13 April 2006
> Writing about Refugees A Competition for Student Journalists - Prize-giving Ceremony
> At 2pm on the 18th of April 2006, winners of the Jesuit Refugee Service's competition for student journalists will be presented with their prize at the European Parliament, at a ceremony to which press is invited. The winners, decided by a panel of professional journalists, are Kasper Tveden Jensen, studying in Denmark, for his article 'Suicidal Silence'; Hélène Hofman, studying in Ireland, for her article 'Waiting to Check Out'; and Kirsty Whalley, studying in the United Kingdom, for her article 'Destitute Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers Stuck in Limbo in the United Kingdom'.
> European Parliament, Brussels 18 April 2006
> About the competitionContact details for prize-giving service
> Jesuit Refugee Service
> publications/research 20 April 2006
> The State of the World's Refugees 2006: Human displacement in the new millennium
> Contents: 1) Current dynamics of displacement; 2) Safeguarding asylum; 3) Addressing refugee security; 4) Responding to emergencies; 5) Protracted refugee situations: the search for practical solutions; 6) Rethinking durable solutions; 7) Internally displaced persons; 8) Looking to the future
> April 2006
> Full report
> meetings/conferences 02 May 2006
> High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development
> The purpose of the high-level dialogue is to discuss the multidimensional aspects of international migration and development in order to identify appropriate ways and means to maximize its development benefits and minimize its negative impacts... There will be "informal Interactive Hearings" with NGOs, civil society and the private sector on 12 July 2006.
> United Nations, New York 14-15 September 2006
> UN High Level DIalogue websiteInformal Interactive Hearings
> United Nations General Assembly
> publications/research 19 May 2006
> Statewatch observatory on "rendition"
> The Observatory includes extensive documentation with the full-text of 173 documents submitted so far to the ongoing European Parliament inquiry (TDIP) into these matters - many of them published for the first time. Among the documents are detailed submissions on the inquiries in Italy (the Milan abduction), Spain (rendition flights), Canada (the Meher Arar public inquiry) and Ireland (the use of Shannon airport) as well as submissions from 26 national parliaments in Europe. Also included are reports issued by the European Parliament, Council of Europe and NGOs.
> May 2006
> Statewatch observatory
> Statewatch
> campaigns/open letters 20 May 2006
> International Conference THE FRONTIERS OF EUROPE - Absence of Law
> 20-21 October 2006, Barcelona
> EALDHEuropean Democratic lawyers (EDA)
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (EALDH)
> meetings/conferences 21 May 2006
> Dutch Social Forum
> Following the World Social Forum and the European Social Forum, the Dutch Social Forum is an open meeting place for the exchange of ideas, the creation and the strengthening of networks and a breeding ground for action. The DSF aims to unite as many people as possible who want to work on a different world, and a different Holland.
> Nijmegen. 21/05/2006
> DSF website
> publications/research 21 May 2006
> Made by Women. Gender, the Global Garment Industry and the Movement for Women Workers' Rights
> This 128-page publication published by the CCC International Secretariat includes feature articles on important themes relating to gender and labour rights and 17 profiles of women involved in different ways in the movement for garment workers' rights.
> Amsterdam 01/12/2005
> SummaryDownload the reportCCC
> Clean Clothes Campaign
> publications/research 21 May 2006
> WM 2006: Die Welt ueberwacht von Freunden. (World Cup 2006: the world put under surveillance by friends)
> This excellent edition of the German language journal published by the the police and civil liberties watchdog Buergerrecht & Polizei/CILIP, focuses on security measures and police cooperation implemented prior to, during and after the world cup. Contains overview and analysis of police powers and surveillance methods and critical football fans report on the repression they face, amongst others. Non-theme articles include an analysis of the current trials taking place in Genoa, dealing with the 2001 summit violence, and how Morocco is taking on the role of a police assistant in Ceuta and Melilla.
> Berlin 01/04/2006
> CILIPOrder detailsEnglish summaries
> publications/research 22 May 2006
> Russian Federation: Racism and xenophobia rife in Russian society
> Racially-motivated killings, beatings and discrimination are on the increase in the Russian Federation, according to a new report. AI's latest report examines cases of assaults, some of them fatal, against foreign students, asylum-seekers and refugees from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America; members of ethnic groups and migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia; as well as members of the Jewish community and Roma. It reveals the failure of the authorities to prevent racially-motivated attacks through adequate policing, and to investigate and prosecute the vast majority of such attacks effectively.
> 04/05/2006
> Press ReleaseAI
> Amnesty International
> publications/research 23 May 2006
> Informe Anual sobre el racismo en el Estado español 2006
> Annual report by SOS Racismo which includes a review of racist incidents and analysis, divided into sections on EU policies, the Roma, immigration policy and legislation in Spain, the tragedy on the southern borders, the situation of minors, social and employment rights, the media, racism in society, racism by members of police forces and private security firms, and the far right.
> Spain April 2006
> SOS Racismo MadridSOS Racismo - informe Anual 2006 (buy it here)
> SOS Racismo
> campaigns/open letters 23 May 2006
> Open letter to the Spanish ombudsman against the instalment of a three-dimensional net at the Melilla frontier
> A letter signed by a number of Spanish civil society groups to oppose the construction of a three-dimensional net, which will spray water and pepper, to prevent migrants from crossing the border in Melilla. They urge an investigation into events in Melilla in September and October, including allegations against Guardia Civil officers of causing the death of a migrant from Cameroon.
> Open letter to D. Enrique MugicaAsociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía
> Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía
> meetings/conferences 31 May 2006
> International Course on Refugee and Asylum Law
> The course will introduce international refugee law in relation to current asylum trends in Europe and will be dedicated to the study of the main articles of the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the status of refugees and relevant human rights treaties... It is expected that this course will be over-subscribed and places are limited, so please urge those interested to register as soon as possible. Closing date for registrations is 17 July 2006.
> Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro  7-10 September 2006
> ECRE: about ELENA
> European legal network on asylum (ELENA)
> campaigns/open letters 31 May 2006
> No place for a Child - Stop Detaining Children Now
> The UK government currently detains more than 2,000 children, including babies, in immigration detention centres every year. That's equivalent to the number of pupils at a large inner-city secondary school. These children have not committed any crime but are held behind locked doors and high barbed wire fences. Five years ago it was rare for families and children to be detained for immigration purposes. Now, members of the No Place for a Child coalition have documented detentions lasting anything from 7 to 268 days. Detaining these children is wrong - regardless of the merits of a family’s asylum case. Push the Home Secretary to stop detaining children now and to trial better alternatives.
> Campaign website
> No Place for a Child coalition
> campaigns/open letters 01 June 2006
> Uni(e)s contre l'immigration jetable
> A campaign by several French civil society groups to oppose the new draft law on immigration, which would seriously undermine the rights of migrants in France, if approved. "Talent" and usefulness for the economy will become key criteria for legal entry, and the position of migrant workers will be weakened by establishing a strong link between residence permits and employment, thus leaving them at their employers' mercy.
> Uni(e)s contre l’immigration jettablePetition (sign here)Against disposable migration (petition in English)Draft law on immigration (full-text)Legal analysis by the Ligue des Droits de l'Homme
> Uni(e)s contre l'immigration jetable
> demonstrations 15 June 2006
> Caravana Europea por la libertad de movimiento
> The second caravan for freedom of movement calls for an end to deportations, the closing of detention centres for migrants, and criticises policies aimed at discriminating migrants in European countries. The first such Caravan took place in Ceuta in November 2005.
> Barcelona 23-25 June 2006
> Caravana Europea por la libertad de movimiento (parte 2)
> European networks for the rights of migrants
> publications/research 22 June 2006
> Menores extranjeros no acompañados en Andalucía. Entre la represión y protección.
> Report on the treatment of unaccompanied foreign minors in Andalusia. Examines the situation of these minors, existing legislation and practices for their protection, public policies for their repatriation, and concludes that "they are minors requiring protection before being migrants", after providing a critical assessment of repressive measures against this collective.
> Sevilla June 2006
> Menores extranjeros no acompañados en Andalucía. Entre la represión y protección.Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía
> Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía
> campaigns/open letters 29 June 2006
> International Coalition on the Detention of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants
> The International Detention Coalition aims to raise awareness of detention policies and practices and to promote the use of international and regional human rights standards and principles as they relate to the detention of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.
> Coalition website
> Over 100 groups in 36 countries
> meetings/conferences 29 June 2006
> IRR lunchtime seminars
> The final three seminars in the series: Monday 10 July: ASYLUM LAW: CREEPING CRIMINALISATION; Monday 17 July: THE EURABIAN NIGHTMARE; Monday 31 July: THE NEED FOR MEDICAL JUSTICE: OBTAINING EFFECTIVE HEALTHCARE FOR DETAINED ASYLUM SEEKERS. The seminars will be held on Mondays at the IRR. They will start promptly at 1pm and end at 2.15pm. Seats are limited so please book your place by phone (020 7837 0041) or email (info@irr.org.uk) if you wish to attend a seminar or if there are other people that you think should be invited to participate.
> London July 2006
> IRR website
> Institute of Race Relations
> meetings/conferences 29 June 2006
> Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror
> How should we respond to the attacks on our civil rights, refugee rights and our multicultural society - carried out in the name of national security? Join leading campaigners, lawyers and thinkers in debating how we can defend our liberties and our communities... Panel discussions: The impact of anti-terror powers in the UK; The attack on multiculturalism; Detention and incarceration; Combating racial violence; Civil liberties: the racial dimension; Liberty and the global war on terror; Campaigning against deportations; Defending international conventions
> Conway Hall, Central London 16 September 2006
> Programme and booking information
> Institute of Race Relations
> campaigns/open letters 03 July 2006
> Rabat manifesto
> Statement by a conference of European and African NGOs that met in Rabat on 30 June - 1 July with a view to the Euro-African ministerial conference on migration and development, scheduled for mid-July. A number of claims that oppose current EU policies on migration (externalisation, readmission agreements, criminalisation of illegal entry) are put forth, and some concerns from African countries are raised, including the need for a principle of equality in negotiations, for the cancellation of debt and for the suppression of prior requirements imposed on African states during negotiations (most notably, to combat migration).
> Appeal and programmeRabat Manifesto (in French)
> European and African NGOs
> campaigns/open letters 03 July 2006
> Rivas Declaration
> The 2nd World Social Forum, at which over 1,000 organisations from 84 countries were represented, was held in Madrid from 24 to 26 June 2006. The final statement highlights the need for universal citizenship and for migration policies to fall within the human rights framework. It links migration trends to the economic, social and cultural dynamics of globalisation, "which does not allow human and sustainable development", criticising the treatment of migrants as a "mere labour force", and stressing that thousands die of migration.
> II Forum Mundial de las MigracionesComisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (CEAR)
> Forum Social Mundial de las Migraciones
> campaigns/open letters 03 July 2006
> Comunicado ante la reciente detención de 60 personas en Barcelona
> A statement issued to condemn the arrest of over 50 activists involved in the 2nd Caravan for Freedom of Movement who occupied the site of the new detention centre (set to be the largest in Spain) that is being built in Barcelona. It highlights the illegality of the arrests, the violent treatment the activists suffered and criticises attempts by the police to undermine the activists by linking them to terrorism (or to the support of terrorism).
> Statement criticising the detentionsLetter from 4 arrested activists (in Italian)Coordinadora para la prevención de la torturaMelting Pot Project
> Coordinadora para la prevención de la tortura
> demonstrations 18 July 2006
> Manif contre le racisme
> Magatte Mbengue was violently mistreated by police officers when she was in Madrid airport, in transit, on the way from Senegal to France in November 2005. She gave her account of the treatment she received, and of the discriminatory treatment that was reserved to all black paasengers on her flight, in a blog entitled "The right to dignity". On 19 July, demonstrators will march to demonstrate outside the Spanish embassy to support her.
> Paris (France) 19 July 2006
> Manif contre le racismeDroit à la dignitéMadrid, policiers raciste (account of events from Libération)Petition (for signing)
> Magatte Mbengue - Droit a la dignité
> publications/research 12 August 2006
> Hinterland
> The Bavarian Refugee Council newsletter has changed its name and strategy: the editorial of the first issue of the relaunched journal promises to "cover various themes - in an anti-cyclical manner - that are currently put on the back shelf in Germany for all the self-pitying naval gazing exercises and loud immigration and security talk. Flight and migration are definitely "out" at the moment. This critical three-monthly journal intends to counterbalance this tendency." The first two issues have certainly lived up to the expectations and its promise to go beyond "single-issue" politics. Personal stories of refugees, their deportation and their struggles against racism and social and economic destitution in Germany are accompanied by well-researched and informative articles on an array of themes related to flight and migration: a summary on Mike Davis' book on slums in today's global mega cities (Verso, 2006) reports about increasing urbanisation, impoverishment and polarisation of wealth. Other articles report on the situation in northern Senegal, country of origin of many African refugees who reached mass media attention in Europe (and quickly lost it again) when trying to reach the Canary islands, as well as police violence in Mexico and sexual torture in its prisons (issue 1/2006). The launch issue focuses on the family Avdija from Kosovo, who under the Dublin II regulation was deported to Slovenia on 1 July. All six family members are interviewed, their case history is presented and the bureaucratic insanity of the German deportation state and foul methods used by its authorities (lying about the deportation date, refusing to communicate with the family about the course of events, using violence during deportation) are uncovered (issue 0/2006).
> January-March 2006
> Bavarian Refugee Council Home pageHinterland Journal Home page
> Bavarian Refugee Council
> publications/research 12 August 2006
> Antifaschistisches Infoblatt
> In 1986, German historians embarked on a project to rehabilitate the German nation from its fascist past and the singularity of the Holocaust, which the Frankfurt school, based on their analytical approach to explaining the Holocaust and modernity, had earlier identified as specific to the German nation-state, its racial construction of a 'Volk' and tendency towards "The Authoritarian Personality" (Theodor Adorno, 1950) . Habermas first warned about the "apologetic tendencies" that started to characterise German history writing shortly after the conservatives took power in 1982, when chancellor Kohl announced an "intellectual and moral sea change". Historians started to call for the "normalisation" of the way Germans should analyse, interpret and feel about their Nazi past, and specifically the Holocaust. The historian Ernst Nolte vigorously pursued the theory that the fascists drive to eradicate Jews and 'non-Arians' was in fact fuelled, even triggered, by the crimes of the Bolshevists, the Gulag and 'class murder'. This so-called 'historian dispute' (Historikerstreit) has characterised German politics and history writing ever since, taking various revisionist forms; it is linked to right-wing apologetic justifications for the Holocaust, used by Neo-Nazis to gain a veneer of legitimacy, and it is frequently used to vilify Communism. This issue of AIB shows how the seemingly outdated historians dispute is still important today; also includes a CD-Rom featuring various bands and anti-fascist initiatives talking about the fight against Neo-Nazis in Germany and regular news columns on the fascist and anti-fascist scene in Germany.
> Summer 2006
> AIB background InformationOrder details
> Antifaschistisches Infoblatt (AIB)
> campaigns/open letters 24 August 2006
> Kurdish Asylum Seekers from Iraq are in danger of deportation
> We call for all humanitarian organisations and refugee rights organisations to support the Kurdish asylum seekers from Iraq and the efforts to stop their deportation. We ask you to support the campaign Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq and oppose the underhand methods being used by the Home Office to pressure large numbers of Iraqi Kurds to return to Iraq / South Kurdistan via the so-called “voluntary returns” scheme.
