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> campaigns/open letters 11 November 2005
> Refugees in Germany demand right to free movement
> Cornelius Yufanyi, a refugee from Cameroon and member of the human rights organisation The Voice Refugee Forum is threatened with imprisonment for having violated the travel restriction regulation imposed on asylum seekers in Germany. The refugee and human rights group is demanding an end to the proceedings and asking for support in their fax campaign to demand the right to free movement and an end to exceptional laws for foreigners in Germany.
> The Voice Refugee Forum
> The Voice Refugee Forum
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Associação Contra a Exclusão pelo Desenvolvimento
> Observatory on prisons and civil rights
> Portugal 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Bürgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP
> Covers civil liberties and policing and is based at the Free University of Berlin, founded in 1975
> Germany 
> CILIP website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Esculca
> Observatory on civil rights and liberties based in Galicia
> Spain 
> Esculca website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (EALDH)
> A democratic confederation of diverse national associations of democratic lawyers
> Europe 
> EALDH website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> European Race Audit
> Part of the Institute of Race Relations, based in London, founded in 1956
> UK 
> IRR website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Hellenic League for Human Rights
> Founded in 1953
> Greece 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Humanistische Union
> Founded in 1961, Germany's oldest civil liberties organisation
> Germany 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Mugak
> Covers immigration, racism and xenophobia, based in the Basque country
> Spain 
> Mugak website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Papillon
> Cultural organisation and news service run for and by prisoners
> Italy 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Statewatch
> Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe
> UK 
> Statewatch website
> demonstrations 11 November 2005
> Campsfield: 12 years too long
> Demonstration marking 12 years of immigration detention at Campsfield
> Campsfield, Oxfordshire 26 November 2005
> posterClose Campsfield website
> Close Campsfield campaign
> campaigns/open letters 21 November 2005
> Save Omar - Justice for Omar Deghayes
> Along with an estimated 210 other detainees in Guantánamo Bay, Omar is on hunger strike asking for enforcement of the Geneva Conventions.
> Save Omar websiteCage prisoners website
> Save Omar campaign
> campaigns/open letters 15 December 2005
> Open letter to Mr. A. Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus Amendments to the Criminal Code /Serious infringements to freedom of association and expression
> On 8 December 2005, the Belarusian Criminal Code was amended. Human rights groups warn these amendments constitute violations of international and regional standards of freedom of expression and association. Civil liberties groups fear that human rights defenders be particularly targeted, since most independent human rights NGOs were forbidden during the past three years. The partitipation in "mass activities" is also criminalised and "people suspected of terrorism or vandalism may be detained for ten days before being charged".
> Open letter
> International Federation for Human Rights
> publications/research 21 December 2005
> Mujeres, Integración y Prisión
> Research project carried out by partner organisations in Spain, Italy, England and Wales, Germany, France and Hungary. Country reports, comparative analysis and policy recommendations concerning the situation of women in prison and integration. Available from marta@surt.org .
> Barcelona June 2005
> Book presentation eventSURT Asociació de Dones per a la Reinserció Laboral
> SURT - Marta Cruells & Noelia Igareda
> campaigns/open letters 29 December 2005
> Refugee threatened with imprisonment for resisting travel restrictions in Germany
> The German self-organised refugee group The Voice and the Göttinger Arbeitskreis zur Unterstützung von Asylsuchenden e.V. is asking support for the campaign to stop the imprisonment of Cornelius Yufanyi for fighting for his right to free movement.
> FAX Campaign for Cornelius Yufanyi !!!Press releaseThe Voice e.V.
> The Voice Refugee Forum e.V.
> demonstrations 03 January 2006
> Justice for the British Residents in Guantanamo Bay - Bring them home - Support the Hunger Strikers - Shut down all illegal US jails
> Assemble 12 noon, Tothill Street, London (nearest tube St James Park). March via Downing Street to the American Embassy in Grovesnor Square.
> London, UK 21 January 2006
> Save Omar website
> The Save Omar Deghayes campaign, The Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign, The Manchester Guantanamo and Belmarsh Campaign
> meetings/conferences 13 January 2006
> Jornadas sobre la prevención de la tortura, la implantación del protocolo facultativo contra la tortura Y LAS RECOMENDACIONES DEL RELATOR DE LA ONU
> Initiative against torture, with workshops on incommunicado detention, the role of the courts, media and civil society, and mechanisms to combat torture, in the framework of an ongoing campaign for the implementation of the optional protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture
> Barcelona (Spain) 3-4 February 2006
> Jornadas sobre la prevención de la torturaCoordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> meetings/conferences 23 January 2006
> Crime and punishment in a market society: how just is the criminal justice system?
> In her speech Vivien Stern will argue that "Criminal punishment has penetrated deeply into social policy and is being used disproportionately against the poor. With the entry of the free market into the delivery of punishment the possibilities for expanding the control of people seen as risky is limitless. This will not produce the safer society we all seek." [1-2pm, free of charge, no need to register in advance. Please arrive early]
> Somerset House, London 9 February 2006
> BIHR lunchtime lectures
> Vivien Stern, British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR)
> campaigns/open letters 23 January 2006
> Manneken Pis dressed as "Prisoner for Peace": demands release of prisoners
> Around the world many men and women are in prison for various anti-militarist actions, including conscientious objection, disarmament actions, and nuclear whistle-blowing. For Mother Earth, member of Friends of the Earth international, has dressed the famous Belgian landmark "Manneken Pis" in a traditional prisoner costume, to draw attention to the "Prisoners for Peace", and to demand their release.
> Press releaseFor Mother Earth
> For Mother Earth
> campaigns/open letters 23 January 2006
> Fermiamo lo stralcio Giovanardi!
> Urgent appeal to oppose the Italian government's attempt to pass a new law on drugs that threatens to criminalise and introduce heavy sanctions for all drug users. The appeal is open for signature at: cartellodipendenze@cnca.it
> Fermiamo lo stralcio Giovanardi!FuoriluogoDroghe, arriva la legge, fermiamo il ministro (F. Corleone)
> Fuoriluogo
> meetings/conferences 06 February 2006
> Jornadas de Bilbao sobre las recomedaciones del relator de la ONU
> Meeting organised in the context of the campaign for the ratification and adoption of the optional protocol to the UN Convention on Torture, with the former UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Theo van Boven
> Bilbao 6 February 2006
> Jornadas de Bilbao sobre las recomendaciones de Relator de la ONUCoordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> meetings/conferences 06 February 2006
> Jornadas de Madrid sobre las recomenaciones del Relator de la ONU
> Meeting organised in the context of the campaign for the ratification and adoption of the optional protocol to the UN Convention on Torture in Spain and Portugal, with the former UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Theo van Boven
> Madrid 8 February 2006
> Jornadas de Madrid sobre las recomenaciones del Relator de la ONUCoordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordenadora para la prevención de la tortura
> campaigns/open letters 09 February 2006
> Comunicado final de las jornadas contra la tortura.
> Final statement of a conference against torture organised to support the implementation of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against torture, which highlights the failure by Spain to implement recommendations made by UN Rapporteurs on Torture.
> Comunicado final de la coordinadora para la prevención de la torturaCoordinadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordinadora para la prevención de la tortura
> publications/research 21 February 2006
> Updated map of detention camps for foreigners in Europe and Mediterranean countries
> Migreurop, an association of individuals, NGOs and academics from different EU and North African countries, has published an updated version of the map on detention camps for foreigners in European and Mediterranean countries that it produced in July 2004.
> February 2005
> Map - English versionMap - French versionMireurop: Camps en Europe et ailleurs
> Migreurop
> meetings/conferences 01 March 2006
> Is it time to repeal the antiterrorism laws?
> Speakers: Michael Mansfield QC from Tooks Chambers and Gareth Pierce from Birnberg Pierce Solicitors, Solicitor for Moazzam Begg
> Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2 9th March 2006
> Flyer
> Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers in association with Tooks Chambers
> demonstrations 10 March 2006
> Invitation to join in first annual international action against immigration detention
> To all organisations and individuals opposed to the detention of refugees and other migrants. You are invited to participate in a period of actions against immigration detention in countries around the world in April 2006 including the weekend of 15-16 April. The aim is to spread opposition to detention; create contacts between anti-detention groups in different countries; move towards a more prepared and larger second period of international anti detention actions in April 2007. Please send updates and details on events or actions to barbedwirebritain.org.uk
> Worldwide April 2006
> Barbed-wire Britain website
> UK and Australian anti-detention and refugee rights groups
> publications/research 17 March 2006
> The Road to Guantanamo
> The Road to Guantanamo is a feature-length factual drama based on first hand interviews with the Tipton Three, the three male British prisoners released in the spring of last year from Guantanamo Bay.
> UK 2006
> More information/download movie (from Tiscali)
> Michael Winterbottom (Director)
> meetings/conferences 26 March 2006
> The Regulation of migration, asylum and movement in the "new Europe" - call for papers
> The impact of the 2004 Madrid and 2005 London bombings brought a new and fiercely regulatory extension to the movement of people in the context of the ‘war on terror’. Other events, such as the assassination of the film director Van Gogh in the Netherlands or the riots at the suburbs of Paris, brought up new questions about immigration policies and models of integration in Europe. Ironically, these policies and models have consolidated at the very time that the European Union is going through unprecedented expansion to include member states from the former Eastern bloc. In turn, expansion has revived theoretical and political debates about ‘old’ and ‘new’ immigration and modes of social control or conflict.
> Corinth, Peloponnese, Greece 31 August - 3 September 2006
> Call for papers
> 34th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
> demonstrations 29 March 2006
> V Marcha a la macrocárcel de Zuera
> The fifth March to oppose 'macro-prisons' and plans by the government to build more prisons. Zuera prison is one such 'macro-prison', and is the prison where the most deaths (13) have occurred in Spain in the year that has passed since the last march in April 2005.
> Zaragoza - Zuera (Aragón, Spain) 1 April 2006
> V Marcha a la macrocárcel de ZueraAPDHA
> Iniciativa Ciudadana Contra las Macrocárceles
> demonstrations 31 March 2006
> Demonstation against racist state violence, cover up and impunity
> Can a person burn himself to death while tied at his hands and feet? How is it possible that a person in a so-called security area of a jail cell burns alive and the causes as to his death remain unclear for over a year? Why did the responsible police officer turn off the acoustic surveillance?
> Central train station, Dessau, Germany 1 April 2006 (13:00)
> Mobilisation update
> The VOICE Refugee Forum
> meetings/conferences 31 March 2006
> 5th Annual Stop the War Conference
> The conference will debate resolutions and elect Stop the War's national Steering Committee. In addition there will be a number of workshops covering topics including: Iraq Today: Towards Democracy of Civil War?; Why Iran is Under Threat?; Where Now for Palestine?; Latin America – the Next Target?; The Forgotten Wars in Africa; Civil Liberties and Guantanamo; Islamophobia and the Anti-War Movement; Military Families Against the War. Only Stop the War local and affiliated groups (which have re-affiliated) will be able to send delegates.
> Friends House, Euston Road, London 10 June 2006
> Stop the war - get involved
> Stop the War Coalition
> campaigns/open letters 10 April 2006
> No Fortress Europe
> Online petition in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Greek that seeks the closure of some 178 temporary holding centres for migrants in the European Union and neighbouring countries.
> No Fortress Europe campaign
> European United Left & Nordic Green Left
> publications/research 20 April 2006
> Enemy Combatant: A British Muslim's Journey to Guantanamo and Back
> Moazzam Begg was one of the president's "bad people". He has now emerged from three years' incarceration - without rights - to describe how a middle-class Muslim from Birmingham, who was educated at a Jewish school, came to be abducted by the US in Pakistan, transported to Afghanistan and eventually held in solitary confinement in Guantanamo. His tortuous journey brought him into contact with a motley crew of fellow detainees, guards, interrogators and officials, often vividly depicted. The humour and warmth are striking against the background of the treatment to which he was subjected and the punishment (and even killing) of others, to which he was witness.
> March 2004
> Extract (from Open democracy)Review (Phillipe Sands, Guardian)Order (Amazon)
> Moazzam Begg and Victoria Brittain, Free Press
> campaigns/open letters 19 May 2006
> Torture is un-American
> Petition to Condoleezza Rice: "Torture. Government kidnapping. Indefinite detention... These are not ideas we associate with the United States of America. They do not represent who we are as Americans. By promoting and condoning these practices in our military and intelligence forces, your administration has broken faith with the American values of freedom and fairness..."
> ACLU petition
> publications/research 19 May 2006
> Statewatch observatory on "rendition"
> The Observatory includes extensive documentation with the full-text of 173 documents submitted so far to the ongoing European Parliament inquiry (TDIP) into these matters - many of them published for the first time. Among the documents are detailed submissions on the inquiries in Italy (the Milan abduction), Spain (rendition flights), Canada (the Meher Arar public inquiry) and Ireland (the use of Shannon airport) as well as submissions from 26 national parliaments in Europe. Also included are reports issued by the European Parliament, Council of Europe and NGOs.
> May 2006
> Statewatch observatory
> Statewatch
> meetings/conferences 21 May 2006
> Dutch Social Forum
> Following the World Social Forum and the European Social Forum, the Dutch Social Forum is an open meeting place for the exchange of ideas, the creation and the strengthening of networks and a breeding ground for action. The DSF aims to unite as many people as possible who want to work on a different world, and a different Holland.
> Nijmegen. 21/05/2006
> DSF website
> campaigns/open letters 23 May 2006
> Ante la ratificación del Protocolo Facultativo a la Convención de las Naciones Unidas contra la Tortura
> Statement issued in response to Spain's ratification of the optional protocol to the UN Convention against Torture by a coalition of 41 civil society groups campaigning for the erradication of torture. The implementation of the protocol, they say, must be effective as a mechanism to prevent torture, rather than remaining a mere declaration of good intentions.
> Statement by the coordinadora para la prevención de la torturaCoordinadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordinadora para la prevención de la Tortura
> campaigns/open letters 31 May 2006
> No place for a Child - Stop Detaining Children Now
> The UK government currently detains more than 2,000 children, including babies, in immigration detention centres every year. That's equivalent to the number of pupils at a large inner-city secondary school. These children have not committed any crime but are held behind locked doors and high barbed wire fences. Five years ago it was rare for families and children to be detained for immigration purposes. Now, members of the No Place for a Child coalition have documented detentions lasting anything from 7 to 268 days. Detaining these children is wrong - regardless of the merits of a family’s asylum case. Push the Home Secretary to stop detaining children now and to trial better alternatives.