> Stop Deportations to Iraq
> Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq
> publications/research 31 August 2006
> Libro Bianco: I Centri di Permanenza Temporanea e Assistenza in Italia
> An in-depth study concerning the policy and practice of holding migrants in detention centres in Italy, which looks at the legal framework, the experiences of migrants, accounts of the situation in the different detention centres, the costs of this practice that is described "a waste of resources", and an assessment of Italy's immigration policy and related violations of human rights. Also features a number of interviews with personalities who are active in this field.
> Roma 18 July 2006
> Libro Bianco: I Centri di Permanenza Temporanea e Assistenza in Italia (click on 'Indice' to access contents)Comitato per i Diritti Umani
> Comitato per i Diritti Umani
> publications/research 01 September 2006
> Perfil racial en España: Investigaciones y recomendaciones
> Groundbreaking report to examine the practice of racial profiling by police forces in Spain. Looks at the situation of ethnic minorities, the organisation of police forces and practices of stop-and-search and the carrying out of arrests. The report notes that "racial profiling contributes to unnecessarily increasing tension in police-community relations which are often already tense, as well as being an ineffective and illegal practice".
> Madrid August 2006
> Perfil racial en EspañaGrupo de Estudios y Alternativas 21Open Society Justice Initiative
> Daniel Wagman, GEA 21 / Open Society Justice Initiative
> campaigns/open letters 03 October 2006
> Press release condemning interior minister's stance on CPTs by the Associazione Studi Giuridici sull'Immigrazione
> ASGI issued a press statement to express concern over interior minister Giuliano Amato’s statement concerning the reform of Italy’s immigration law, most notably his claim that the system of detention centres must be preserved to “protect our citizens”. CPTs, as Italian detention centres for foreigners are known, are described as “legally abnormal”, and the statement is interpreted by ASGI as undermining the work of the commission that Amato himself established to investigate conditions in, and alternatives to, CPTs. ASGI claims that it is contemplating withdrawal from this commission.
> ASGI press releaseAssociazione Studi Giuridici sull'Immigrazione
> campaigns/open letters 03 October 2006
> Amnesty International UK appeal: Risk of torture if returned to Algeria
> On 24 August the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) dismissed the appeal of an Algerian man against his deportation on national security grounds. If returned, he is likely to be taken into the custody of Algeria’s “Military Security”, an intelligence agency officially known as the Department for Information and Security (DRS). It specializes in interrogating people thought to possess information about terrorist activities, and is widely known to practice torture and other ill-treatment. The risk of torture faced by individuals who are arrested by the DRS has been extensively documented by AI. Please write, calling on the UK authorities not to return “Y” to Algeria. Urge them to rescind the deportation order against him and release him immediately, unless he is charged with a recognizably criminal offence and given a prompt and fair trial.
> Appeal
> Amnesty International - Worldwide Appeal
> publications/research 03 October 2006
> Esculca bulletin, n.14
> Esculca's bulletin looks at the legal situation of migrant women employed as housemaids in conditions of "modern slavery", focuses on freedom of information and access to documents, analyses abuses in the war on terror with special emphasis on renditions and the philosophical framework behind illegal practices, and provides a round-up of civil liberties issues in Galicia.
> Galicia September 2006
> Esculca bulletinEsculca
> Esculca, Observatório para a Defensa dos Direitos e Liberdades
> campaigns/open letters 03 October 2006
> Manifiesto Estatal por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes
> This statement for the rights of migrants, which is open for signature and has been backed by both trade unions and migrant and refugee support organisations, condemns current EU policies in this field and makes a number of demands, including: an inconditional EU-wide regularisation; the closing of detention centres worldwide; to end deportations and the externalisation of EU border controls, and the investigation of the murder of 14 migrants in Melilla.
> Manifiesto Estatal por los Derechos de los InmigrantesSubscribe to the ManifestoFederación Estatal de Asociaciones de Inmigrantes y Refugiados en España
> Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Inmigrantes y Refugiados en España
> publications/research 06 October 2006
> Le Livre Noir de Ceuta et Melilla
> On the anniversary of the shootings in Ceuta and Melilla, the Migreurop network has published a “black book” to document the situation in the two Spanish north African enclaves, which features analysis, photographs and extensive testimonies from migrants themselves. Through "The black book of Ceuta and Melilla", the Migreurop network seeks to allow the victims of last year’s events to speak, at the same time as placing this repression within the European context of the externalisation of border control policies and policies to deny the right of free movement to the peoples of the South. The 17 deaths of Ceuta and Melilla are, in fact, the most visible consequence of a policy that is being pursued and whose unnamed victims are limited to silence and anonimity.
> France October 2006
> Intro: Le Livre Noir de Ceuta et Melilla (in French)The Black Book of Ceuta and Melilla (pdf, 106 pages, in French)Migreurop
> Migreurop
> campaigns/open letters 06 October 2006
> European Appeal: No minors in detention (for signature)
> International law does not allow the detention of minors on the basis of immigration status or the forced return of minors. However, the majority of European countries detain and remove foreign minors and national laws allow the detention and forced removal of children. EU Member States are discussing an EU directive on common standards and procedures for returning illegally staying third-country nationals, including children. The signatory organisations demand that EU law prohibit these practices and present amendments to the draft directive.
> European Appeal: No minors in detentionEuropean Appeal: No minors in detention (French)Anafe document on minors in isolation in reception areasList of ANAFE documents concerning minors in isolationAssociation Nationale d'Assistance aux Frontières pour les ÉtrangersCIMADE
> ANAFE, CIMADE and other organisations
> publications/research 12 October 2006
> Informe Frontera Sur. 1995-2005: Diez años de violación de los derechos humanos
> The report includes a round-up of events involving "an impressive range" of human rights violations, including information about 379 "illegal" deportations of sub-Saharan Africans to Morocco in Ceuta. The report contains a detailed chronology of events in 2005-2006, round-ups of significant events from previous years (1995-2004), direct testimonies from migrants, as well as analysis of European and Spanish policies in this field, with a special focus on Africa. A collection of press statements issued and legal actions undertaken by SOS Racismo is included as an appendix to the report.
> Spain 5 October 2006
> Presentation of the reportInforme Frontera Sur. 1995-2005: Diez años de violación de los derechos humanosSOS Racismo Bizkaiko (Bilbao)
> SOS Racismo
> campaigns/open letters 19 October 2006
> Ottawa Principles on Anti-terrorism and Human Rights
> In June 2006, experts on human rights and terrorism met in their individual capacities at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada to develop the following Principles on Anti-terrorism and Human Rights. They shared a common view that the preservation of human rights – not least the right to life – is the central motivator of anti-terrorism. They also believed that human rights constitute an elemental and immutable constraint on how anti-terrorism is conducted. The struggle for collective security must not be an assault on the individual’s life, liberty and security of the person. This document is the product of their deliberations.
> The Ottawa PrinciplesHuman Rights of Anti-Terrorism Colloquium, Ottawa
> University of Ottawa colloqium
> meetings/conferences 19 October 2006
> 'Gender and Migration in 21st Century Europe' workshop series
> The Feminist Legal Research Unit of the Liverpool Law School will be hosting a series of interdisciplinary workshops on the theme of 'Gender and Migration in 21st Century Europe'. The series will explore issues such as 'The Impact of Migration on Family Life' (Wednesday 6th December 2006); 'Gender, Migration and EU Enlargement' (Wednesday 7th February 2007); 'The Impact of Migration on Women’s Careers' (Wednesday 14th March 2007); and 'Gender Perspectives on Forced Migration' (Wednesday 25th April 2007). Attendance at the workshops is free of charge and open to all disciplines but will be on a first-come-first-served basis owing to the limited number of spaces.
> University of Liverpool December 2006 - April 2007
> Programme
> Feminist Legal Research Unit of the Liverpool Law School
> publications/research 19 October 2006
> Migration and public perception
> European citizens are living through times of strongly felt insecurity. Geopolitical Cold War structures have been replaced by an uncertain environment. Europe is challenged by security threats such as terrorism. Global economic competition is growing and results in fears of job losses. Against this background of felt insecurity, the public presentation of immigrants and migratory phenomena by the media and by politicians is often biased or negative, linking them often almost exclusively to security issues. The terminology commonly in use (such as “bogus asylum seekers” and “welfare scroungers”) has often become pejorative, while in reality migrants consist of different groups with different expectations and opportunities. Finally, the lack of reliable and comparable statistics contributes to public confusion.
> October 2006
> "Migration and public perception"
> Bureau of European Policy Advisers, European Commission
> publications/research 19 October 2006
> The Migration Information Source is pleased to announce the expansion of our new World Migration Map Data Tool. This Data Tool shows the origins and destinations of migrants to and from nearly every country in the world. As of today, the World Migration Map provides data on Central America, the Caribbean, and North America in addition to South America. In all, you can find data on the 50 countries of the Americas.
> October 2006
> World migration map
> Migration Information Source
> meetings/conferences 20 October 2006
> Reclaiming Our Rights
> The government has been attacking our basic democratic rights through unjust principles: a presumption of guilt, punishment without trial, and pre-emptive restraints on liberty. These principles link diverse measures and pretexts. Through ASBOs the definition of ‘anti-social behaviour’ has been broadened to prohibit activities which would not otherwise be illegal, even to criminalise individuals who contravene an ASBO. ‘Anti-stalker’ laws have been used to prohibit and criminalise political protest against companies. Having broadened the definition of terrorism, ‘anti-terror’ laws are used to deter, suppress and criminalise political activities.
> London Metropolitan University 2 December 2006
> Programme
> CAMPACC, Institute for Human Rights and Social Justice (London Metropolitan University) and others
> demonstrations 07 November 2006
> 3rd day of Migration-Related Actions
> 7 October 2006 was the 3rd Day of Migration related action directed against the denial of rights, against the criminalisation of migrants and against all immigration controls. Actions took place in more than 30 cities across Europe, Africa and North America. Activists are demanding equal rights for all migrants, the closure of all detention centers in Europe and everywhere, an end to all deportations. Further, they demand an end to the externalisation process and the uncoupling of the residence permit from the labour contract to fight 'precarity'.
> International demonstration, 7 October 2006
> Action report and pictures on noborder.org
> publications/research 07 November 2006
> Spain and Morocco: Failure to protect the rights of migrants – Ceuta and Melilla one year on
> One year after 13 migrants were killed and hundreds were wounded while trying to enter the Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla, investigations into the actions of the Spanish and Moroccan security forces involved have still not been concluded and no preventive measures adopted. In a new report based on victims' testimonies and Amnesty International's contact with the authorities of Spain and Morocco in the last two years, the organization voices concern that there are no guarantees that investigations will be thorough, impartial and effective and no disciplinary action has been taken for the deaths and ill-treatment of migrants. This means effective impunity so far.
> October 2006
> Report on amnesty.orgPress Release
> Amnesty International
> campaigns/open letters 07 November 2006
> PRESS RELEASE – Will undocumented migrants continue to be invisible in the new national action plans on social inclusion, health and pensions for 2006-2008?
> Since the first set of national action plans on social inclusion in 2001, EU Member States have been constantly requested by the European Commission to adopt specific and effective measures to reach the objective of making “a decisive impact on the eradication of poverty and social exclusion” as it was agreed in the Lisbon Summit in 2000. Even if undocumented migrants are among the most socially excluded groups in Europe today, almost no mention of their presence and marginalization has been made in the different national plans on social inclusion so far.
> Press release
> meetings/conferences 12 January 2007
> World Social Forum 2007
> The 7th World Social Forum (WSF) will be held from 20 until 25 January 2007 at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani, Nairobi and is expected to host up to 150,000 delegates from all over the world. Over 1,000 activities will take place in the 106 spaces provided at the venue. Rallying around the call of Another World Is Possible, the World Social Forum has placed social justice, international solidarity, gender equality, peace and defence of the environment on the agenda of the world’s peoples. From its modest origins in Porto Alegre in the year 2001, to Mumbai, Bamako, Caracas, Karachi and now Nairobi, the forces and the contingents of the World Social Forum have collectively expanded the democratic spaces of those seeking concrete, sustainable and progressive alternatives to neo-liberalism and imperialist globalisation.
> Nairobi 20/01/2007
> WSF website
> publications/research 01 February 2007
> Informe Derechos Humanos en la Frontera Sur 2006
> 2006 edition of this comprehensive annual report on human rights on the southern border of Spain makes for some thought-provoking reading. It reports a three-fold increase in the number of deaths (1,167 documented deaths, estimates of up to 7,000), continuing and serious human rights violations by Morocco, acting on behalf of the EU and, albeit less crudely, by Spanish authorities, in repatriations, detention centres, etc. It also focuses on the allocation of vast resources for border controls and on attempts to involve African countries in preventing emigration, in what is deceitfully referred to as "cooperation".
> Andalucía January 2007
> Informe sobre Derechos Humanos en la Frontera Sur 2006 (Spanish)APDHA press releaseAsociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía website
> Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía (APDHA)
> publications/research 02 February 2007
> Esculca Bulletin, n.15, December 2006
> This issue presents proposals to improve the situation of AIDS sufferers in prisons and illustrates the observatory’s activities to celebrate the anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights and to promote programmes for young offenders in Teixero prison. It reports a number of incidents in Galician prisons, allegations of illegal arrest and torture made by detained demonstrators in Compostela, the reform of the penal regime for children, and the “opaque” way in which the Spanish candidate for the UN Subcommittee of the Optional Protocol to the Torture Convention was chosen, as well as criticising the choice. In-depth analyses of State-Church relations (from a legal viewpoint) and of the political exclusion of detainees are featured, as is the text of the International Covenant on civil and political rights, as part of Esculca’s efforts to make key human rights texts available in Galician.
> Galicia 13 December 2006
> Esculca Bulletin, n.15Esculca website
> Esculca, Observatório para a defensa dos direitos e libertades
> campaigns/open letters 02 February 2007
> Placement des mineurs migrants en centre de retention: une atteinte intolerable aux droits de l’enfant
> Statement criticising the detention of migrant children in closed centres in the EU, which offers an interesting overview, noting that there are three categories of states: those that expressly allow the detention of migrant children (Netherlands and Belgium), those that explicitly prohibit it (Finland, Ireland, Italy) although practices sometimes contravene the theory, and hybrid regimes (such as France or the UK). AEDH calls for the detention of migrant children arriving on European territory to be categorically forbidden. The statement mentions a case heard by the ECtHR, which ruled against Belgium on 12 October 2006 in a case involving the detention and expulsion to Kinshasa in 2002 of a 5-year-old Congolese child travelling through Belgium en route to Canada, where she was meant to rejoin her mother, a refugee (Mubilanzila Mayeke and Kaniki Mitunga vs. Belgium). A press conference on 21 December was accompanied by the lodging of two lawsuits, one calling for the release of all children detained in Belgium, and another accusing the interior ministry of contravening norms on obligatory schooling, and the prohibitions of arbitrary detention and inhuman and degrading treatment, by detaining children.
> Placement des mineurs migrants en centre de retention: une atteinte intolerable aux droits de l’enfant (French)AEDH website
> AEDH, Association européenne pour la défense des droits de l’homme
> meetings/conferences 09 February 2007
> Human Rights and Human Wrongs
> Critical Legal Studies and Practice; Palestine and Israel; War on Terror and Civil Liberties; Controlling Damage to the Environment; Personal Injuries and Compensation Culture; The Human Rights Act; Immigration and Asylum; Racism and Islamaphobia; Criminal Justice System; Capitalism-has it a future?; and many others
> Kent University, Canterbury, UK 24-25 February 2007,
> Conference flyer
> National Critical Lawyers’ Group Conference 2007
> demonstrations 13 February 2007
> Towards the repeal of Bossi-Fini Law. National demonstration in Bologna.