> Campaign website
> No Place for a Child coalition
> publications/research 01 June 2006
> Informe sobre tortura en el Estado español 2005
> Annual report concerning instances of torture or abuses perpetrated by police, security or prison officers published by a coalition of 41 organisations campaigning for the erradication of torture. It documents 288 cases involving 598 complainants from all over Spain.
> Sevilla May 2006
> Informe sobre tortura en el Estado español 2005Coordinadora para la prevención de la tortura
> Coordinadora para la prevención de la tortura
> campaigns/open letters 02 June 2006
> Documento dei detenuti in sciopero della fame
> Statement by prisoners on hunger strike in Trento prison to protest against "conditions that offend human dignity", including unhygienic conditions, inedible food, lack of access to alternative reinsertion schemes for drug addicts, lack of medical treatment. "Us detainees have made mistakes but we are human".
> Documento dei detenuti in sciopero della fameAssociazione Culturale Papillon Rebibbia
> Associazione Culturale Papillon Rebibbia
> campaigns/open letters 03 June 2006
> National Guantanamo Coalition Website
> A new website to campaign for the end of detention without trial and the closure of Guantanamo Bay has been created by the Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign, Justice for Omar Deghayes Campaign (Brighton), London Guantanamo Campaign and the Manchester Guantanamo & Belmarsh Campaign.
> Campaign website
> various UK campaigns
> demonstrations 08 June 2006
> Emergency Demonstration: Breaking the Spider¹s Web - End torture flights; Properly investigate the allegations
> Liberty is demanding an independent inquiry into UK assistance with CIA "torture flights" in light of the damning Council of Europe report released on the 7th June. The report concludes that CIA flights carrying terror suspects likely to face torture have been given access to UK airspace and airports. It states that there is a "spider's web" of rendition flights spun across the globe by the CIA. Since November 2005, Liberty has warned the Government that the UK will breach domestic and international law if CIA ³extraordinary rendition flights have been allowed to land and re-fuel in Britain. In response to the new findings, Liberty and Reprieve are holding an emergency demonstration to demand an end to torture flights on 25 June, the eve of the United Nations Day Against Torture. Please wear black...
> United States Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, W1 Sunday 25th June, 12 noon
> Liberty: renditionCoE reportCoE ''spider’s web'' map
> Liberty
> publications/research 29 June 2006
> BEHATOKIA Bulletin
> Contents: Penitentiary policy claims more lives; Torture; New moves to prevent release of Basque prisoners; Statement from Atenco women prisoners ; Opinion: Will the Spanish state finally fulfil its international commitments to human rights?
> June 2006
> Full contentsPDF version
> Basque Observatory for Human Rights
> campaigns/open letters 29 June 2006
> International Coalition on the Detention of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants
> The International Detention Coalition aims to raise awareness of detention policies and practices and to promote the use of international and regional human rights standards and principles as they relate to the detention of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.
> Coalition website
> Over 100 groups in 36 countries
> meetings/conferences 29 June 2006
> Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror
> How should we respond to the attacks on our civil rights, refugee rights and our multicultural society - carried out in the name of national security? Join leading campaigners, lawyers and thinkers in debating how we can defend our liberties and our communities... Panel discussions: The impact of anti-terror powers in the UK; The attack on multiculturalism; Detention and incarceration; Combating racial violence; Civil liberties: the racial dimension; Liberty and the global war on terror; Campaigning against deportations; Defending international conventions
> Conway Hall, Central London 16 September 2006
> Programme and booking information
> Institute of Race Relations
> publications/research 12 August 2006
> Informationen
> This monthly newsletter of the German civil liberties organisation includes a survey of the world cup and the infringement of civil rights it brought about: excessive data collection, systematic surveillance, preventative arrests, repressive police tactics and the planned increase of law enforcement powers are highlighted.
> July 2006
> Download newsletterHome page
> Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie
> campaigns/open letters 24 August 2006
> Kurdish Asylum Seekers from Iraq are in danger of deportation
> We call for all humanitarian organisations and refugee rights organisations to support the Kurdish asylum seekers from Iraq and the efforts to stop their deportation. We ask you to support the campaign Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq and oppose the underhand methods being used by the Home Office to pressure large numbers of Iraqi Kurds to return to Iraq / South Kurdistan via the so-called “voluntary returns” scheme.
> Stop Deportations to Iraq
> Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq
> publications/research 31 August 2006
> Libro Bianco: I Centri di Permanenza Temporanea e Assistenza in Italia
> An in-depth study concerning the policy and practice of holding migrants in detention centres in Italy, which looks at the legal framework, the experiences of migrants, accounts of the situation in the different detention centres, the costs of this practice that is described "a waste of resources", and an assessment of Italy's immigration policy and related violations of human rights. Also features a number of interviews with personalities who are active in this field.
> Roma 18 July 2006
> Libro Bianco: I Centri di Permanenza Temporanea e Assistenza in Italia (click on 'Indice' to access contents)Comitato per i Diritti Umani
> Comitato per i Diritti Umani
> publications/research 03 October 2006
> Behatokia Bulletin
> Contents include: editor of Basque newspaper arrested and held incommunicado; Amnesty International says human rights must play a central role in peace talks; Basque ombudsman criticises regional government's interior affairs department for concealing evidence;freedom of speech.
> August 2006
> Behatokia bulletin(pdf version)Basque Observatory for Human Rights
> Basque Observatory for Human Rights
> campaigns/open letters 03 October 2006
> Amnesty International UK appeal: Risk of torture if returned to Algeria
> On 24 August the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) dismissed the appeal of an Algerian man against his deportation on national security grounds. If returned, he is likely to be taken into the custody of Algeria’s “Military Security”, an intelligence agency officially known as the Department for Information and Security (DRS). It specializes in interrogating people thought to possess information about terrorist activities, and is widely known to practice torture and other ill-treatment. The risk of torture faced by individuals who are arrested by the DRS has been extensively documented by AI. Please write, calling on the UK authorities not to return “Y” to Algeria. Urge them to rescind the deportation order against him and release him immediately, unless he is charged with a recognizably criminal offence and given a prompt and fair trial.
> Appeal
> Amnesty International - Worldwide Appeal
> publications/research 03 October 2006
> Esculca bulletin, n.14
> Esculca's bulletin looks at the legal situation of migrant women employed as housemaids in conditions of "modern slavery", focuses on freedom of information and access to documents, analyses abuses in the war on terror with special emphasis on renditions and the philosophical framework behind illegal practices, and provides a round-up of civil liberties issues in Galicia.
> Galicia September 2006
> Esculca bulletinEsculca
> Esculca, Observatório para a Defensa dos Direitos e Liberdades
> meetings/conferences 06 January 2007
> The European Constitution - Critiques and Alternatives
> Germany has taken on the EU presidency for the first half of 2007 and has announced to push for ratification of the EU Constitution by the end of 2008 (during the French presidency). Attac Germany is holding an international conference to discuss its ideas about an alternative constitution and define its content in a common statement. Discussion blocks will include: debates on what a constitution should contain, democratic participation in EU institutions and neoliberalism in relation to basic rights and economic and social policy. For more information contact Regina Viotto, regina.viotto (at) uni-bielefeld.de
> Hanover, Germany 23-24 June 2007
> Conference announcement, Attac-GermanyEALDH
> Attac-Germany & EALDH
> campaigns/open letters 10 January 2007
> Request for convicting Rumsfeld et al. for war crimes
> On 14 November 2006, four Iraqi torture victims lodged a criminal complaint with the “Generalbundesanwalt” in Karlsruhe, Germany. The criminal complaint is a request for the German Federal Prosecutor to open an investigation and, ultimately, a criminal prosecution that will look into the responsibility of high-ranking U.S. officials for authorizing war crimes in the context of the so-called “War on Terror.” The complaint is brought on behalf of 12 torture victims – 12 Iraqi citizens who were held at Abu Ghraib prison and one Guantánamo detainee – and is being filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the Republican Attorneys' Association (RAV) and others, all represented by Berlin Attorney Wolfgang Kaleck.
> Background info on CCR websiteRAVTrial Watch
> meetings/conferences 12 January 2007
> World Social Forum 2007
> The 7th World Social Forum (WSF) will be held from 20 until 25 January 2007 at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani, Nairobi and is expected to host up to 150,000 delegates from all over the world. Over 1,000 activities will take place in the 106 spaces provided at the venue. Rallying around the call of Another World Is Possible, the World Social Forum has placed social justice, international solidarity, gender equality, peace and defence of the environment on the agenda of the world’s peoples. From its modest origins in Porto Alegre in the year 2001, to Mumbai, Bamako, Caracas, Karachi and now Nairobi, the forces and the contingents of the World Social Forum have collectively expanded the democratic spaces of those seeking concrete, sustainable and progressive alternatives to neo-liberalism and imperialist globalisation.
> Nairobi 20/01/2007
> WSF website
> publications/research 01 February 2007
> Informe sobre la situación de los derechos humanos en Córdoba 2006
> This report on the human rights situation in Córdoba in 2006 focuses on issues including the social exclusion affecting around 8,600 households, the city's prison, which has the national record for deaths in custody (41 between 2001 and 2005) and the lack of assistance for AIDS sufferers. The report's subtitle is indicative: "We are responsible for keeping our eyes open in a world of blind people".
> Córdoba 10 December 2006
> Informe sobre la situación de los derechos humanos en Córdoba 2006 (Spanish)Asociación pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía (APDHA) website
> Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía - Córdoba
> publications/research 02 February 2007
> Esculca Bulletin, n.15, December 2006
> This issue presents proposals to improve the situation of AIDS sufferers in prisons and illustrates the observatory’s activities to celebrate the anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights and to promote programmes for young offenders in Teixero prison. It reports a number of incidents in Galician prisons, allegations of illegal arrest and torture made by detained demonstrators in Compostela, the reform of the penal regime for children, and the “opaque” way in which the Spanish candidate for the UN Subcommittee of the Optional Protocol to the Torture Convention was chosen, as well as criticising the choice. In-depth analyses of State-Church relations (from a legal viewpoint) and of the political exclusion of detainees are featured, as is the text of the International Covenant on civil and political rights, as part of Esculca’s efforts to make key human rights texts available in Galician.
> Galicia 13 December 2006
> Esculca Bulletin, n.15Esculca website
> Esculca, Observatório para a defensa dos direitos e libertades
> campaigns/open letters 02 February 2007
> Placement des mineurs migrants en centre de retention: une atteinte intolerable aux droits de l’enfant
> Statement criticising the detention of migrant children in closed centres in the EU, which offers an interesting overview, noting that there are three categories of states: those that expressly allow the detention of migrant children (Netherlands and Belgium), those that explicitly prohibit it (Finland, Ireland, Italy) although practices sometimes contravene the theory, and hybrid regimes (such as France or the UK). AEDH calls for the detention of migrant children arriving on European territory to be categorically forbidden. The statement mentions a case heard by the ECtHR, which ruled against Belgium on 12 October 2006 in a case involving the detention and expulsion to Kinshasa in 2002 of a 5-year-old Congolese child travelling through Belgium en route to Canada, where she was meant to rejoin her mother, a refugee (Mubilanzila Mayeke and Kaniki Mitunga vs. Belgium). A press conference on 21 December was accompanied by the lodging of two lawsuits, one calling for the release of all children detained in Belgium, and another accusing the interior ministry of contravening norms on obligatory schooling, and the prohibitions of arbitrary detention and inhuman and degrading treatment, by detaining children.
> Placement des mineurs migrants en centre de retention: une atteinte intolerable aux droits de l’enfant (French)AEDH website
> AEDH, Association européenne pour la défense des droits de l’homme
> demonstrations 13 February 2007
> Towards the repeal of Bossi-Fini Law. National demonstration in Bologna.
> Towards the repeal of Bossi-Fini Law. First step: the closure of all detention centres. Struggles against detention centres have started in 1998 and stayed at the top of the movements’ agenda. Many hoped that Prodi’s government would start to change politics in migration flows management, unfortunately it did not. There are no signs of a reform of the Bossi-Fini Law and detention centres will not be abolished, they are even extending to EU borderline countries, where migrants pass through in their journey to Europe. The left wing government continued agreements by Berlusconi with Libya and cooperation with Spain, Senegal and Malta in the military surveillance of Western and Northern Africa. In Bologna, movements have been opposing ethnic jails, invaded and dismantled them. They supported migrants and they attacked businesses involved in detention-deportation chain. This is why we propose to come together for a demonstration on 3 March in Bologna to oppose the exploitation of migrants. In the name of a different Europe, where every woman and man have the right to live freely and independently from nationality, we wish to build a mobilisation that forces governments to close all detention centres, our century’s concentration camp.
> Bologna, Italy, 3 March 2007
> English call out
> Teatro Polivalente Occupato (TPO), Bologna
> publications/research 24 May 2007
> UK: racism and the state 2007
> On 16 September 2006, the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) held a unique conference in London on ‘Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror’, attended by over 250 participants, including human rights activists, community workers, lawyers, students, radical academics and solidarity groups. The April 2007 edition of the IRR journal Race & Class features extracts from the pioneering conference, including speeches and talks by Gareth Peirce, A. Sivanandan, Salma Yaqoob, Tony Bunyan, David Rose, Victoria Brittain and Herman Ouseley. Together with a range of other contributors from community organisations around the UK, they dissect the recent media attacks on multiculturalism and document the impact of the ‘war on terror’, both on local communities and internationally.
> April 2007
> Institute of Race Relations
> Race & Class - conference special
> meetings/conferences 24 May 2007
> Guantanamo Bay – Close it down now
> Speakers: Moazzam Begg, captured in Pakistan and imprisoned by the US government on Guantanamo for over three years, author Enemy Combatant, an account of his experiences at Guantanamo Sadat Sayeed, barrister, Garden Court Chambers, Visiting Fellow at the Center for Constitutional Rights, New York
> South Bank University London 24 May 2007
> FlyerHaldane Society
> Haldane Society Human Rights Lecture Series
> publications/research 27 May 2007
> La Tortura en el Estado español en el año 2006
> The 2006 annual report on torture in the Spanish state was presented in Santiago de Compostela on 12 May 2007. It features details of 610 reports of torture arising from 266 different situations in 2006, and a follow-up of claims from previous years (over 4,000 in five years), and details from reports produced by international bodies that criticise the persistence of this problem in Spain. It features a breakdown of where the reported events took place (led by Catalunya and Galicia), the police bodies responsible for the violations, and the social groups that were on the receiving end of violent actions (led by trade unionists and members of social movements). A report on torture in Galicia was also published.