> Towards the repeal of Bossi-Fini Law. First step: the closure of all detention centres. Struggles against detention centres have started in 1998 and stayed at the top of the movements’ agenda. Many hoped that Prodi’s government would start to change politics in migration flows management, unfortunately it did not. There are no signs of a reform of the Bossi-Fini Law and detention centres will not be abolished, they are even extending to EU borderline countries, where migrants pass through in their journey to Europe. The left wing government continued agreements by Berlusconi with Libya and cooperation with Spain, Senegal and Malta in the military surveillance of Western and Northern Africa. In Bologna, movements have been opposing ethnic jails, invaded and dismantled them. They supported migrants and they attacked businesses involved in detention-deportation chain. This is why we propose to come together for a demonstration on 3 March in Bologna to oppose the exploitation of migrants. In the name of a different Europe, where every woman and man have the right to live freely and independently from nationality, we wish to build a mobilisation that forces governments to close all detention centres, our century’s concentration camp.
> Bologna, Italy, 3 March 2007
> English call out
> Teatro Polivalente Occupato (TPO), Bologna
> publications/research 24 May 2007
> UK: racism and the state 2007
> On 16 September 2006, the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) held a unique conference in London on ‘Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror’, attended by over 250 participants, including human rights activists, community workers, lawyers, students, radical academics and solidarity groups. The April 2007 edition of the IRR journal Race & Class features extracts from the pioneering conference, including speeches and talks by Gareth Peirce, A. Sivanandan, Salma Yaqoob, Tony Bunyan, David Rose, Victoria Brittain and Herman Ouseley. Together with a range of other contributors from community organisations around the UK, they dissect the recent media attacks on multiculturalism and document the impact of the ‘war on terror’, both on local communities and internationally.
> April 2007
> Institute of Race Relations
> Race & Class - conference special
> publications/research 25 May 2007
> Mamadou va a morire. La strage dei clandestini nel Mediterraneo.
> A new book about the deaths of migrants attempting the journey across deserts and the Mediterranean to reach Europe's shores. Del Grande spent months following migrants along the routes they used to attempt to breach Fortress Europe. "To forget, remove or accept as normal the immigration tragedies that are described in this book would be like allowing the victims of illegal immigration to die again. It would be even worse to consider, as some people seem to be doing, that these tragic stories may have an educational effect on the 'candidates' to become illegal immigrants."
> Catania 17 May 2007
> introduction by F. Vassallo PaleologoBook presentationInfinito Edizioni (to buy the book)Fortress Europe - documenting migrant deaths
> Gabriele Del Grande (Infinito edizioni)
> publications/research 25 May 2007
> Guerre aux migrants. Le livre noir de Ceuta et Melilla.
> Recently published book produced by Migreurop as a follow-up to events leading to violent deaths in the Spanish north African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in the autumn of 2005, including an analysis of these incidents, of the EU's policies and testimonies by migrants themselves.
> Paris May 2007
> Buy the book hereMigreurop network
> Emmanuel Blanchard, Anne-Sophie Wender (coord.), Migreurop
> campaigns/open letters 27 May 2007
> "Aquí vivo, aquí voto". Por una ciudadanía plena.
> Ongoing campaign by 18 organisations for the recognition of the right to vote of third country migrants living in Spain. Its claims include: 1) recognition of their right to vote and stand in local and European elections; 2) the later extension of this right to regional and general elections; 3) the removal of legal obstacles in terms of full equality of rights (access to housing, public jobs, grants...); and 4) legal and social instruments giving people a right to emigrate. For the May 2007 elections, the campaign's initiatives include citizens ceding their vote to immigrant residents.
> Aquí vivo, aquí votoInstructions for ceding vote initiativeAsociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía
> Plataforma Tod @s Iguales, Tod@s Ciudadan@s
> publications/research 29 May 2007
> Fundamental Rights Report 2007 (German)
> Since 1997, nine civil liberties and human rights organisations publish an annual human rights report on Germany, in which they test the German government’s conduct against every legally binding human rights and civil liberties provision laid down in the German Constitution. With a plethora of examples of state surveillance, infringements, discrimination and violations of High Court decisions, the year 2006 will also be known as a year in which fundamental rights were systematically violated by the authorities. The legitimate use of ‘torture’ debate, the use of emetics against foreigners, indiscriminate data collection during the world cup, the surveillance and interception of communication of civil rights activists, the electronic health card linking sensitive data between authorities, US-EU data transfers, unlawful detention and deportation to torturing states, police violence, employment bans, eroding the protection of journalists’ sources, unlawful police raids…the list of fundamental civil rights violations seems endless. The Fundamental Rights Report is written and compiled by the following organisations, which have announced the focus of the next year’s report will be the criminalisation and curtailment of G8 protests: Humanistische Union, Gustav Heinemann-Initiative, Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie, Bundesarbeitskreis Kritischer Juragruppen, Pro Asyl, Republikanischer Anwaltsverein, Vereinigung demokratischer Juristinnen und Juristen, Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte, Neue Richtervereinigung.
> May 2007
> Commentary on the reportPress release Humanistische UnionList of Contents (German)Order online
> “Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte” et al.
> demonstrations 29 May 2007
> Antiracist G8 'action and events' calendar
> Between 2 and 7 June, thousands of refugees, migrants and activist will protest against the G8. In this context , mass actions and information events will take place under the slogans: ‘For Global Freedom of Movement’ and ‘Equal Rights for All’. Below you find links to the 'choreography of resistance', and events calendar. CALL OUT DECEMBER 2005: "We are here, because you are destroying our countries." This central slogan of the ‘Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants’ explicitly links capitalist destruction on the one hand to flight and migration on the other. The G8-governments - as well as the WTO, IMF and World Bank - are not only responsible for neocolonial relations of exploitation; they also increasingly rely on and further the intensification of processes of selection and exclusion in the Northern parts of the globe, the intensification of legal, social and political hierarchies. It is these and other developments - whether in the North or the South - that lead us to speak of a system of global Apartheid. [...]
> Heiligendamm/Rostock, Germany 2-7 June 2007
> Updated events calendarWorking Group Migration of the protest networksCaravan of Refugees and Migrants tours Germany
> meetings/conferences 29 May 2007
> ‘Access to Health Care for Undocumented Migrants’
> This conference, organised within the framework of the EU project “Access to Health Care for Undocumented Migrants”, aims to bring together NGOs, local authorities, health care providers, policy makers, researchers and other professionals to discuss the health care challenges facing undocumented migrants. This event will provide a forum to share creative examples and strategies to address the problems associated with insufficient access to health care for undocumented migrants in Europe.
> Brussels, Belgium 28-29 June 2007
> Leaflet & Programme (PDF)PICUM Home Page
> campaigns/open letters 22 June 2007
> Muerte cuando lo expulsaban
> The Federation of SOS Racismo calls for an exhaustive and public investigation into the death of a 23-year-old Nigerian, Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, who was being deported from Barajas airport in Madrid on an Iberia flight on 9 June 2007.
> Muerte cuando lo deportabanSOS Racismo-Bizkaiko-SOS Arrazakeria
> Federación de Asociaciones de SOS Racismo del Estado Español
> campaigns/open letters 27 June 2007
> Call to sign Letter of protest to Spanish authorities on the gagging and killing of a Nigerian citizen Osamuyiwa Aikpitanhi during his forced deportation
> The ‘Nigeria Village Square’, a virtual meeting spot for Nigerians all over the world, published a Protest Note to Spanish Authorities, which has so far been signed by more then 3.000 people. The protest note will be delivered to Spanish embassies around the globe at 12pm on FRIDAY June 29th. The organisers are calling on people to coordinate the delivery of the note to Spanish embassies in their cities.
> Sign the protest note here
> 'Nigeria Village Square'
> demonstrations 27 June 2007
> An Invitation To The Gatwick No Border Camp 2007
> From 19th to 24th September 2007, noborder activists will gather at Gatwick Airport for the first No Border Camp in the UK. This camp will be a chance to work together to try and stop the building of a new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls.
> Gatwick, London, UK 19 - 24 September 2007
> More information
> noborder UK
> publications/research 27 June 2007
> Aspects of contempt for Humanity in Europe. Deportation Centre Motardstraße
> This brochure informs about the internal and external situation of Fortress Europe, and particularly the detention and racist exclusion of refugees and migrants in Germany. It provides a history of migration policy in Germany, and outlines and analyses the situation of refugees in Brandenburg, 'departure centres' and the detention camp 'Motardstraße' in Berlin. It also points the finger at the profiteers from the camp system and suggests possibilities for political intervention against the detention system within an anti-racist framework. Also includes an interview with a Motardstraße resident and provides a detailed list of existing anti-racist and migrant campaigning and support organisations as well as a helpful glossary.
> February 2007
> Download brochureFrench versionGerman versionMore information
> Bündnis gegen Lager (Network Against Camps) - Berlin/Brandenburg
> meetings/conferences 11 July 2007
> Human rights violations at the borders
> Migreurop organizes a 3-days seminar (July 23-24-25, 2007) in Cecina (Italy) on the theme of human rights violation at the borders. The aim is to share field experiences with NGOs from different countries, in order to make a census of resources of the legal resistance already practiced, especially with reference to the ECHR, and to draw conclusions to promote an international legal tool for protecting persons at the borders (whatever the nationality or the status, and whatever the borders).
> Cecina (Italy) 23-25 July 2007
> Human rights violations at the borderViolations des droits humains aux frontieresViolacion de los derechos humanos en las fronterasviolazioni dei diritti umani alle frontiere
> Migreurop
> demonstrations 11 July 2007
> Basta pagare per restare!
> Report on a demonstration in Bologna on 7 July 2007 to protest against the Bossi-Fini immigration law and the practice of renewal of residence permits in the post office, at a cost of €74. Includes a letter of the migrants' claims, reminding interior minister Amato of the promise to abrogate the law, calling for an end to the practice of expensive residence permit renewals in post offices, the breaking of the link between employment and residence permits, the closing of detention centres and the possibility to withdraw their social security contributions if they choose or are forced to leave.
> Bologna 7 July 2007
> Basta pagare per restare!Letter of the demonstrators' claims
> Coordinamento Migranti Bologna
> meetings/conferences 21 July 2007
> Pour la pleine reconnaissance des réfugiés au Maroc et la garantie des droits fondamentaux de tous les migrants
> Response by a network of European and African NGOs that participated in the "Migration, fundamental rights and freedom of movement" conference in Rabat in 2006, to the agreemement between the Moroccan government and UNHCR, whereby the UN agency will have a recognised seat in Rabat. The organisations call for "the full recognition of refugees in Morocco and the guarantee of the fundamental rights of all migrants", and for a "refounding" of migration policies taking human rights as a starting point.
> Morocco 16 July 2007
> Pour la pleine reconnaissance des réfugiés au Maroc et la garantie des droits fondamentaux de tous les migrantsFür die volle Anerkennung der Flüchtlinge in Marokko und die Garantie der Grundrechte für alle MigrantInnenPara el reconocimiento pleno de los refugiados en Marruecos y la garantía de los derechos fundamentales de todos los migrantes
> Follow-up committee of the Euro-African NGO conference
> campaigns/open letters 30 July 2007
> Llamamiento público para que se garanticen los derechos de los menores no acompañados
> This public call and campaign for the rights of unaccompanied migrant minors to be guaranteed follows an announcement by the Andalusian government that it will repatriate 800 minors, returning them to their families. Referring to these repatriations as "camouflaged expulsions", the authors stress that the children's condition as immigrants is proving more important than their status as vulnerable children, which is protected by international legal instruments.
> Joint statement by APDHA and Andalucía AcogeManifesto for the respect of minors' rightsCampaign - unaccompanied minors at risk of expulsion (sign here)
> APDHA and Andalucía Acoge
> publications/research 24 August 2007
> Processing data on racial or ethnic origin for antidiscrimination policies: how to reconcile the promotion of equality with the right to privacy?
> This paper aims to explore to what extent and under which conditions the data needed to combat racial and ethnic discrimination can be collected, while fully respecting the rights of individuals. Considering first the issue of personal data protection, the paper shows that although data revealing racial or ethnic origin are subject to a special protection regime under European personal data protection norms, their processing is not prohibited in an absolute way. Second, the paper examines the problem of constructing racial or ethnic categories and classifying individuals into them. It observes the emergence in international human rights law of a norm according to which classification of individuals into racial or ethnic categories should in principle be based on self-identification. It then considers the practices of four states in this relation: the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands all have developed different classification systems for the purposes of their antidiscrimination policies. The paper concludes that human rights standards, and in particular the right to privacy, do not preclude the collection of data on racial or ethnic origin for antidiscrimination purposes, but rather define fundamental safeguards that must be respected when gathering this type of information.
> 2006
> PDF download
> Julie Ringelheim, Jean Monnet Working Paper No 8/06
> publications/research 24 August 2007
> Racism in European elections
> Focusing on the French presidential election and the general and provincial elections in the Netherlands, the special issue of the European Race Bulletin also covers twenty-one other countries and the European Parliament. It discusses the results of the extreme Right, the impact of anti-immigration parties, debates on citizenship, asylum and integration. Disturbing instances of debates over national values descending into McCarthyite-style witch hunts and hysteria against Muslim communities - the hijab and the building of minarets in particular - being whipped up by extreme-Right groups are also revealed.
> July 2007
> More information on the IRR website
> Institute of Race Relations
> campaigns/open letters 04 September 2007
> Call to support fishermen accused of "assisting illegal immigration"
> Since August 22, 2007, seven Tunisian fishermen have been on trial in Agrigento (Sicily), accused of "assisting illegal immigration". They risk up to 15 years imprisonment. Prosecuted as human traffickers, what they did was in fact just their basic duty of solidarity : on August 8, near the island of Lampedusa, they picked up 44 passengers from a boat in distress at sea and brought them to the harbour.We, agents of the civilian societies of Subsaharan Africa, of Northern Africa and of Europe, activists and democrats from south and north of the Mediterranean, demand the abolishment of the ideology of control and repression that drives the migration policy through externalisation of asylum and border control and of the criminalisation of migration. We oppose the "trial on solidarity" against the defenders of human rights. We demand the release of the seven Tunisian fishermen of the boats Mortadha and Mohammed el-Hedi.
> Sign the call
> Migreurop
> meetings/conferences 05 September 2007
> The Great British Citizenship Quiz
> Since November 2005, immigrants seeking British citizenship have had to sit an official test to prove their suitability. Earlier this year Gordon Brown proposed that immigrants should undertake community work before being granted citizenship, and that they should understand citizenship as a ‘contract’ entailing ‘rights and responsibilities’. But is being a good citizen really about (in)voluntary work, or learning a list of rights and responsibilities? Can a multiple-choice test define what it means to belong in and contribute to a country? The next Manifesto Club night on Thursday 27 September will give you a chance to sit the test, to show the kinds of questions potential citizens are expected to answer. The night is part of a larger debate we want to start on the meaning of citizenship – on how to forge bonds of common interest between people of all backgrounds...