> Santiago de Compostela 12 May 2007
> Coordinadora press statement and reportCoordinadora para la Prevención de la Tortura2006 report on torture in Galicia
> Coordinadora para la Prevención de la Tortura
> campaigns/open letters 29 May 2007
> On the occasion of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, extensive restrictions of fundamental rights as well as civil rights and liberties are to be feared. The federal government and the police already conjure up violent conflicts in the run-up to the summit. Doing this, they aim at preventing legitimate and many-voiced protests on the spot or at least to intimidate and criminalise the protesters. The fundamental rights of freedom of opinion and freedom of assembly will have to be defended in the court room, but also on the streets and during meetings and demonstrations. For these purposes, the Republican Attorneys' Association (RAV) together with local associations of criminal defence lawyers and committees of inquiry organise a legal emergency service in the run-up to and during the G8 summit. For the duration of three weeks, an office will be established in Rostock that will ensure on-site counselling and legal protection in cases of arrests, restrictions of the freedom of assembly, bullying at the arrival etc. The telephone number of the Legal Team during the G8 summit is: 0049 (0)3820 4768111. Anybody in need of legal help during the summit is advised to call here, the information will be then transmitted to the lawyers. Please communicate the number. Also: press information service concerning the protests: +49 (0)1577-4704760 and +49 (0)163-6195151
> ContactRAV website
> Republican Attorneys' Association (RAV)
> publications/research 29 May 2007
> Fundamental Rights Report 2007 (German)
> Since 1997, nine civil liberties and human rights organisations publish an annual human rights report on Germany, in which they test the German government’s conduct against every legally binding human rights and civil liberties provision laid down in the German Constitution. With a plethora of examples of state surveillance, infringements, discrimination and violations of High Court decisions, the year 2006 will also be known as a year in which fundamental rights were systematically violated by the authorities. The legitimate use of ‘torture’ debate, the use of emetics against foreigners, indiscriminate data collection during the world cup, the surveillance and interception of communication of civil rights activists, the electronic health card linking sensitive data between authorities, US-EU data transfers, unlawful detention and deportation to torturing states, police violence, employment bans, eroding the protection of journalists’ sources, unlawful police raids…the list of fundamental civil rights violations seems endless. The Fundamental Rights Report is written and compiled by the following organisations, which have announced the focus of the next year’s report will be the criminalisation and curtailment of G8 protests: Humanistische Union, Gustav Heinemann-Initiative, Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie, Bundesarbeitskreis Kritischer Juragruppen, Pro Asyl, Republikanischer Anwaltsverein, Vereinigung demokratischer Juristinnen und Juristen, Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte, Neue Richtervereinigung.
> May 2007
> Commentary on the reportPress release Humanistische UnionList of Contents (German)Order online
> “Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte” et al.
> demonstrations 29 May 2007
> Antiracist G8 'action and events' calendar
> Between 2 and 7 June, thousands of refugees, migrants and activist will protest against the G8. In this context , mass actions and information events will take place under the slogans: ‘For Global Freedom of Movement’ and ‘Equal Rights for All’. Below you find links to the 'choreography of resistance', and events calendar. CALL OUT DECEMBER 2005: "We are here, because you are destroying our countries." This central slogan of the ‘Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants’ explicitly links capitalist destruction on the one hand to flight and migration on the other. The G8-governments - as well as the WTO, IMF and World Bank - are not only responsible for neocolonial relations of exploitation; they also increasingly rely on and further the intensification of processes of selection and exclusion in the Northern parts of the globe, the intensification of legal, social and political hierarchies. It is these and other developments - whether in the North or the South - that lead us to speak of a system of global Apartheid. [...]
> Heiligendamm/Rostock, Germany 2-7 June 2007
> Updated events calendarWorking Group Migration of the protest networksCaravan of Refugees and Migrants tours Germany
> campaigns/open letters 22 June 2007
> Giustizia per Kassim
> Website calling for justice for rendition victim Abou Elkassim Britel, an Italian citizen of Moroccan origins who is in prison in Morocco after his arrest in Pakistan in March 2002, his subsequent rendition by the CIA to Morocco, where he was tortured and is in jail serving a sentence for terrorist activity on the basis of Italian investigations into his activities that have since been shelved. The European Parliament's TDIP commission investigating renditions criticised Italy in relation to this case, calling upon its authorities to take action to secure his release. After the government stated in parliament that it would seek Britel's release in February, it appears to be dragging their feet.
> Giustizia per Kassim website
> Giustizia per Kassim
> meetings/conferences 22 June 2007
> Diritti umani e carceri in Europa, Diritti umani e carceri in America Latina
> International meeting to be held on occasion of the United Nations World Day against Torture on 26 June.
> Rome 26 June 2007
> Diritti umani e carcere meetingAssociazione Antigone
> Associazione Antigone
> campaigns/open letters 26 June 2007
> Press Statement on G8 summit in Rostock
> During the G8 summit, held in Heiligendamm from the 6th to the 8th of June 2007, a great number of German lawyers belonging to the RAV (Association of Republican Lawyers), the Strafverteidigervereinigung von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (association of defence lawyers) as well as lawyers belonging to the EDL (European Democratic Lawyers) and to the Legal Team Europa have committed themselves to defend the fundamental rights of those who had come from all over Europe to express their dissent.
> EDL home pageEDL Press statement (PDF)
> European Democratic Lawyers
> demonstrations 27 June 2007
> An Invitation To The Gatwick No Border Camp 2007
> From 19th to 24th September 2007, noborder activists will gather at Gatwick Airport for the first No Border Camp in the UK. This camp will be a chance to work together to try and stop the building of a new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls.
> Gatwick, London, UK 19 - 24 September 2007
> More information
> noborder UK
> publications/research 27 June 2007
> Aspects of contempt for Humanity in Europe. Deportation Centre Motardstraße
> This brochure informs about the internal and external situation of Fortress Europe, and particularly the detention and racist exclusion of refugees and migrants in Germany. It provides a history of migration policy in Germany, and outlines and analyses the situation of refugees in Brandenburg, 'departure centres' and the detention camp 'Motardstraße' in Berlin. It also points the finger at the profiteers from the camp system and suggests possibilities for political intervention against the detention system within an anti-racist framework. Also includes an interview with a Motardstraße resident and provides a detailed list of existing anti-racist and migrant campaigning and support organisations as well as a helpful glossary.
> February 2007
> Download brochureFrench versionGerman versionMore information
> Bündnis gegen Lager (Network Against Camps) - Berlin/Brandenburg
> campaigns/open letters 24 August 2007
> German terrorist legislation criminalises academics
> A wave of protest is growing against the arrest by German authorities of academics accused of belonging to a terror group because they engage in research on urban gentrification and are 'intellectually capable' of drafting texts claiming responsibility for arson attacks, which law enforcement apparently had difficulties deciphering. Three of the four arrested were beaten during their arrest, and all four are held under conditions severely infringing their civil rights, due to the draconian terrorist legislation provision Article 129a of the German Criminal Code. The campaign for their release set up a website detailing growing international protest by civil rights activists and the academic community. They demand the immediate release of the prisoners, the cessation of the § 129a proceedings, and the repeal of §§ 129, 129a and 129b of the German criminal code.
> Campaign websiteGuardian article by Richard Sennett and Saskia SassenOpen letter by international academics to the German prosecution
> Einstellung des §129a-Verfahrens sofort!