> Islington, London 27 September 2007
> Manifesto Club night
> Manifesto Club
> campaigns/open letters 29 September 2007
> Liberty and justice for the parents of the Roma children burnt to death in the fire of Livorno on August 10th, 2007
> On 10 August, four Roma children burnt to death in Livorno. A few days later a racist organization, GAPE (Armed Group for Ethnic Cleansing) claimed responsibility for the crime in a letter to local newspapers. The parents, however, were arrested. Despite this letter claiming responsibility and the fact that a forensic team of the fire department found evidence pointing to arson, charges against the parents continue being brought and they are not released from prison.
> Campaign websiteSign the Petition
> EveryOne Group and “Amici degli Angeli”
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> Escape from Tripoli Report on the Conditions of Migrants in Transit in Libya
> "The deaths in the desert and in the Channel of Sicily, the tortures and rapes in detention centres funded by Italy, deportations to the Sahara, collective refoulements, the repatriation of refugees on flights paid by Rome, deportations from Lampedusa, murders in police stations, the abuses perpetrated by passeurs and racist attacks in Tripoli. Everything that must not be known about the country to which Italy and the EU entrust the control of the southern border, on the eve of Frontex patrol operations in Libya in 2008, when refoulements at sea will become the norm."
> October 2007
> Fortress EuropeReport (PDF)
> Fortress Europe. The observatory on victims of migrations
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> FRONTEX-led EU Illegal Immigration Technical Mission to Libya. 28 May - 5 June 2007
> Frontex, the "European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union", reports on its second EU technical mission on illegal immigration to Libya between 28 May and 5 June 2007.
> 2007
> Report (PDF)
> Frontex
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> »The truth may be bitter, but it must be told« The Situation of Refugees in the Aegean and the Practices of the Greek Coast Guard.
> Asylum seekers are being sent back to Greece from Germany and other European countries without their applications for asylum having been thoroughly examined. The legal basis for this is the European Dublin II Regulation under which the state through which the asylum seeker entered European territory is responsible for processing the asylum claim. For a large number of people, particularly those from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia, the escape route leads them across the Aegean into Greece. This report forms part of a series of fact-finding missions (to Spain/Morocco, Italy, Slovakia/Ukraine) about human rights violations committed at the external borders of Europe, conducted by PRO ASYL. This report finds systematic refoulement of refugees at sea, illegal deportations and detention and inhumane detention conditions and makes a series of demands.
> October 2007
> Report (PDF)Pro Asyl: Information on reactions to the report
> Pro Asyl, Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants
> campaigns/open letters 12 November 2007
> Campaign against the “11th European Police Congress“, 29th-30th of January 2008 in Berlin. Against a “Global Security Architecture”, for more security-critical behaviour!
> Police investigation methods and the global security apparatus are increasingly violating basic democratic and human rights. Police and intelligence services want to attain unrestricted access to personal data and internet user profiles. The “European Police Congress”, a forum where politicians, police authorities, intelligence services, the military and the security industry meet to discuss the implementation of new measures for data collection and prosecution facilitates the increasing social control and authoritarian state tendencies within the EU. The 2008 Congress takes place under the motto “Information technology – investigation – operation”. On Tuesday, 29 January 2008, Schäuble, the German Minister of Internal Affairs, will speak at the “Forum of European Ministers of Internal Affairs”. A coalition of civil liberties and social justice groups is organising protest actions, with the aim to reach broad segments of society. This recent initiative is seen as a potential extension of already existing campaigns: against data retention, against anti-terrorist laws, the EU border agency Frontex and the repressive EU migration regime, against police racism and militarism.
> 11th European Police Congress home pageMore information about the campaign (English)More information about the campaign (German)
> Six Hills
> demonstrations 06 January 2008
> MEMORIAL CONFERENCES AND DEMONSTRATION IN DESSAU - in memory of Oury Jalloh, Layé Konde, Dominique Koumadio and all other victims of racist police brutality
> With this call we would like to invite all interested people to participate in the conferences in Berlin and Dessau as well as the demonstration in Dessau, all of which will be held in memory of Oury Jalloh, Layé Konde, Dominique Koumadio and all other victims of racist police brutality. 05 January 2008 - Memorial Conference in Berlin for the victims of racist police violence; 4 p.m., Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, U6/U7 Mehringdamm 06 January 2008 – Black Africa Conference in Dessau; 12p.m., Beat Club 07 January 2008 - Demonstration in Dessau For the 3rd anniversary of Oury Jalloh’s murder, 1 p.m.
> Berlin/Dessau, Germany 4-7 January 2008
> Call out (Full-text)
> The Voice e.V. Africa Forum
> publications/research 22 January 2008
> Observatoire de l’institutionnalisation de la xénophobie (Observ.i.x)
> New website. The observatory on the institutionalisation of xenophobia is a collective focussing on research concerning human beings and society in relation to governmental initiatives concerning national identity and immigration. It seeks to stimulate original independent work on the erosion of humanist perceptions of otherness and the stygmatisation of foreigners as a problem or threat in the ordinary operation of established authorities.
> France 14 January 2008
> Observ.i.xCall for contributions
> Observ.i.x
> campaigns/open letters 21 February 2008
> A warning against the "xenophobia, fear, phobia against immigrants" that some "irresponsible political parties" are seeking to set in the election campaign. Criticism is levelled primarily at the PP (alongside the Catalan CiU and Canary islanders CC parties) and its "integration contract" proposal, viewed as an initiative that "promotes and strengthens racism". The governing PSOE party is accused of framing social policies in a way that is discriminatory, as is also argued in relation to the Basque three-party government's housing aid policy.
> Por una campaña electoral sin xenofobia, sin discriminación social, sin equívocos
> Mugak/SOS Arrazakeria, SOS Racismo
> demonstrations 22 February 2008
> Jornada Estatal por los derechos de las personas inmigrantes
> Demonstration organised by the national network for the rights of immigrants (REDI) in Seville to express the support of dozens of organisations to claims for migrants' rights. These include: a) immediate regularisation of migrants and guarantees concerning residence, employment and family life; b) the ending of repression against migrant people and guarantees against abuses by the police and xenophobic discrimination; and c) equal rights for all migrants.
> Seville 23 February 2008
> Jornada Estatal por los derechos de las personas inmigrantes12 Medidas urgentes por la Dignidad de los Inmigrantes
> Red Estatal por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes (REDI)
> demonstrations 29 February 2008
> Accounts from inside detention centres
> A collection of accounts from communication with detainees who are mobilising and carrying out protest actions in French detention centres.
> France 13 February 2008
> Accounts from inside detention centresTemoignages de l'interieur des centres de retention (or.)Augenzeugenberichte aus dem Inneren französischer AbschiebegefängnisseMigreurop
> Zpajol, Migreurop
> demonstrations 21 March 2008
> XI Marcha Antirracista: "Contra el racismo y la Xenofobia. Gizarte disriminaziorik ez, igualdad de derechos para tod@s"
> The 11th march from Trintxerpe to Donostia, in the Basque Country, to demonstrate against the different forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination people suffer due to their origin, or physical or cultural traits. This year's claims also include the non-recognition of political rights to foreigners, and opposition to the Ley de Extranjeria (immigration law) and to policies that are discriminatory for the enjoyment of social rights.
> Donostia /San Sebastian 30 March 2008
> XI Marcha Antirracista: "Contra el racismo y la Xenofobia. Gizarte disriminaziorik ez, igualdad de derechos para tod@s"Mugak, Centro de estudios y Documentacion sobre racismo y xenofobia
> Mugak/SOS Arrazakeria (SOS Racismo)
> demonstrations 28 March 2008
> Demonstrations against racism and xenophobia
> Demonstrations and activities against racism and xenophobia organised by SOS Racismo are taking place in localities in the Basque Country, Navarre and Catalunya throughout the end of March, starting on 21 March, the international day against xenophobia. These include activities in Barcelona culminating in a demonstration on 28 March, a march from Trintxerpe to Donostia-San Sebastian on 30 March, a week against racism including documentary screenings, a concert and a talk about the media's treatment of immigration by Peio Aierbe in Iruna-Pamplona, a march against the immigration law (ley de extranjeria) in Bilbao on 28 March.
> Basque Country, Catalunya 21-30 March 2008
> Marca-li un gol al racismeCONTRA LA EXCLUSIÓN, POR LA IGUALDADXenofobiaren kontra. Contra el racismoMedios de comunicacion, racismo y xenofobia
> SOS Racismo
> demonstrations 24 April 2008
> No to the systematization of camps. Demonstration against the outrageous Directive
> Demonstration against the Returns Directive that is due to be submitted to the European Parliament on 20 May 2008, calling for MEPs to reject it. The demonstration's manifesto criticises: the extension to 18 months of detention for migrants whose only crime is illegally crossing a border; the detention of children; the 5-year re-entry ban for migrants who are expelled.
> Brussels 7 May 2008
> No to the systematization of campsAppeal. No to the outrageous Directive!Non à la directive de la honte!No a la directiva de la verguenza!No alla direttiva della vergogna!
> Migreurop network and several European NGOs
> campaigns/open letters 06 May 2008
> SOS Racismo opposes the returns directive
> The national federation of SOS Racismo criticises the return directive that is due for approval due to its extension of the length of detention of migrants, the possibility of migrants being held in prisons (albeit separately from ordinary prisoners) in the absence of places in detention detention centres, of detaining minors, and the five-year re-entry ban. Calls on Spanish MEPs to reject the directive.
> La federacion estatal de SOS Racismo se opone a la inminente aprobacion de la directiva europea de la verguenza
> Federacion Estatal de SOS Racismo
> campaigns/open letters 22 May 2008
> ASGI press release on violence against Roma
> "ASGI expresses its deep concern and indignation for the very serious episodes of violence against the Roma population that occurred in Naples and other cities. For too long in our country, Roma people have become, as an ethnic-cultural group, the target for systematic violence and verbal and physical aggression, even in the extremely violent forms that characterise removals from camps where they stay, with the destruction of personal belongings, the open expression of contempt and ill-treatment against people... ASGI calls upon all those who care about the protection of fundamental human rights to react to this climate of intolerance by undertaking any kind of initiative that may be useful in order to re-affirm the legal order."
> Comunicato stampa ASGIASGI press release
> Associazione di Studi Giuridici sull'Immigrazione
> demonstrations 09 July 2008
> Dosta… Basta … manipolazione e autoreferenzialità. Rom e Sinti: dialogo diretto e ruolo attivo
> Public assembly and demonstration called by the Federazione Rom e Sinti Insieme to say "dosta!" (enough) to racial discrimination against Roma and Sinti people, calling for principles and norms included in constitutional, European and international texts to be implemented, and for the identification of these minorities as an enemy to cease. Treating an entire community as dangerous criminals, is something that is reminiscent of the past, when it has cost many lives, and the media and political class are accused of fostering a climate of racial hatred against them by using mystification and falsehood, without giving them the right to reply.
> Rome 10/07/2008
> Public assembly documentFederazione Rom e Sinti Insieme blog
> Federazione Rom e Sinti Insieme
> demonstrations 08 December 2010
> BAM 'desinfected'
> Construction corporation BAM 'desinfected' after accepting te build new detention centre for undocumented migrants
> 1 December 2010
> Article and pictures by 'Doorbraak'
> demonstrations 17 December 2010
> Serraino Vulpitta - Noi non dimentichiamo. Ad 11 anni dalla strage appello per una manifestazione
> Eleven years on from the fire in Trapani's detention centre, Serraino Vulpitta, the Comitato 29 dicembre 1999 has organised a meeting-debate on 18 December and a demonstration on 29 December, both of them in Trapani. The call refers to the sequence of events: an escape attempt that was violently put down, the locking of 12 detainees in a cell, their burning of a mattress to have the cell door opened, the death of three people in the blaze and a further three in hospital as a result of their injuries, the trial on charges of manslaughter brought against the prefetto that ended with an acquittal, the state's responsibility and compensation granted to two survivors, and the likelihood that a new centre will soon be opened in the city. This year's anniversary is deemed important because in spite of the violence, human rights violations, cost and ineffectiveness of the detention system, the number of centres (CIEs) is set to rise.
> Trapani (Sicily) 18 and 29 December 2010
> Serraino Vulpitta - Noi non dimentichiamo. Ad 11 anni dalla strage appello per una manifestazione
> Comitato 29 dicembre 1999
> demonstrations 17 December 2010
> Marcha por el cierre de los Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros
> A nationwide initiative that will involve demonstrations calling for the closing of detention centres in Algeciras, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Motril and Valencia on 18 December 2010.
> Algeciras, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Motril, Valencia 18 December 2010
> Marcha por el cierre de los Centros de Internamiento de ExtranjerosThe campaign's website: Campanha por el Cierre de los Centros de Internamiento para Extranjeros
> Campanha por el Cierre de los Centros de Internamiento para Extranjeros
> publications/research 19 December 2010
> BID : "remove families with limited notice / open accommodation"
> UKBA plans for pilots to remove families with limited notice and through open accommodation: Response of Bail for Immigration Detainees and The Children’s Society
> Secember 2010
> Website Medical JusticeThe report (pdf)
> publications/research 20 December 2010
> The robot armies at our borders
> The EU is entering a new, and disturbing, phase in its efforts to police its borders. In a hi-tech upgrade to ‘Fortress Europe', the EU is developing drone planes, satellite surveillance systems, unmanned ground and marine vehicles, even combat robots, to be deployed to ‘defend' Europe from migrants.
> 02 December 2010
> Article in European VoiceNeoConOpticon
> Ben Hayes
> demonstrations 20 December 2010
> Caravan to WSF in Dakar
> A caravan for migrants rights will travel from Bamako to Dakar, where the World Social Forum wil be held in February 2011. Start of the caravan is January 26
> 26 January 2011
> website for the caravan
> publications/research 06 January 2011
> Amnesty International publishes critical report on Dutch prison conditions for undocumented migrants
> After a first critical report on the prison conditions in the Netherlands for undocumented migrants in 2008, Amnesty International now publishes an updated version. The title of the new report is 'Against Human Rights' and the conclusion is that most recommendations mentioned in the 2008 report have not been followed (as then minister Albayrak had promised). The conditions in the Netherlands are contrary to human rights.
> 5 November 2010
> Analysis by DoorbraakReport (pdf)
> Amnesty International
> campaigns/open letters 06 January 2011
> 6th memorial protest and new trial for Oury Jalloh in Dessau
> On January 7th, 2005 Oury Jalloh burnt with his hands and feet tied in a police cell in Dessau. The trial against the accused police man ended with acquit in December 2008. On demand of the Initiative in remembrance of Oury Jalloh the incidental action contradicted against the verdict at the federal court (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) - rightly. (...) The BGH decided therefore that the trial against one of the accused police men has to start again because the family of the victim has the right to get a legal procedure. Before the trial starts on January 12 there will be demonstrations in Dessau (7 January) and Magdeburg (8 January)
> GermanMore information (English, The Voice))
> demonstrations 12 January 2011
> 7 gennaio 2011. Un anno dopo
> A demonstration was held in Rosarno to mark a year after hundreds of African seasonal workers were chased out of the town after protesting against the ill-treatment that they suffered. The Rete Radici network is monitoring conditions in the area after the revolt which unveiled the exploitation that migrant workers experience, and has published a report.