> campaigns/open letters 04 September 2007
> Call to support fishermen accused of "assisting illegal immigration"
> Since August 22, 2007, seven Tunisian fishermen have been on trial in Agrigento (Sicily), accused of "assisting illegal immigration". They risk up to 15 years imprisonment. Prosecuted as human traffickers, what they did was in fact just their basic duty of solidarity : on August 8, near the island of Lampedusa, they picked up 44 passengers from a boat in distress at sea and brought them to the harbour.We, agents of the civilian societies of Subsaharan Africa, of Northern Africa and of Europe, activists and democrats from south and north of the Mediterranean, demand the abolishment of the ideology of control and repression that drives the migration policy through externalisation of asylum and border control and of the criminalisation of migration. We oppose the "trial on solidarity" against the defenders of human rights. We demand the release of the seven Tunisian fishermen of the boats Mortadha and Mohammed el-Hedi.
> Sign the call
> Migreurop
> meetings/conferences 20 September 2007
> Information event on Article 129a terrorist procedures in Berlin and Germany's security politics
> At the end of July 2007, seven persons, accused of membership of a terrorist organisation, were arrested in Berlin, Germany. Three are charged with arson against army vehicles, the other four of some form of “intellectual culpability”, whereby their scientific publications critical of gentrification and security state features are used to construct a terrorist organisation. Their arrests form the current highpoint in the general criminalisation of critical science and protest movements reminiscent of the 1980s. This info-event will inform about this case but also provide information on the history of Germany’s anti-terrorist Article 129a Criminal Code and its political use, more security laws in the planning, and asks what the implications of the gradual erosion of civil liberties means for state critics today.
> Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin, Germany. 30/09/2007, 11.00 – 13.30
> RAVCampaign to stop the terrorist proceedings
> Republikanischer Anwältinnen- und Anwälteverein e.V. (RAV)
> campaigns/open letters 29 September 2007
> Liberty and justice for the parents of the Roma children burnt to death in the fire of Livorno on August 10th, 2007
> On 10 August, four Roma children burnt to death in Livorno. A few days later a racist organization, GAPE (Armed Group for Ethnic Cleansing) claimed responsibility for the crime in a letter to local newspapers. The parents, however, were arrested. Despite this letter claiming responsibility and the fact that a forensic team of the fire department found evidence pointing to arson, charges against the parents continue being brought and they are not released from prison.
> Campaign websiteSign the Petition
> EveryOne Group and “Amici degli Angeli”
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> Escape from Tripoli Report on the Conditions of Migrants in Transit in Libya
> "The deaths in the desert and in the Channel of Sicily, the tortures and rapes in detention centres funded by Italy, deportations to the Sahara, collective refoulements, the repatriation of refugees on flights paid by Rome, deportations from Lampedusa, murders in police stations, the abuses perpetrated by passeurs and racist attacks in Tripoli. Everything that must not be known about the country to which Italy and the EU entrust the control of the southern border, on the eve of Frontex patrol operations in Libya in 2008, when refoulements at sea will become the norm."
> October 2007
> Fortress EuropeReport (PDF)
> Fortress Europe. The observatory on victims of migrations
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> FRONTEX-led EU Illegal Immigration Technical Mission to Libya. 28 May - 5 June 2007
> Frontex, the "European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union", reports on its second EU technical mission on illegal immigration to Libya between 28 May and 5 June 2007.
> 2007
> Report (PDF)
> Frontex
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> »The truth may be bitter, but it must be told« The Situation of Refugees in the Aegean and the Practices of the Greek Coast Guard.
> Asylum seekers are being sent back to Greece from Germany and other European countries without their applications for asylum having been thoroughly examined. The legal basis for this is the European Dublin II Regulation under which the state through which the asylum seeker entered European territory is responsible for processing the asylum claim. For a large number of people, particularly those from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia, the escape route leads them across the Aegean into Greece. This report forms part of a series of fact-finding missions (to Spain/Morocco, Italy, Slovakia/Ukraine) about human rights violations committed at the external borders of Europe, conducted by PRO ASYL. This report finds systematic refoulement of refugees at sea, illegal deportations and detention and inhumane detention conditions and makes a series of demands.
> October 2007
> Report (PDF)Pro Asyl: Information on reactions to the report
> Pro Asyl, Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants
> campaigns/open letters 12 November 2007
> Campaign against the “11th European Police Congress“, 29th-30th of January 2008 in Berlin. Against a “Global Security Architecture”, for more security-critical behaviour!
> Police investigation methods and the global security apparatus are increasingly violating basic democratic and human rights. Police and intelligence services want to attain unrestricted access to personal data and internet user profiles. The “European Police Congress”, a forum where politicians, police authorities, intelligence services, the military and the security industry meet to discuss the implementation of new measures for data collection and prosecution facilitates the increasing social control and authoritarian state tendencies within the EU. The 2008 Congress takes place under the motto “Information technology – investigation – operation”. On Tuesday, 29 January 2008, Schäuble, the German Minister of Internal Affairs, will speak at the “Forum of European Ministers of Internal Affairs”. A coalition of civil liberties and social justice groups is organising protest actions, with the aim to reach broad segments of society. This recent initiative is seen as a potential extension of already existing campaigns: against data retention, against anti-terrorist laws, the EU border agency Frontex and the repressive EU migration regime, against police racism and militarism.
> 11th European Police Congress home pageMore information about the campaign (English)More information about the campaign (German)
> Six Hills
> demonstrations 06 January 2008
> MEMORIAL CONFERENCES AND DEMONSTRATION IN DESSAU - in memory of Oury Jalloh, Layé Konde, Dominique Koumadio and all other victims of racist police brutality
> With this call we would like to invite all interested people to participate in the conferences in Berlin and Dessau as well as the demonstration in Dessau, all of which will be held in memory of Oury Jalloh, Layé Konde, Dominique Koumadio and all other victims of racist police brutality. 05 January 2008 - Memorial Conference in Berlin for the victims of racist police violence; 4 p.m., Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, U6/U7 Mehringdamm 06 January 2008 – Black Africa Conference in Dessau; 12p.m., Beat Club 07 January 2008 - Demonstration in Dessau For the 3rd anniversary of Oury Jalloh’s murder, 1 p.m.
> Berlin/Dessau, Germany 4-7 January 2008
> Call out (Full-text)
> The Voice e.V. Africa Forum
> publications/research 29 February 2008
> "En Movemento"
> A new monthly civil rights newspaper produced by the Galician civil rights organisation, Movemento polos dereitos civis.
> Galicia (Spain) November 2007 - ongoing
> MPDCEn Movemento back issues
> Movemento polos dereitos civis
> demonstrations 29 February 2008
> Accounts from inside detention centres
> A collection of accounts from communication with detainees who are mobilising and carrying out protest actions in French detention centres.
> France 13 February 2008
> Accounts from inside detention centresTemoignages de l'interieur des centres de retention (or.)Augenzeugenberichte aus dem Inneren französischer AbschiebegefängnisseMigreurop
> Zpajol, Migreurop
> publications/research 06 June 2008
> EURO 08: Legal support and helpful advice for football fans
> This information sheet is intended for visitors of the EURO 08 football games in Switzerland. It contains some recommendations and legal advice on how to avoid confrontations with the police and private security personnel and to exercise your rights when dealing with police in Switzerland.