> Rosarno (Calabria) 7 January 2011
> 7 gennaio 2011 Rosarno un anno dopoCall for the demonstration. A un anno dalla rivolta di Rosarno tutto e cambiato ma nulla e cambiato
> Rete Radici
> demonstrations 20 January 2011
> Greece: Pan Helenic Hunger strike of Refugees
> 300 refugees in Athens and Tessaloniki have announced to start a hungerstrike on January 25
> 25 January 2011
> Announcement in English
> campaigns/open letters 25 January 2011
> Bosnie-et-Herzegovine: mauvais traitements et greve de la faim dans le camp d’etrangers de Lukavica
> On 24 January 2011, the Migreurop network issued a press release concerning the hunger strike that is being staged by detainees in the Lukavica centre for migrants, near Sarajevo. The allegations include a lack of information about the procedure that they will undergo, having to sign a document that they do not understand, the absence of doctors, legal counsel, interpreters and not appearing before a judge, as well as the fact that asylum applications are not processed. Migreurop views the detention centre as an instance of the externalisation of the EU’s migration policy, and calls for these human rights violations to cease.
> Bosnie-et-Herzegovine: mauvais traitements et greve de la faim dans le camp d’etrangers de LukavicaBosnia Herzegovina: ill-treatment and hunger strike in Lukavica foreigners camp
> Migreurop
> publications/research 25 January 2011
> Etat de droit. Droits des personnes en Calais.
> Two in-depth reports on the situation of migrants living in the vicinity of Calais. One focuses on police violence, providing a chronology of interventions involving arrests or the destruction of belongings or makeshift shacks. The second looks at the different violations of rights which take place in the area, including the right to seek asylum (through the experience of four Afghans), minors' rights to protection, living conditions, why the area may be described as one where rights do not apply, media coverage and the slide towards violence and finally, the constant police pressure which the migrants are subjected to.
> Calais 10 January 2011
> Etat de droit. Droits des personnes en Calais.Chronologie de la pression policiere
> La Marmite aux Idees
> meetings/conferences 25 January 2011
> The 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference
> The 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference is being held in the School of Humanities, Institute of Technology, Sligo, Republic of Ireland between the 21st and the 23rd of June 2011 Call for Papers: 7th Irish North South Criminology Conference, IT Sligo
> June 21, 22, 23 2011
> Website
> meetings/conferences 25 January 2011
> 39th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
> The 39th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control will take place at the Université de Savoie in the picturesque town of Chambéry, France from 3rd to 7th September 2011. The titel is: No borders? Exclusion, justice and the politics of fear
> 3-7 September 2011
> Website
> demonstrations 25 January 2011
> 300 immigrants start hungers stike in Greece
> Today 300 immigrants went on hunger strike in Greece asking the full legalization of all illegal immigrants in Greece. Approximately 250 of them are in Athens and 50 in Thessaloniki. In Athens, they are staying in an empty building of the Faculty of Law of the University of Athens.
> 25 January 2011
> Blog
> campaigns/open letters 26 January 2011
> Bosnia-&-Herzegovina: Ill-treatments and hunger strike in Lukavica foreigners’ camp
> Twenty people are currently detained in inhuman and degrading conditions in Lukavica foreigners’ camp, close to Sarajevo. Detainees include Albanians, Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians, Algerians as well as one Kosovar and one Turk. According to many sources, foreigners arrested in Bosnia and then held in detention centres are mostly released after a few days when the authorities are unable to send them back to their country of origin. However, people from Arab countries are detained longer : three to six months, if not more. The reason : they are accused of being linked with terrorist activities, even if there is no serious proof they are in their file. Some of them have lived in Bosnia-&-Herzegovina for many years ; others have been arrested at the border, and sent to Lukavica. (...)Migreurop is asking the Bosnian authorities, whose country is a signatory to the international Convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families, to stop the violation of the rights of Lukavica detainees as promptly as possible.
> Migreurop
> demonstrations 26 January 2011
> Flight passengers to Bamako caravan arrested in Paris while stopping deportation
> Activists on their way to Bamako in Mali to participate in a caravan for refugee rights, were arrested in an Air France airplane after they protested against the transportation of a man who was being deported against his will. Other passengers who joined the protest (and one man who was only filming) were also arrested and taken out of the plane.
> 20 January 2011
> Report in GermanEye Witness report (German)Video inside planeCaravan website
> meetings/conferences 26 January 2011
> January 27: meeting on refugees in Thuringen
> On 24 March 2011 there will be a demonstration to demand the closure of refugee center Zella-Mehlis in Meiningen. To start preparations for that a meeting is organized on Jan 27.
> 27 January 2011
> Announcement in The Voice
> publications/research 12 February 2011
> Human rights court slams EU asylum policy as inhumane
> n a landmark ruling the European Court for Human Rights has criticized the EU's asylum policy. It said forcing refugees to apply for asylum in the country of their entry into the EU was inhumane.
> 21 Jan 2010
> Deutsche Welle (English)
> campaigns/open letters 15 February 2011
> LAMPEDUSA (Italie): L’Europe ne doit pas avoir peur de la democratie en Afrique du Nord
> Press statement issued by the Migreurop network about developments in Lampedusa, where thousands of Tunisians have been arriving by boat. It challenges Italy's reaction to the influx, noting how authorities have called for a Frontex mission, and wish the EU's next meeting of interior affairs ministers to discuss the effects of the crisis in north Africa and its effects on immigration and security, raising the spectre of terrorism. The statement's title is "Europe does not have to be afraid of democracy in North Africa".
> LAMPEDUSA (Italie) : L’Europe ne doit pas avoir peur de la democratie en Afrique du NordLAMPEDUSA (Italia) : l’Europa non deve aver paura della democrazia in Nord AfricaEurope does not have to be afraid of democracy in North AfricaLAMPEDUSA (Italia) : Europa no debe temer a la democracia en el Norte de Africa
> Migreurop
> campaigns/open letters 15 February 2011
> Lampedusa torni ad essere centro di transito e prima accoglienza Ai migranti in fuga si conceda la protezione umanitaria
> Statement by ARCI concerning the influx of Tunisian migrants in Lampedusa which calls on Italy to provide humanitarian assistance to those who arrive, allowing them at least to apply for asylum. ARCI also recalls that Italy has supported "illiberal" regimes to ensure their complicity and help in the policy to close borders, beyond the limits established by national and international law.
> Lampedusa torni ad essere centro di transito e prima accoglienza Ai migranti in fuga si conceda la protezione umanitaria
> publications/research 19 February 2011
> The EU’s new politics of movement
> The freedom enjoyed by EU citizens to live and work in each others' countries is a unique liberty. It is the basis around which European governments have tried to build a single border, a compensatory system of co-operation between police, judges and immigration officers and a common refugee policy. But hardening attitudes towards immigration in many countries and widening policy disagreements between governments and the EU's institutions are exposing fault-lines in this structure. As the cracks threaten to widen over the coming months, policy-makers face some tricky dilemmas
> 17/02/2011
> Article on weblog
> Hugo Brady
> demonstrations 19 February 2011
> Transnational Migrant Strike Day, 1 March 2011
> On Tuesday, 1st of March 2011, transnational strikes and protests from migrants will take place: Against racism, discrimination and exclusion. For equal rights and same privileges for All.
> 01/03/2011
> Call on no-racism.net
> campaigns/open letters 24 February 2011
> Petition against the wall of shame in Evros
> The recent announcement by the Ministry for the Protection of the Citizen about the planned erection of a wall at the Evros borderline, with the purpose of preventing the irregular entry of migrants and refugees into Greece from Turkey, is well known to all of us. (...) As lawyers and as politically active citizens of this country, we refuse to consent to the erection of a wall between supposedly prosperous societies and the desperate people of the “Third World”. We refuse to consent to the building of a “Europe – Fortress”. We fight for a world of liberty, of solidarity and of equality. For a world where walls of all kind have no place.
> websitepetition
> meetings/conferences 24 February 2011
> Tribunal 12
> A tribunal to give a voice to hundreds of migrants and refugees who have sought help from Europe
> Stockholm May 2012
> Website
> campaigns/open letters 25 February 2011
> Jusqu’a quand la politique migratoire de l’Union europeenne, va-t-elle s’appuyer sur les dictatures du sud de la Mediterranee?
> On 22 February 2011, Migreurop issued a statement highlighting how the EU’s migration policy has effectively resulted in support for dictatorial regimes, arguing that in the light of recent events it must make a choice as to whether its avowed principles of “defence of democracy” and support for human rights are mere rhetoric, or whether it is ready to rise to this historic moment and “open a new era in the relations between the European Union and its Mediterranean neighbours”.
> Jusqu’a quand la politique migratoire de l’Union europeenne, va-t-elle s’appuyer sur les dictatures du sud de la Mediterranee?¿Hasta cuando la politica migratoria de la Union Europea va a apoyarse en las dictaduras del sur del Mediterraneo?The European Union’s migration policy: support for dictatorships to the south of the Mediterranean
> Migreurop
> publications/research 25 February 2011
> Memorial des morts aux frontieres avec l'Europe
> This interactive map concerning the death of migrants attempting to cross Europe's borders contains a wealth of information concerning EU countries, statistics and the ways in which migrant deaths have occurred. Based on information collected by United for Intercultural Action, No Border and Fortress Europe, and on cartography by Olivier Clochard of Migreurop and Philippe Rekacewicz from le Mond Diplomatique, it is a very useful resource.
> France 18 February 2011
> Memorial des morts aux frontieres avec l'EuropeLa liberte de circulation s’impose comme une evidence, interview with Claire Rodier
> Jean Marc Manach (OWNI Digital Journalism)
> demonstrations 01 March 2011
> Primo marzo 2011. Sciopero degli "stranieri"
> As part of the Transnational Migrant Strike Day, there will be initatives, including film screenings, demonstrations, assemblies and seminars, throughout Italy from the far north to the south and islands of Sicily and Sardinia.
> Italy 1 March 2011
> Cosa succede il primo marzo (list of initiatives)Primo marzo 2011. Sciopero degli stranieri blog
> Primo marzo 2011
> demonstrations 01 March 2011
> Greek hungerstrikers in danger
> February 28, 2001 – Athens: The number of hunger strikers brought to hospitals has risen to 41. Meanwhile, 36 other immigrants are on thirst strike, since Sunday noon. Thessaloniki: 12 hunger strikers are brought to 4 hospitals.
> now!
> More information
> campaigns/open letters 08 March 2011
> International day of silidarity with Greek hungestrikers
> Call for European coordinated solidarity actions to the 300 immigrants hunger strikers in Greece on March 10
> website
> publications/research 08 March 2011
> Fortress Europe: A Deadly Exodus
> OWNI’s interactive map “Fortress Europe: a deadly exodus” complied data from the NGO United, and the results raise a number of questions. Three migration experts have already attempted to address these issues in an article entitled “Counting the dead” [FR], which was published in 2008 on a journal published by Gisti [FR], a specialist group for the rights of non-nationals.
> March 2011
> Mapwebsite
> demonstrations 16 March 2011
> (GE) Demonstration in Meiningen
> Break the racist isolation of the refugees - Close the Lager Camp in Zella-Mehlis!
> March 24
> More information
> campaigns/open letters 30 March 2011
> Meeting on 'youth insurgency' in Berlin
> Functionaries from different French and German cities that have to do with 'unruly behavior' from it's inhabitants- mainly youth with a migrant background - are having a meeting in Berlin from April 1-3
> Article on IndymediaMore informationWebsite IMSS
> campaigns/open letters 30 March 2011
> (NL) Police to hunt for illegal au pairs in private homes
> the Dutch special police for/against foreigners (vreemdelingenpolitie) is active on a pilot project to check on au pairs that are working in the Netherlands. For this they visit them at the homes where they work. This project is part of a scheme called 'Modern Migrationpolicy' which prescribes that people who employ an au pair, can only do this using a certified bureau.
> Article on this (Dutch) 'au pair law'
> publications/research 30 March 2011
> French Manual for handling of migrants to be extradited, leaked
> French leaks has published an instruction manual for French policeman about how to handle persons that are to be extradited. It contains shocking details on how to force people to comply and stop resistance.
> March 2011
> More information and link
> campaigns/open letters 09 April 2011
> (NL) Mass expulsion to Iraq
> On April 7 for the first time a large group of migrants from Iraq whose asylum request had been denied, were extradited from the Netherlands. 8 entire families, with 13 children, were put in one airplane to Baghdad. They were accompanied by a large group of military police. Until 2008 Iraq was considered too unsafe to send people back to. Previous to the expulsion the families were assaulted by police and kept prisoner until the expulsion. One of the families was rounded up in Heteren on Monday April 4 in their house in front of the school that the two children of the family attend, in full view of the schoolchildren.
> Press Release Vluchtelingenwerk
> demonstrations 09 April 2011
> (NL) Commemoration for Kambiz Roustayi
> a man set himself afire on Dam Square in Amsterdam on April 6. The man died the next day and police made public that the man was a 36 year old migrant from Iran, whose request for asylum had been denied. A lawyer made public that the man, Kambiz Roustayi, already in 2009 had told him that he could not live with a status as illegal. On sunday 10 at 3 pm there will be a commemoration for him, at Dam Square
> Call on facebook
> demonstrations 11 April 2011
> (NL) May 5th 2011 Demonstration at building site for extradition prison
> People with bicycles will travel from Amsterdam to the building site near Schiphol Airport where BAM construction company is planning to build a new compound for undocumented migrants to be extradited from the Netherlands
> 5 May 2011
> Announcement on website
> publications/research 19 April 2011
> Calais Video Breaking Headlines across France
> After initially breaking on Rue89 the French media Channel TF1 has just released a video composed of several clips from the work of CMS (Calais Migrants Solidarity ). The police are shown pepper-spraying, being violent, abusive and unprofessional. This video combines several already high profile clips including the police playing loud music whilst raiding Africa House at night and the PAF punching an activist holding a video camera. A CMS activist talks to a radio interviewer about working on the ground in Calais and the use of video cameras in escalating violence towards migrants. A police spokesperson also attempts to claim that the police are highly professional whilst a clip of them playing football during a squat raid runs in the background.
> April 2011
> VideoAnnouncement CMS
> meetings/conferences 19 April 2011
> Conference on Criminalization of Undocumented Migrants in the Netherlands
> The Dutch government recently launched a proposal to criminalize undocumented migrants. In response, PICUM and some of its Dutch Members, Stichting LOS, Stichting ROS and the Paulus Church, have decided to organize an international workshop. The workshop titled, “Countering New Legislative Proposals Criminalizing Undocumented Migrants in the Netherlands: Building on Experiences of Resistance Throughout Europe”, is intended to provide a better understanding of laws, policies and practices concerning criminalization of undocumented migrants in different European countries. The workshop will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on Friday, 27 May 2011.
> 27 May 2011
> Announcement PICUM
> PICUM eo.
> meetings/conferences 08 May 2011
> Anti - Frontex Days /16-23 May Warsaw
> Ending oppression in Europe requires radical solidarity; this entails realizing that our liberation is co-dependent. Migrants and non-alike, our freedom is bound together, and thus so must be our struggle.
> Warsaw 16-23 May 2011
> WebsiteAnti-Borders CollectiveProgram
> meetings/conferences 09 May 2011
> (SK) Conference From Theory to Practice: Creative Action Towards Social Change,
> Looking at the European political situation and its transformation in the past few years, one thing can be seen clearly. The years of the global financial crisis have been very helpful for nationalist, racist and far-right parties, groups and movements. (...) The aim of the conference is to form a platform for new ideas and strategies for the European antidiscrimination movement. In a time when far-right groups are more and more successful in recruiting new members and addressing a large part of the population, fresh strategies and ideas are needed.
> Bratislava (SK) 16-21 May 2011
> Announcement (English)
> campaigns/open letters 19 May 2011
> (Greece) Asylum seekers are put in jail!