> 2008
> Download leaflet (EN)Download leaflet (DE)Download leaflet (FR)Download leaflet (Turkish)More info on the DJS website
> Democratic Lawyers of Switzerland (DJS)
> publications/research 15 July 2008
> Informe sobre Tortura en el Estado Español, 2007
> The fourth annual report on torture in the Spanish State by the Coordinadora para la prevencion de la tortura, a network of over 40 civil society groups working on the issue of torture in Spain. It provides in-depth details of alleged incidents and a wealth of statistics, as well as monitoring cases from the stage of allegations through to sentencing.
> Spain 31 May 2008
> Informe sobre tortura en el estado espanol 2007summary of the reportCoordinadora para la prevencion de la tortura website
> Coordinadora para la prevencion de la tortura
> campaigns/open letters 17 December 2010
> EsCULcA requer intervencion do Defensor del Pueblo
> Esculca filed a complaint before the ombudsman, who is in charge of implementing the national mechanism for the prevention of torture, calling for his intervention in relation to the brutal beating of Silvio Polo in the provincial court of A Corunha and Teixero prison on 8 April 2010 by Guardia Civil officers. The beatings were allegedly repeated and took place in front of several witnesses (Guardia Civil officers, police officers and detainees).
> The prisoner's account (p. 1)The prisoner's account (p. 2)EsCULcA requer intervencion do Defensor del Pueblo
> Esculca
> demonstrations 17 December 2010
> Marcha por el cierre de los Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros
> A nationwide initiative that will involve demonstrations calling for the closing of detention centres in Algeciras, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Motril and Valencia on 18 December 2010.
> Algeciras, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Motril, Valencia 18 December 2010
> Marcha por el cierre de los Centros de Internamiento de ExtranjerosThe campaign's website: Campanha por el Cierre de los Centros de Internamiento para Extranjeros
> Campanha por el Cierre de los Centros de Internamiento para Extranjeros
> meetings/conferences 20 January 2011
> (Manchester) The Case for Prison Abolition
> Professor Joe Sim: ‘Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king’: The case for prison abolition. School of Law, University of Manchester Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice Presents: Thursday 17th February, 4pm-5.30pm Room 5.209, University Place Questions and discussion to follow. For further information please contact joanna.gilmore@manchester.ac.uk.  
> Manchester 17 February 2011
> campaigns/open letters 20 January 2011
> Belgian 'civic journalist' condemned to 6 month prison
> On January 5 30 year old Anja Hermans was sentenced to 6 month in prison for investigating the security of nuclear power station Doel. She had entered the premises of the power station during her investigative work.
> More information (Dutch)
> meetings/conferences 25 January 2011
> The 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference
> The 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference is being held in the School of Humanities, Institute of Technology, Sligo, Republic of Ireland between the 21st and the 23rd of June 2011 Call for Papers: 7th Irish North South Criminology Conference, IT Sligo
> June 21, 22, 23 2011
> Website
> publications/research 25 January 2011
> The Prison Journal; Special Issue on Irish Prisons
> Publication: The Prison Journal; Special Issue on Irish Prisons (L. Leonard, Ed) Date of Publication March 2011 Advance Orders Available Now from Sage at the following website: http://tpj.sagepub.com/content/early/recent
> March 2011
> Website for orders
> (L. Leonard, Ed)
> meetings/conferences 25 January 2011
> 39th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
> The 39th Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control will take place at the Université de Savoie in the picturesque town of Chambéry, France from 3rd to 7th September 2011. The titel is: No borders? Exclusion, justice and the politics of fear
> 3-7 September 2011
> Website
> meetings/conferences 26 January 2011
> January 27: meeting on refugees in Thuringen
> On 24 March 2011 there will be a demonstration to demand the closure of refugee center Zella-Mehlis in Meiningen. To start preparations for that a meeting is organized on Jan 27.
> 27 January 2011
> Announcement in The Voice
> demonstrations 09 April 2011
> (NL) Commemoration for Kambiz Roustayi
> a man set himself afire on Dam Square in Amsterdam on April 6. The man died the next day and police made public that the man was a 36 year old migrant from Iran, whose request for asylum had been denied. A lawyer made public that the man, Kambiz Roustayi, already in 2009 had told him that he could not live with a status as illegal. On sunday 10 at 3 pm there will be a commemoration for him, at Dam Square
> Call on facebook
> campaigns/open letters 19 April 2011
> Fortnum 145
> Fortnum 145 is a campaign by friends and family to support the 145 people who were arrested and charged following the occupation of Fortnum and Mason on 26 March this year.
> website
> publications/research 19 April 2011
> New detention phone system to keep detainees under control
> A new phone system run by a private company will replace personal mobile phones in immigration detention centres, Corporate Watch can reveal. The trial at Tinsley House detention centre, near Gatwick airport, is run by Global Comms & Consulting Ltd (GCC), which specialises in secure telecommunications services to major government agencies and multinational companies. As a result, detainees will not be able to call free numbers and will pay significantly higher rates to call their family and solicitors. All calls will also be recorded, monitored and disrupted when necessary by the immigration authorities and/or the immigration prison’s management.
> April 2011
> Corporate Watch Article
> Corpwatch
> campaigns/open letters 19 May 2011
> (Greece) Asylum seekers are put in jail!
> (...) We were given notice that from that point on, whoever applies for asylum without holding traveling documents will be detained (we put emphasis on the fact that only few asylum seekers have traveling documents). Despite the fact, that we considered that such an action from the police authorities (...) The police authorities, punishing with imprisonment everyone who is trying to practice his/her right to apply for asylum, are basically demolishing such entitlement. This practice is a cruel violation of human rights of the refugees. The rights of the refugees are ratified in the international conventions and therefore compel our country
> Press release Aitima (PDF)
> publications/research 19 June 2011
> Copenhagen Climate activists condemned to jail
> Two spokespersons for Climate Justice Action, active around the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December 2009, have been sentenced to two month in jail (plus two months probation, and to pay the costs of court). Costs of court can amount to 30.000 Euro
> June 2011
> Article (Danish)Dutch/English
> publications/research 30 July 2011
> Hungary: invisibles
> In Hungary large scale institutions still house 15 thousand people living with disabilities, often under inhumane circumstances. Watch the HCLU's new film about why this situation has to change, and why it has to change now
> July 13 2011
> Film on website HCLU
> publications/research 21 September 2011
> (GR/EU) Border Agency Exposes Migrants to abusive Conditions
> Frontex Sends Migrants to Inhuman and Degrading Treatment in Greek Detention Centers
> 21 September 2011
> ArticleLink to full report
> publications/research 29 September 2011
> Conference speeches Statewatching Europe: Civil Liberties, the State and the EU
> Statewatchs 20th anniversary conference was held at Conway Hall in London on Saturday 25th June 2011. More than 220 people from 18 EU countries registered and over 30 NGOs attended the conference.
> September 2011
> Videos and material on website
> publications/research 03 October 2011
> Unlock the truth in Lithuania: Investigate Secret Prisons Now
> "In the continuing absence of any meaningful accountability in the USA, and increasingly disturbing signs that the same may happen in other European countries, the Lithuanian government should re-open its criminal investigation into both its own involvement in these operations, and that of the USA and its agents on Lithuanian territory, and conduct an independent, impartial, thorough and ef fective investigation that will serve as a model for accountability across the region."