> (...) We were given notice that from that point on, whoever applies for asylum without holding traveling documents will be detained (we put emphasis on the fact that only few asylum seekers have traveling documents). Despite the fact, that we considered that such an action from the police authorities (...) The police authorities, punishing with imprisonment everyone who is trying to practice his/her right to apply for asylum, are basically demolishing such entitlement. This practice is a cruel violation of human rights of the refugees. The rights of the refugees are ratified in the international conventions and therefore compel our country
> Press release Aitima (PDF)
> campaigns/open letters 19 May 2011
> Hands off our right to move freely around the Union!
> European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) has been in the forefront of the struggle to achieve a Europe without borders with its hotlines at the start of the Schengen process, advice to thousands of individuals about how to overcome visible and hidden barriers to exercising their European rights and regular reports on the impact of EU enlargement on free movement of people.
> Press release ECAS
> meetings/conferences 19 May 2011
> Irish in Britain Seminar Series 2011 (10 - 31 May)
> The recent upturn in Irish migration indicates that Britain continues to be one of the primary destinations of Irish migrants into the 21st Century.  This year's seminar series covers a broad range of research in the field and aims to put current trends into their broader historical and political context.
> 10-31 may 2011
> Seminar program
> meetings/conferences 19 May 2011
> Report on Jena Refugee Conference and Zella-Mehlis Lager Protest
> We will Break the Isolation from the Lagers! Refugee Conference in Jena and Action-day in Zella-Mehlis 22-24.04.2011
> May 2011
> See video report here
> publications/research 06 July 2011
> study on conditions faced by irregular migrants employed as domestic workers
> EU Fundamental Rights Agency presents new study on conditions faced by irregular migrants employed as domestic workers. Today the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is presenting its report on the fundamental rights of irregular migrants who are employed as domestic workers in the EU. Most irregular migrants in domestic work are women. The report shows that their irregular immigration status, coupled with challenges in regulating domestic work more generally, makes this group very vulnerable to exploitation, including cases of physical abuse. Typical forms of exploitation include low pay, often having to work excessive working hours, and usually not being able to obtain compensation for work-related accidents.
> 05/07/2011
> Announcement FRAFull report here
> publications/research 09 July 2011
> Police violence and mass arrest at evictions in Amsterdam
> One of the squatted buildings that Amsterdam police evicted on Tuesday July 5 in Amsterdam was the 'cultural freeplace' Schijnheilig. Demonstrators decided to not try to 'defend' the building against the police, but instead opened the doors and organised a concert on the street in front of the building. This concert and the people present were attacked by police, who beat people up severely and arrested almost 150 persons. Those of the arrested refusing to tell their name are still in prison and have been put in 'foreigner detention' (which can be for almost unlimited time)
> 05 July 2011
> Eye witness account in EnglishDutch updates
> publications/research 09 July 2011
> Health Care abused to control migration in Europe
> By restricting access to health care for undocumented inhabitants (and their families!) European countries try to get rid of illegalised immigrants.
> 25 June 2011
> Comparative research in 16 European countries (pdf) Article on Doorbraak-website (Dutch)Huma Network
> publications/research 09 July 2011
> Turkish man killed in Dutch police station
> According to Turkish news the man died "under severe torture". Dutch police declared the man was aggressive and refuses further comment pointing at 'ongoing investigation'.
> 03 July 2011
> English article in Turkish News Links and discussion on Dutch weblog sargassoBlog Joop.nl
> campaigns/open letters 12 July 2011
> A flotilla to stop deaths in the Mediterranean
> "The lack of hospitality within the policy of European states has reached such an appalling level that it is our duty to act and to show the possibility of a Euro-Mediterranean area based on solidarity and respect for Human Rights. Following their meeting in Cecina (Italy), the Euro-Mediterranean organisations in favour of migrants’ rights decided to charter a flotilla which will proceed to maritime surveillance so that assistance is provided finally to people in danger. The participatory organisations would also like to call on the European bodies and governments on both sides of the Mediterranean for establishing relations within this common area on the basis of exchange and reciprocity." With links to translations in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Dutch
> Call on website Migreurop
> Migreurop
> publications/research 11 August 2011
> Suspect Communities’? Counter-terrorism policy, the press, and the impact on Irish and Muslim communities in Britain
> Report of a research project: A comparative study of the representations of ‘suspect’ communities in multi-ethnic Britain and of their impact on Muslim and Irish communities 1974-2007.
> July 2011
> Report (pdf)
> London Metropolitan University
> publications/research 11 August 2011
> The death of Jimmy Mubenga: “Securing your world” through privatised manslaughter
> Jimmy Mubenga's death during his removal by private security company civilian staff is indicative of the treatment forced removals are subjected to. Government bodies, campaigning organisations and medical charities have all condemned the "excessive force" applied during forced removals, and criticised private security companies for breaching their duty of care.
> July 2011
> Statewatch Analysis (pdf)
> Trevor Hemmings/Statewatch
> publications/research 26 August 2011
> Spain: Neighbourhood groups' report on racist identity checks in Madrid
> The Brigadas Vecinales de Observación de Derechos Humanos (BVODH, Neighbourhood Brigades to observe human rights compliance) is a coalition involving citizens in Madrid who have taken up the task of mounting a response to "discriminatory social control policies" in their neighbourhoods which they describe as "racist, xenophobic and classist", in particular as regards identity checks in the streets enacted by the police. This report, "Informe sobre los controles de identidad racistas en Madrid (2010/2011)", is the product of their monitoring work on discriminatory identity checks between 10 December 2009 (a total of 445,000 people were identified by officers in Madrid in the whole of 2009) and 10 May 2011.
> 29 July 2011
> See: Informe sobre los controles de identidad racistas en Madrid (2010/2011) (Spanish, pdf)
> meetings/conferences 01 September 2011
> A Decade of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism since 9/11: taking stock and new directions in research and policy
> A Decade of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism since 9/11: taking stock and new directions in research and policy. Conference organised by Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group (CSTWG) of the British International Studies Association, at the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow City Chambers, Central Glasgow.
> 8-11 September 2011
> Program on website
> publications/research 21 September 2011
> (GR/EU) Border Agency Exposes Migrants to abusive Conditions
> Frontex Sends Migrants to Inhuman and Degrading Treatment in Greek Detention Centers
> 21 September 2011
> ArticleLink to full report
> publications/research 29 September 2011
> Conference speeches Statewatching Europe: Civil Liberties, the State and the EU
> Statewatchs 20th anniversary conference was held at Conway Hall in London on Saturday 25th June 2011. More than 220 people from 18 EU countries registered and over 30 NGOs attended the conference.
> September 2011
> Videos and material on website
> publications/research 08 October 2011
> European Race Audit Briefing Papers
> The IRR's European Race Audit (ERA) is now publishing regular free online briefing papers which are available as part of subscriptions to the IRR News Service. The ERA is one of the few sources of comprehensive pan-European information on racism, the extreme Right and Islamophobia. It also documents the erosion of human rights as a result of asylum and immigration law and civil liberties and as a result of the war on terror. The European Race Audit was launched in 1991 and its huge archive - of over sixty Bulletins on pan-European race and refugee issues - is an invaluable source of information for students, researchers and campaigners.
> September 2011
> More on website IRR
> publications/research 18 November 2011
> (GE) Free newspaper for pupils on extreme right
> A free newspaper to inform high school kids on the extreme right in Germany, has been printed in an impression of 500.000
> 27 October
> website
> demonstrations 25 November 2011
> (GE) Video about demonstration against secret service
> On November 19 a demonstration was held in front of the office of the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) in Erfurt, to protest their role in "hunting undocumented foreigners".
> 19 November 2011
> VideoMore information
> campaigns/open letters 03 December 2011
> (NL) Solidarity with migration activist
> Joke Kaviar is a Dutch poet and writer who is very much involved in campaigns against the Dutch and European migration policies. She was arrested and had her house searched, kept prison vor four days and is being threatened with further prosecution because of her literature
> solidarity Website
> publications/research 06 December 2011
> Migreurop Migration Policy Chronology
> This chronology seeks to make it easier to understand European migration and asylum policies through a time-framed comparison of the evolution of the legal framework (columns A1 to A3), the public discourse (B1) and the facts (B2). The table is updated twice a year.
> 30 November 2011
> Migreurop website
> publications/research 06 December 2011
> State of Surveillance - The Data
> The Bureau of Investigative Journalism: The State of Surveillance: The Data (link): The Bureau and London-based human rights group Privacy International have compiled a comprehensive database of companies that sell surveillance products.
> 1 December 2011
> State of Surveilance: The Data
> campaigns/open letters 20 December 2011
> Violence against Roma in the European Union must stop
> One month before the beginning of the evaluation of the different national policies for Roma inclusion of the Member States of the Commission, AEDH denounces the passive stance of the European Commission and the Council confronted with the violent acts committed against the Roma in a certain number of European countries.
> Website AEDH
> publications/research 17 January 2012
> For the Respect of all migrant workers
> Critical Report n° 9 from CETIM, the Third World Centre in Geneva, is on the human rights of migrant workers
> October 2011
> The report as pdf
> publications/research 18 January 2012
> (Sp/Fr)The ongoing disgrace of detention centres
> Two reports on detention centres have been published in Spain and France that highlight a situation in which foreigners are experiencing conditions that are often worse than those in prisons as a result of administrative offences (irregular residence) and an aim to maximise the rates of detention and returns. This has led to large-scale violations of human rights and to policies that reduce judicial oversight and the possibility of detained foreigners to effectively exercise their rights through judicial proceedings and access to effective remedies.
> 06 Jan 2012
> French reportSummary for the pressArticle by Statewatch
> Statewatch
> publications/research 18 January 2012
> The Arab Spring and the death toll in the Mediterranean: the true face of Fortress Europe
> Throughout the uprisings in North Africa, the EU has maintained a discourse of double standards: supporting calls for freedom and democracy but greeting resulting population displacement with hostility. This has contributed to a record number of people dying at Europe�s borders during the first seven months of 2011.
> Jan 2012
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Marie Martin
> publications/research 18 January 2012
> the meaning of treaties and readmission agreements between Italy and north African states
> The Italian government and the EU are attempting to urgently re-establish readmission agreements with new regimes in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya with scant regard for the wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers. A �state of emergency� has been declared in Italy which has allowed the government to derogate from certain laws and fast-track the application process.
> Jan 2012
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Yasha Maccanico
> campaigns/open letters 20 January 2012
> Humanitarian organizations call to action to help homeless migrants in Denmark
> In Denmark there are homeless migrants, for whom the dream of a job and a better life has ended in homelessness and social marginalization. They spend the night on mattresses in damp basements or parks, and are struggling to make it through the day. They live a miserable life on the street without fundamental rights or the opportunity to get the needed help in order to get off the streets and move on with their lives. Four private organizations, all working with vulnerable and homeless people, want to change the situation for the homeless migrants in Denmark. They have started a campaign to persuade the Danish politicians to take responsibility and solve the difficult situation concerning the homeless migrants. The four organizations are Kirkens Korshaer, Hovedstadens Red Cross Denmark, Missionen blandt Hjemlose and projekt UDENFOR. The organizations have amongst others invited the mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen and the Minister for European Affairs Nicolai Wammen to a discussion about the situation. Lack of counseling, medical care and recognition of problems The organizations have the following suggestions for improving the situation for the homeless migrants in Denmark: Proper advice to migrants about the Danish labor market. Access to existing services such as medical and health services. Political initiative to put strategies and concrete proposals to improve the situation for homeless migrants on the agenda during the Danish EU Presidency.
> Hjemlos.dkDanish red CrossKirkenskorshaerUdenfor.dk
> campaigns/open letters 26 January 2012
> LOST AT BORDER – A journey to the lost and the dead of the Greek borders
> LOST AT BORDER reports on the reality of loss and death at the Greek borders. As a close friend of ours said once: “If you are a refugee and you die nobody asks any questions. But for living somewhere, everybody is questioning you!” We want to break the silence and ask: What happened with all these people whose traces got lost?
> BlogLostatborder Report (pdf)
> Infomobile
> demonstrations 03 February 2012
> Charterdeportation to Kosovo, 7th feb. 2012, from airport Duesseldorf FRONTEX flight - stop over in Vienna.
> at 8a.m. the refugees will be brought to the airport gate this is located between the airport fire brigade and page 36, opposite parkin 7 like the other times, media and activist will be to observe what is happening there. at 10a.m. there will be a demonstration in the main airport hall, terminal B, departure hall http://parken.duesseldorf-international.de/Parken-Flashkarte.42.0.html?&... With noice, banners and flyers we want to make public what the airport and the authorities wanted to happen secretly - the deportation of many roma people and others into the icecold Kosovo-winter! Come self-responsible, be creative, come with your own ideas, bring your friends. abschiebestop [ad] riseup [dot] net
> Dusseldorf 7 February 2012
> weblog
> publications/research 08 February 2012
> (Film) Vol Special/Special Flight
> Awaiting definite deportment from the Swiss territory, rejected asylum seekers and illegal migrants are jailed at the administrative detention centre Frambois. Behind the closed prison doors, tension builds day by day. On one side there are wardens full of humanist values, on the other there are men defeated by fear and stress. Relations of friendship and hate, respect and revolt are formed until the announcement of the deportment, which is experienced like a stab. Those who refuse to leave are handcuffed, tied up and forcibly put in a plane. In this extreme situation, despair has a name: special flight.
> Website of the film
> demonstrations 16 February 2012
> Noborders Carnival
> On Saturday 18th February, the last day of the six day Convergence in London, we will gather at 12 noon at St Pauls for the NoBorders Carnival against immigration controls. This is going to be a lively event with samba, banners, and celebration. Join us!
> 18 February 2012
> Website No Borders London
> campaigns/open letters 16 February 2012
> Harmondsworth blockaders held by police for second night
> Eleven No Borders activists arrested on Tuesday during a detention centre blockade are being held by police for a second night. They are due to appear at Uxbridge magistrates court at 10am this morning, charged with causing 'serious disruption to the life of the community' under Section 14 of the Public Order Act.
> More info on website Noborders
> meetings/conferences 16 February 2012
> London Noborders Convergence
> London NoBorders, along with Goldsmiths students and other groups, are organising a week-long convergence to be held in London between 13 - 18 February 2012. The aim is to get together to share our knowledge and experiences in relation to people's freedom of movement and the restrictions on it, and to share skills, network, strategise and take action.
> London 13-18 February 2012
> Program on website
> campaigns/open letters 22 February 2012
> Mr Doros Polycarpou, Executive Director of KISA, is being prosecuted on charges of rioting, following tragic events at the Rainbow Festival on 5 November 2010, in Larnaca, Cyprus.We believe this trial is yet another hostile attempt to prevent KISA from upholding the fundamental rights of migrants. Moreover, this trial demonstrates the failure of the Cypriot authorities to fully respect international human rights principles [1], EU law [2]and casts doubts on Cyprus’s suitability to take over the EU presidency in July 2012. This joint statement is open to signatures to any other supportive organisation (press contact: nicola.flamigni@picum.org)
> EuroMediterranean Human Rights Network/ European Network Against Racism /Migreurop/ PICUM
> campaigns/open letters 28 February 2012
> Campaign for access of civil society and journalists for detention centres in Europe and Beyond:OPEN ACCESS NOW!
> European Alternatives and Migreurop, together with more than 20 organisations all over Europe launch the Campaign 'Open Access Now'. In Europe today, roughly 600,000 people including children are detained every year, most often without a court decision.Today, in most EU countries, journalists and civil society have very limited access to migrant detention centres. Often, even when one accesses it is impossible to meet people in detention, or even to talk to them. Generally, only Members of national and European Parliaments have right of access. This lack of transparency increases the risk of malpractice and numerous rights violations. Places where foreigners are detained must not remain a reality that is hidden from us. Why should we not have access? We want to know what is happening there.
> Campaign for access of civil society and
> Migreurop / European Alternatives
> publications/research 28 February 2012
> New helpline for undocumented migrants
> The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has announced the launch of an advice line for undocumented migrants in London.
> 24 February 2012
> Announcement bij IRR
> campaigns/open letters 02 March 2012
> Campaign to end the immigration detention of children
> The campaign to end the immigration detention of children will be launched on the 21st of March this year at the 19th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. At the event IDC will invite various specialists to speak on the issue and present a policy paper that outlines a new model for preventing the immigration detention of children. This will also mark the formal launch of the campaign
> Campaign to end the immigration detention of children
> International Detention Coalition
> publications/research 02 March 2012
> Migreurop report: At the margins of Europe: externalisation of migration controls
> This 2010-2011 report focusses once again on two pillars of European migration policy that Migreurop has often described: the subcontracting of controls and the detention of migrants and asylum seekers, this time surveyed in their maritime and eastern dimensions. While a wall is being built in western Turkey to prevent border crossings into Greece, Turkey actively cooperates with EU policy by locking its eastern border with Iran and by organising, as readers will see, a real hunt for refugees.Externalisation also involves the privatisation of controls. Adopted as soon as 2001, a European directive envisages sanctions for carriers transporting passengers who do not have the documents required to enter an EU member state. This transfer of a state function to private agents is not something new. Since the early 1990s, it has been the rule in merchant navy ships for the treatment of ‘stowaways’ who board merchant ships in the hope of reaching Europe. In this sector, policing tasks have effectively been primarily transferred towards shipowners and insurers. The report describes and analyses these processes on the basis of testimonies collected in German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French and Bulgarian ports.
> 2 March 2012
> At the margins of Europe: externalisation of migration controls
> Migreurop
> campaigns/open letters 06 March 2012
> (Nl) Woman refused passport before judge in appeal
> Nanette Boers was refused a passport because she refused to hand over her digital fingerprints to be stored on a chip in her passport, and in a central database. A courtcase will decide on March 8.
> Press release VrijbitDossier on Boers (Dutch)
> Vrijbit
> publications/research 09 March 2012
> Reclaim the Seas
> "The fishermen, when they lose their fish, they think" - A., Somali in Germany. Since November 2010, ten Somali citizens are on trial for Piracy in Hamburg, Germany. This blog is about the trial and the background on why fishermen are forced to change their profession.
> March 2012
> Weblog
> publications/research 22 March 2012
> Counter-terrorism, Policy Laundering and the FATF (Financial Action Task Force)
> Ben Hayes' study on Counter-terrorism, Policy Laundering and the FATF (Financial Action Task Force): legalizing surveillance, regulating civil society gives a thorough account of an important institutional phenomenon: the world of financial regulation of non-profit organisations (NPOs) in the post 9/11 era.
> February 2012
> Report as pdf-file
> Ben Hayes TNI/Statewatch
> campaigns/open letters 25 March 2012
> Letter to FRONTEX from European Ombudsman
> The European Ombudsman, Nikiforos Diamandouros, has written an official letter to the head of FRONTEX, pointing at the fact that the Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the EU is legally binding for all EU Institutions, including FRONTEX
> The letter (as pdf-file)
> European Ombudsman/statewatch
> campaigns/open letters 25 March 2012
> AVID: Helping immigration detainees across the UK
> AVID is the membership network for all volunteer visitors to immigration removal centres, short term holding facilities, and prisons: anywhere someone is held for immigration purposes in the UK. Since 1994 we have sought to ensure detainees rights are protected and to promote access to volunteer visitors.
> Website
> publications/research 04 April 2012
> Stop and search flashmob
> urban dancers flash mobbed Trafalgar Square and Grosvenor Square on Saturday 31 March 2012 as part of the Stopwatch campaign against discrimination in stop and search.
> London 4 April 2012
> Clip and description on website
> Network for Police Monitoring
> publications/research 11 April 2012
> Arad Camp (Romania): handcuffed and beaten for a lighter
> Arad camp, detainee stories collected on the 26/03/2012
> 27/03/2012
> On website migreurop
> Migreurop
> publications/research 18 April 2012
> The Frontex Regulation – Consolidated text after final 2011 amendments
> All agreements signed by Frontex with third parties are available on Statewatch's Observatory. (www.statewatch.org/frontex (Frontex publications)
> pdf-file
> publications/research 18 April 2012
> Getting the Voice Out
> Getting the Voice Out gathers stories from people detained in detention centres, to get their voices heard in the outside world and highlight what the authorities try so hard to hide. (Eng, Fr, Dutch)
> April 2012
> Website
> --
> campaigns/open letters 18 April 2012
> Annual General Assembly EADH
> The AEDH organises its annual General assembly and seminar in Brno, Czech Republic, on 27, 28 and 29 April 2012. During its General assembly, the AEDH will organise, with the Czech Helsinki Committee, its annual seminar on "Roma in Europe". It will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, on 27 April 2012.
> Website AEDH
> campaigns/open letters 10 May 2012
> Boats 4 People: Transnational Newsletter No.1
> Boats 4 People starts concrete mobilisation. The project will be on tour between Italy and Tunisia from 1st July to 19 July 2012. Join the project ! All kind of support needed ! Boats4People aims to observe the situation in the Mediterranean Sea, collect information on the situation of migrants, disseminate it in the media and denounce the role played by the EU. Boats4People also participates in the preparation of legal files on cases of non-assistance by European military or border control boats. Another objective is to build a network of sailors to alert us to violations of migrants� human rights at sea. The cooperation between European and African organizations, activists and researchers is meant as a step towards a strong long-term alliance. By mobilizing people in the Mediterranean, Africa and Europe we strive for a Mediterranean that will become a place of solidarity and cease to be a mass grave for migrants. We advocate freedom of movement for all.
> Newsletter no 1
> Boats 4 People
> publications/research 10 May 2012
> Learning the lessons of dispersal
> In the light of evidence that London boroughs like Newham are seeking cheap housing hundreds of miles away for their residents on housing benefit, the IRR points to the dangers of such a 'dispersal' policy.
> London 26 April 2012
> More on website IRR
> campaigns/open letters 07 June 2012
> NO Border Camp in Stockholm - PETITION for a world without borders
> In accordance with the accusation and horrific evidence presented by Tribunal 12 about Fort Europe, the struggle along the vision for a world where no one have the right to restrict the free movement and existence of others, is now more than ever needed. The violence of the borders are always kept silenced. This is something we never have a moral obligation to accept or maintain.We call for everyone to sign our petition and if they can join us the 17th June demonstration, For a World Without Borders!The demonstration will open the No Border Camp Stockhölm, which starts on the 17th and fills the week with activities, lectures, seminars and workshops, all related to the world we live in where borders constantly are in the way of people living in peace and free movement.
> CALL FOR DONATION - Boats 4 People: work in progress - "For freedom and solidarity in the Mediterranean sea , without dead at sea".PETITION for a world without borders ! Print and share the posterFacebook event
> No Border Sweden
> publications/research 13 June 2012
> A new kind of barbarism: the ‘non-people’ of Patras
> In his latest column, Matt Carr looks at the brutal persecution of undocumented migrants in the Greek port-city of Patras, a continuum of violence that spans militarised law enforcement, the policing of protest, immigration control and the battlefields of the "war on terror"'.
> 6 June 2012
> In Ceasefire Magazine
> Matt Carr
> campaigns/open letters 21 June 2012
> Police Brutality: Know Your Rights
> US website criminology.com made a graphic overview of the state of police brutality in the US, the official rights citizens have and the relativity of it.
> know your rights
> criminology.com
> publications/research 21 June 2012
> ENS: European Network on Statelessness
> ENS raises awareness about statelessness, and provides a platform for collaboration among civil society organizations.
> June 2012
> Website ENS
> campaigns/open letters 26 June 2012
> Iranian refugees on hungerstrike in Würzburg (GE)
> Website Press release June 22
> campaigns/open letters 28 June 2012
> Boats4People Newsletter No. 2
> The Boats4People tour will take place from 1st to 19th of July 2012 between Italy and Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. Timetable, route and background information are provided by the projects.
> Article on websiteNewsletter no 2 (pdf)
> Boats 4 People
> publications/research 11 July 2012
> Greece: Migrants Describe Fear on the Streets
> (Athens) – The Greek authorities are failing to tackle a rising wave of xenophobic violence that has left migrants afraid to walk the streets.
> Athens 10 July 2012
> Article HRWThe report
> Human Rights Watch
> publications/research 11 July 2012
> WatchTheMed
> WatchTheMed aims to increase accountability for the death of migrants and the violations of their rights at the maritime borders of the European Union.
> July 2012
> website
> Boats4People
> demonstrations 18 July 2012
> Why did Ousman Sey die? – Call for Demonstration: 20th of July 6pm
> In the morning of the 7th July 2012 Ousman Sey, a 45 year old of Gambian origin, died in police custody in Dortmund. Before being taken into police custody, Sey called an ambulance twice, because he was not feeling well.
> Dortmund 20 July 2012
> Website
> Dortmunder Antifa Bundniss
> publications/research 18 July 2012
> Digital Undoc
> The project aims to increase understanding of the potential to use social media and digital technology to help meet the advice and support needs of children and young people with irregular immigration status.
> 19 July 2012
> website
> On Road Media
> publications/research 18 July 2012
> The Caricole, as seen from the inside
> Description of the Caricole, the new high tech asylum prison near Zaventem airport in Belgium
> Brussels 14 June 2012
> Article on website
> Renee/Indymedia Brussels
> demonstrations 01 August 2012
> Actions for Mohamed Noureddin, Calais migrant who died after being arrested on July 7
> Like the demonstrations in Calais after 7th July, to the 17th July rally outside the embassy of France in London and the occupation of the French consulate in Düsseldorf on 20th July, we occupied the consulate of France, Wednesday 1st August from 11am, to protest against the circumstances of the death of Mohamed Noureddin last July 7th in Calais. Noureddin was found dead in a river in the centre of Calais after being violently arrested by police. No autopsy was performed and no testimonies were taken of friends who had been with him previously that same night.
> 01 August 2012
> Website Calais SolidarityPress Release Brussels Indymedia
> campaigns/open letters 02 August 2012
> Revising the ‘Dublin’ rules on responsibility for asylum-seekers: Further developments
> "The EP and Council reached a tentative deal on the revision of the ‘Dublin Regulation’, which allocates responsibility for asylum-seekers to a single Member State, in June 2012. This was the subject of a detailed Statewatch analysis at the time, which concluded that it was a ‘missed opportunity’ to reform these flawed rules more fundamentally. However, for the Member States’ permanent representatives to the EU (known as ‘Coreper’), this deal was too generous: they objected to the change in rules relating to unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers and to the rules intended to limit the time period of detention of asylum-seekers subject to the Dublin process. Following further talks, the EP and the Council have reached a revised tentative deal, although this is subject to some ‘technical’ amendments by the Council and further discussions on the procedure for adopting measures implementing the Regulation (known as ‘comitology’)."
> PDF on Statewatch website
> Steve Peers/Statewatch
> meetings/conferences 16 August 2012
> National Antifascist Camp in Dortmund
> From August 24 untill September 2nd there will be an antifa-camp in Dortmund, with an ample program of workshops, debates and actions.
> Dortmund August 2012
> Website
> campaigns/open letters 23 August 2012
> Doctors of the World (Spain) launch campaign 'right to cure'
> The campaign for 'the right to cure' aims at supporting medical personnel in Spain who refuse to abide to the new law Real Decreto Ley 16/2012. This law excludes undocumented migrants from health care in Spain
> Press Release Medicos del MundoSpecial campaign website
> Kees/Statewatrch
> demonstrations 23 August 2012
> Iranian refugees in Germany call for all refugees to join march to Berlin
> A wave of actions from refugees for rights, started in march 2012 in Würzburg. Iranian refugees call for a collective march to Berlin, starting on September 8
> 8 September 2012
> websiteCall for all refugees (different languages)Chronology of actions (German)
> Kees/Statewatch
> campaigns/open letters 11 September 2012
> Refugee support group issues 'passport for Amsterdam'
> Regugee support group ASKV has issued a 'passport for Amsterdam' for undocumented migrants
> Passport on website ASKV
> campaigns/open letters 24 September 2012
> A call for financial support for 'NSU-watch'
> The NSU was a violent neofascist group that killed ten persons with migrant background in Germany. Much is still unclear about them, and the roll of the secret service is opaque.
> Website
> apabiz e.V
> publications/research 24 September 2012
> Forced Migration Current Awareness
> A service highlighting web research and information relating to refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and other forced migrants; provided by Elisa Mason
> 19 September 2012
> Website
> Elisa Mason
> publications/research 24 September 2012
> Pregnant, detained, and subjected to force in the UK
> Pregnant women are being held in immigration detention by the British government, violating statutory legislation, and subjecting them to the use of force, says Natasha Tsangarides
> 17 September 2012
> Article on website
> Natasha Tsangarides
> campaigns/open letters 09 October 2012
> EU: FRONTEX Fundamental Rights Strategy: Statewatch and Migreurop’s joint submission to the Ombudsman of the European Union (pdf)
> "Frontex has adopted a restrictive approach to the human rights impact of its activities, and put forward a strategy where preventive mechanisms remain weak and where redress mechanisms are absent. In so doing, Frontex seems to fall short of two of its commitments presented in its reply to the Ombudsman: a "zero tolerance policy" and the mainstreaming of fundamental rights into all Frontex activities. We thus argue that the understanding of the human rights risks in the context of Frontex operations may be underestimated and that the proposed safeguards are unsatisfactory as a result".
> pdf (English)pdf French)
> Statewatch and Migreurop
> publications/research 25 October 2012
> Police Brutality in a detention center in Bulgaria
> On the 16th of October, eight Syrian asylum-seekers were brutally beaten by the police in the detention center for foreigners in the city of Lyubimets, close to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The same day, one of the detainees attempted to talk to the guards in the prison in order to receive information about his request to be sent back to Turkey. The prison guards responded with violence.
> 18 October 2012
> English article
> Europolice
> demonstrations 25 October 2012
> Refugees on hungerstrike form camp in Berlin
> 20 Refugees have gone into hungerstrike and try to set op tents in front of Brandenburger Tor in Berlin
> Berlin 25 October 2012
> German article
> The Voice
> publications/research 21 November 2012
> The trouble with Fortress Europe
> To prevent illegal immigration, the EU has built a set of far-reaching border control and enforcement policies. But it doesn't work: today's 'Fortress Europe' is an inefficient, immoral and costly bureaucratic construction that should be urgently reformed.
> 21 November 2012
> Article on website Opendemocracy
> Mathew Carr/Open Democracy
> campaigns/open letters 21 November 2012
> UK Border Agency calls on councils to ensure 339 individuals are not left homeless
> Councils in the north of England have been forced to provide accommodation for hundreds of asylum seekers because a private company failed to meet its deadline to rehouse them.
> Article on website
> refugeenewsnetwork. (RNN)
> demonstrations 28 November 2012
> (NL-Amsterdam) Refugees plan to resist eviction of camp
> The Mayor of Amsterdam has ordered the eviction of the protest camp of refugees in the western suburb of Amsterdam called Osdorp. A verdict by the court was be announced on Wednesday 28th confirming the eviction. The approximately 100 refugees demonstrating in the camp are determined to stay where they are and face the police force and subsequent detention. They call on all people to witness this show down and show support in a manifestation in front of the camp and on the streets of Amsterdam.
> Amsterdam 28 November 2012
> Website
> We Are Here
> campaigns/open letters 10 December 2012
> Bail for Immigration Detainees
> Bail for Immigration Detainees is an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention in the UK. We work with asylum seekers and migrants, in removal centres and prisons, to secure their release from detention.
> Website
> BiD
> campaigns/open letters 10 December 2012
> ANVB stands for 'Algemene Nederlandse Vreemdelingen Bond'(General Association for Foreigners), a spoof for the association for car owners ANWB. ANVB also indicates where to go...
> Website ANVB
> Kees
> publications/research 10 December 2012
> The moral sadism of the Dutch State
> Desperate to eject some refugees it does not want, the Netherlands is refining the art of radical deprivation. No single step, no single decision, no single action in this process is horrible. Yet the cumulative effect is grotesque.
> 4 December 2012
> Article on openDemocracy
> Markha Valenta
> publications/research 04 January 2013
> Flight & Expulsion
> Based on the annual UNHCR Refugee Report, the application allows views from different perspectives on the extensive dataset, highlighting different aspects. The idea for this visualization originated from a class project on the topic of mapping global tendencies at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences in 2008. The current application's interface was completely rebuilt in late 2009.
> 2009
> Website
> Potsdam University of Applied Sciences
> campaigns/open letters 04 January 2013
> Hunger strike at Refugee Camp Vienna
> Press conference on day 13 of the hunger strike in the Votive Church
> Weblog Refugee Camp
> Press release refugees
> publications/research 04 January 2013
> New video on Canadas 'Refugee Exclusion Act'
> On December 15, 2012, the Refugee Exclusion Act (Bill C-31, formally the "Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act") will be fully implemented. Please watch, and share this video, of past and current immigration detainees and No One Is Illegal - Toronto organizers explaining the impacts of these new laws. Filmed by Liberation Cooperative Organization outside the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre.
> 14 December 2012
> New VideoKey Facts about Detention
> No One is Illegal Toronto
> publications/research 06 January 2013
> Boat Guardia Civil runs over refugees killing 7, survivors start hunger strike
> 16 Survivors from a boat with refugees that was hit by a boat from the Spanish Guardia Civil near Lanzarote on December 13 2012, killing at least 7 refugees, have started a hunger strike
> 06 January 2013
> News (in German) on website FFM
> Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht & Migration
> campaigns/open letters 15 January 2013
> Joke Kaviaar, activist/ publicist, under attack by Dutch state - solidarity needed
> Joke Kaviaar, writer/ poet/ anarchist/activist, had been put on trial by the Dutch state for íncitement against public order'. The charge is based on four articles she wrote and published on het website, in which she strongly criticized the oppression, detention and deportation of migrants/ refugees/ people without papers, and called for active resistance aganist these policies.
> Article on libcom.orgSupport group
> rooieravotr/libcom.org
> campaigns/open letters 29 January 2013
> Solidarity with Fighting Refugees in Choucha / Tunisia
> This blog will provide you with informations and ressources on the protest of refugees from Choucha refugee-camp in Tunisia.
> Chouchaprotest blog
> Blog on Choucha refugee-camp
> publications/research 29 January 2013
> Europe invents the Gypsies
> Social segregation, cultural appropriation: the six-hundred-year history of the European Roma, as recorded in literature and art, represents the underside of the European subject's self-invention as agent of civilizing progress in the world, writes Klaus-Michael Bogdal.
> 24 February 2012
> Article on website
> Klaus-Michael Bogdal/Eurozine
> campaigns/open letters 29 January 2013
> The 1949 Causeway Green ‘riots’ reassessed
> Kevin Searle’s ‘“Mixing of the unmixables”: the 1949 Causeway Green “riots” in Birmingham’ examines a hitherto unknown landmark in British race relations which throws into question standard accounts of postwar immigration.
> Press release IRRChapter in Race & Class
> Kevin Searle/IRR
> publications/research 07 February 2013
> Another critique of the new Immigration Rules’ codification of Article 8
> The Upper Tribunal has concluded that new Immigration Rules do not adequately reflect the Secretary of State’s obligations under Article 8 of the ECHR.
> 4 February 2013
> Article on UKHRblog
> Rosalind English/UK HR Blog
> publications/research 07 February 2013
> Capita gets bigger slice of UK immigration cake, chokes on first bites
> Thousands of migrants received threatening text messages over the Christmas holiday telling them they did not have the right to be in the UK and should leave the country immediately. But many of them reportedly had valid visas, leaves to remain or even British passports. The texts were sent on behalf of the immigration authorities by the outsourcing giant Capita under a new £30 million contract to trace and contact 'overstayers'.
> 25 January 2013
> Article on website
> Corporate Watch
> demonstrations 07 February 2013
> Protest against death of Senegalese immigrant in Athens
> Greeks and immigrants unite in protest in central Athens over the death of Enyay Babakar, a Senegalese immigrant who died while fleeing police over selling goods without a permit.
> 05 February 2013
> Pictures
> Marcos Andronicou/Demotix
> publications/research 07 February 2013
> No-Go Zones: Map Will Detail Germany's Neo-Nazi Hotspots
> A German nonprofit organization is set to launch an interactive map that will show where neo-Nazi activities are concentrated across the country. Designed as a research tool, it also has relevance for the broader public, who may use it in a manner similar to crime map websites.
> 29 January 2013
> Article on website Der Spiegel
> Der Spiegel
> demonstrations 14 March 2013
> Demonstration against the role of the German secret service (Verfassungsschutz) in the DSU-scandal
> On April 17 the court case against the underground neo-nazi-group NSU will start in Munich. This group was involved in 10 murders of 'foreigners'. Failure of the secret service to stop this killing spree suggests involvement...
> Munic 13 April 2013
> More on website RAV
> publications/research 28 March 2013
> Shadow Lives The Forgotten Women of the War on Terror
> New book by Victoria Brittain - Shadow Lives reveals the unseen side of the '9/11 wars': their impact on the wives and families of men incarcerated in Guantanamo, or in prison or under house arrest in Britain and the US. Victoria Brittain shows how these families have been made socially invisible and a convenient scapegoat for the state in order to exercise arbitrary powers under the cover of the 'War on Terror'.
> 21 March 2013
> Announcement on website Campacc
> campacc
> publications/research 11 April 2013
> Europe's forced returnees claim abuse
> Cases of excessive force being used to remove rejected asylum seekers have been documented in a number of European countries.
> 10 April 2013
> Article on irinnews.org
> IRIN-Africa
> publications/research 11 April 2013
> The second phase of the Common European Asylum System: A brave new world – or lipstick on a pig?
> Several years ago, the EU set itself the deadline of 2010 – later postponed to 2012 - for completing the second phase of the Common European asylum System (CEAS). Near the end of March 2013, the European Parliament (EP) and the Council (the Member States’ interior ministers) finally agreed upon the texts of the two remaining legislative measures to this end. No further EU measures on asylum (other than a revision of the current European Refugee Fund) are currently under discussion or planned for the time being. So the recently agreed rules will likel y govern the issue of asylum in the EU for a number of years to come.
> 8 April 2013
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Steve Peers/statewatch
> demonstrations 11 April 2013
> Call to demonstration against German Secret Service (Verfassungsschutz)
> Demonstration against the role of the German Secret Service in the so called NSU-scandal, a neo-nazi gang that murdered 10 persons.
> Munic 17 March 2013
> Press release RAW
> publications/research 15 April 2013
> Era of the digital mercenaries
> This year’s “Enemies of the Internet” report is focusing on surveillance – all the monitoring and spying that is carried out in order to control dissidents and prevent the dissemination of sensitive information, activities designed to shore up governments and head off potential destabilization.
> 12 march 2013
> Announcement on website RSFReport Enemies of the Internet (pdf)
> Reporters without Borders
> publications/research 28 April 2013
> Shocking testimony from the Police Station of Drapetsona
> I feel totally obliged to speak about the things I witnessed with my very own eyes at the Police Station of Drapetsona, a close-to- the city- port neighborhood in Piraeus. I really have no idea of how I could possibly help my fellow men and so I expect each one of you to contribute to this by making widely known what I saw:
> 26 April 2013
> Letter on europolice blog
> Europolice
> meetings/conferences 28 April 2013
> Conference on the rights of refugees and migrants
> Der Fremde als Feind? Heimatlos, Ausgegrenzt (The Foreigner as enemy? Without country, expulsed) Conference on May 4, Berlin
> 19 April 2013
> publications/research 28 April 2013
> European police to gain access to visa database
> Europol and national law enforcement authorities look likely to obtain access to asylum seekers' and irregular migrants' fingerprints held in the Eurodac database, following approval from the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee. Meanwhile, the Council is also looking to give effect to powers that provide access to the Visa Information System (VIS) for Europol and national law enforcement authorities.
> 26 April 2013
> Article on Statewatch website
> Statewatch News Online
> campaigns/open letters 29 April 2013
> Launching Big Brother Awards (Belgium)
> On May 30th the Big Brother Award will be announced, voting has started on 8 candidates.
> WebsiteAnnouncement at datapanik.org (Dutch)
> demonstrations 14 May 2013
> (NL)Don't let the thirststrikers die!
> Illegalised migrants, locked up in jails near the airports of Schiphol and Rotterdam, have gone into hungerstrike (and in some cases thirststrikes too) to protest their lail conditioans and demand freedom.
> 8 May 2013
> Translation of Dutch article into EnglishWebsite with more news (in Dutch mainly)
> noborder
> publications/research 20 June 2013
> Europe’s pariah state? the future of human rights in Britain
> With nativism, racism and fascism on the rise throughout Europe, informing government policies towards migrants and other unpopular minorities as well as popular right-wing, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-Roma movements, the European system of human rights is vital. But, since taking office in September 2012, Conservative justice minister Chris Grayling has made no secret of his desire to get rid of the Human Rights Act and to ‘dramatically curtail’ the role of the European Court of Human Rights in the UK.
> 2 May 2013
> Briefing Paper on website
> Institute of Race relations
> campaigns/open letters 20 June 2013
> A World Refugee Day ... for refugees the European Union still does not want to accept - Joint Appeal
> On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, AEDH and its members issue a joint appeal expressing their disappointement with the minimum reform to the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) and the urge for a European Union showing solidarity and offering a dignified reception to the refugees who ask for our help.
> Appeal on website AEDH
> campaigns/open letters 20 June 2013
> Somali communities targeted by UK 'counter-terror' measures: the need for solidarity
> In the mass media Somalia has become a synonym for war, disorder, terrorism and piracy. The country has been a focus for covert US-led 'counter-terror' operations. Even less well known is that many Somalis in the UK have been persecuted under 'anti-terror' powers. Moreover, MI5 has intimidated numerous individuals to act as informers on their community.
> Announcement on websiteBriefing paper (pdf)
> publications/research 11 July 2013
> Access to justice for undocumented migrants: new PICUM report explains how to engage with legal systems
> PICUM's new report "Using Legal Strategies to Enforce Undocumented Migrants' Human Rights" outlines ways for advocates of undocumented migrants to engage with legal systems on both national and international levels. The report is a practical guide to mechanisms within the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations that advocates can use to enforce undocumented migrants' fundamental rights and to fight impunity. The report is the outcome of a discussion amongst representatives from key monitoring bodies, legal experts, and frontline service providers at PICUM's Annual Workshop in June 2012.
> 25 June 2013
> Announcement on website
> campaigns/open letters 23 July 2013
> The city at a time of crisis: Mapping racist attacks in Athens
> The team behind the research project The City at a Time of Crisis, which aims to "trace and research the effects of the ongoing financial crisis on urban public spaces in Athens," recently launched a map to document racist attacks in the city. Statewatch spoke to Jaya Klara Brekke from the group to find out more.
> Interview with the makers of the projectWebsite
> Statewatch news Online
> publications/research 23 July 2013
> 'Left to Die'-boat case, testimony of Dan heile Gebre
> On April 2011, 63 migrants died in a boat in the waters off the coast of Libya. Military forces of several states were present in Libyan waters at that time. They received migrants' SOS. But no one assisted them. Dan Heile Gebre testifies.
> 11 April 2012
> Online video
> Communication Department FIDH Communication Department FIDH
> publications/research 23 July 2013
> The darker side of the Mediterranean sea: photos from the frontline of migration to Europe
> Photojournalist Giorgos Moutafis has been documenting the arrivals of migrants and refugees to the Greek islands. Here he tells the stories behind some of his pictures, which also appear in our new campaign briefing
> July 2013
> Article and pictures
> Amnesty International
> campaigns/open letters 23 July 2013
> Political surveillance cannot be justified – Netpol statement on Police Spying.
> Recent revelations about undercover policing have shown that a number of legal and political campaigns and organisations, including the Newham Monitoring Group, a partner organisation in Netpol, have been subject to covert surveillance operations. While the police are keen to dismiss criticism as being merely an historic issue, applying to a bygone era, Netpol sees no reason to believe that things have improved in recent years. The covert policing of dissent still lacks any effective internal accountability mechanism or means of independent/public scrutiny.
> Article on website
> Netpol
> demonstrations 14 August 2013
> Join Voices from the borders!
> From the 2nd to the 24th of August 2013 we will travel along the North Sea coast from the Netherlands to Belgium and France for a mobile networking and research project around the situation of migrants at the closed British border.
> 12 August 2013
> More information
> noborder.nl
> demonstrations 14 August 2013
> Callout for Organizing the Non-citizens' Protestmarch to Munich
> After the protest of the hungerstriking NC's at Rindermarkt, the violent eviction by the police and in view of the fact that none of the demands of the protesters were met, the NC's will continue their protests. So, the protesters from Rindermarkt, which are definitely not going to go back to the camps, jointly decided to walk in the form of two protest marches to Munich through Bavaria, to inform as many NC's as possible and to give the opportunity to participate in this protest to those who also want to do something about these conditions.
> 29 July 2013
> Website
> Refugee tent Action
> publications/research 24 August 2013
> Wellcome to Europe
> w2eu.info provides contacts and counselling to refugees and migrants on their way. At the outer borders of Europe, people are refused entry, they are imprisoned and deported. Nevertheless people are coming. w2eu.info is supporting you who come to Europe in your struggle for a better life.
> August 2013
> Website
> W2EU
> publications/research 24 August 2013
> Media coverage of protests at G4S AGM 2013
> Here is a selection of the media coverage that the actions at the G4S AGM have generated
> August 2013
> Links on website
> Stop G4S
> campaigns/open letters 19 October 2013
> Open letter by the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ to the senate of Hamburg and a renewal of our offer for talks
> We, members of the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“, do not hide our identity, but the European governments themselves are hiding from their responsibility and refuse to face the reality.
> Open letterBackground story at Statewatch News
> Lampedusa in Hamburg
> campaigns/open letters 19 October 2013
> France: « Stop the expulsions ! »
> The French League for Human rights welcomes and supports the mobilization of the students that are demonstrating today in France to support Leonarda Dibrani and Khatchik Kachatryan. These young girls have been expelled from France to Kosovo and Armenia.
> Short intro and link to press release