> September 2011
> Report on Lithuania (pdf)
> Amnesty International
> campaigns/open letters 21 October 2011
> (GE) RAV organizes seminar on Interrogation methods in Berlin
> All aspects of interrogation and how lawyers can deal with them, will be dealt with at this two days seminar
> More information in German on website RAV
> campaigns/open letters 03 December 2011
> (NL) Solidarity with migration activist
> Joke Kaviar is a Dutch poet and writer who is very much involved in campaigns against the Dutch and European migration policies. She was arrested and had her house searched, kept prison vor four days and is being threatened with further prosecution because of her literature
> solidarity Website
> publications/research 03 December 2011
> European Court rules German arrest of G8-activists illegal
> The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that two persons arrested during the G8-protests in Heiligendamm in 2007, were illegally. They were arrested and kept in prison for almost six days after their care had been searched and banners were found with the tekst "Freedom for all Prisoners".
> 1 December 2011
> More information in German
> publications/research 06 December 2011
> State of Surveillance - The Data
> The Bureau of Investigative Journalism: The State of Surveillance: The Data (link): The Bureau and London-based human rights group Privacy International have compiled a comprehensive database of companies that sell surveillance products.
> 1 December 2011
> State of Surveilance: The Data
> publications/research 18 January 2012
> (Sp/Fr)The ongoing disgrace of detention centres
> Two reports on detention centres have been published in Spain and France that highlight a situation in which foreigners are experiencing conditions that are often worse than those in prisons as a result of administrative offences (irregular residence) and an aim to maximise the rates of detention and returns. This has led to large-scale violations of human rights and to policies that reduce judicial oversight and the possibility of detained foreigners to effectively exercise their rights through judicial proceedings and access to effective remedies.
> 06 Jan 2012
> French reportSummary for the pressArticle by Statewatch
> Statewatch
> publications/research 18 January 2012
> the meaning of treaties and readmission agreements between Italy and north African states
> The Italian government and the EU are attempting to urgently re-establish readmission agreements with new regimes in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya with scant regard for the wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers. A �state of emergency� has been declared in Italy which has allowed the government to derogate from certain laws and fast-track the application process.
> Jan 2012
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Yasha Maccanico
> meetings/conferences 01 February 2012
> Social Movements in the Digital Tsunami
> Day long conference on many aspects of policing protests, as counter to the European Police Congress” (14. – 15.february)
> Berlin 04 February 2012
> Details conference
> publications/research 08 February 2012
> (Film) Vol Special/Special Flight
> Awaiting definite deportment from the Swiss territory, rejected asylum seekers and illegal migrants are jailed at the administrative detention centre Frambois. Behind the closed prison doors, tension builds day by day. On one side there are wardens full of humanist values, on the other there are men defeated by fear and stress. Relations of friendship and hate, respect and revolt are formed until the announcement of the deportment, which is experienced like a stab. Those who refuse to leave are handcuffed, tied up and forcibly put in a plane. In this extreme situation, despair has a name: special flight.
> Website of the film
> campaigns/open letters 16 February 2012
> Harmondsworth blockaders held by police for second night
> Eleven No Borders activists arrested on Tuesday during a detention centre blockade are being held by police for a second night. They are due to appear at Uxbridge magistrates court at 10am this morning, charged with causing 'serious disruption to the life of the community' under Section 14 of the Public Order Act.
> More info on website Noborders
> meetings/conferences 16 February 2012
> London Noborders Convergence
> London NoBorders, along with Goldsmiths students and other groups, are organising a week-long convergence to be held in London between 13 - 18 February 2012. The aim is to get together to share our knowledge and experiences in relation to people's freedom of movement and the restrictions on it, and to share skills, network, strategise and take action.
> London 13-18 February 2012
> Program on website
> campaigns/open letters 02 March 2012
> Campaign to end the immigration detention of children
> The campaign to end the immigration detention of children will be launched on the 21st of March this year at the 19th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. At the event IDC will invite various specialists to speak on the issue and present a policy paper that outlines a new model for preventing the immigration detention of children. This will also mark the formal launch of the campaign
> Campaign to end the immigration detention of children
> International Detention Coalition
> publications/research 02 March 2012
> Migreurop report: At the margins of Europe: externalisation of migration controls
> This 2010-2011 report focusses once again on two pillars of European migration policy that Migreurop has often described: the subcontracting of controls and the detention of migrants and asylum seekers, this time surveyed in their maritime and eastern dimensions. While a wall is being built in western Turkey to prevent border crossings into Greece, Turkey actively cooperates with EU policy by locking its eastern border with Iran and by organising, as readers will see, a real hunt for refugees.Externalisation also involves the privatisation of controls. Adopted as soon as 2001, a European directive envisages sanctions for carriers transporting passengers who do not have the documents required to enter an EU member state. This transfer of a state function to private agents is not something new. Since the early 1990s, it has been the rule in merchant navy ships for the treatment of ‘stowaways’ who board merchant ships in the hope of reaching Europe. In this sector, policing tasks have effectively been primarily transferred towards shipowners and insurers. The report describes and analyses these processes on the basis of testimonies collected in German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French and Bulgarian ports.
> 2 March 2012
> At the margins of Europe: externalisation of migration controls
> Migreurop
> publications/research 09 March 2012
> Reclaim the Seas
> "The fishermen, when they lose their fish, they think" - A., Somali in Germany. Since November 2010, ten Somali citizens are on trial for Piracy in Hamburg, Germany. This blog is about the trial and the background on why fishermen are forced to change their profession.
> March 2012
> Weblog
> campaigns/open letters 25 March 2012
> AVID: Helping immigration detainees across the UK
> AVID is the membership network for all volunteer visitors to immigration removal centres, short term holding facilities, and prisons: anywhere someone is held for immigration purposes in the UK. Since 1994 we have sought to ensure detainees rights are protected and to promote access to volunteer visitors.
> Website
> publications/research 11 April 2012
> Arad Camp (Romania): handcuffed and beaten for a lighter
> Arad camp, detainee stories collected on the 26/03/2012
> 27/03/2012
> On website migreurop
> Migreurop
> publications/research 18 April 2012
> Getting the Voice Out
> Getting the Voice Out gathers stories from people detained in detention centres, to get their voices heard in the outside world and highlight what the authorities try so hard to hide. (Eng, Fr, Dutch)
> April 2012
> Website
> --
> meetings/conferences 22 June 2012
> 8th Symposium of Kritnet in Kassel
> Network Critical Migration and Border Regime Research (Kritnet) holds its 8th symposium during the Documenta in Kassel (July 13-15)
> Kassel (GE) 13-15 July
> Symposium 2012
> Netzwerks Kritische Migrations- und Grenzregimeforschung
> publications/research 26 June 2012
> Report on an unannounced inspection of HMP Woodhill
> An unannounced inspection of Woodhill prison by the official inspection institution (HM Chief Inspector of Prisons) reveals a list of severe problems
> January 2012
> Inspection report (pdf)
> campaigns/open letters 26 June 2012
> Iranian refugees on hungerstrike in Würzburg (GE)
> Website Press release June 22
> publications/research 18 July 2012
> INUK (Innocence Network)
> The Innocence Network UK (INUK) is a practical response to the needs of alleged victims of wrongful conviction that have been identified in academic research.
> 19 July 2012
> website
> publications/research 18 July 2012
> The Caricole, as seen from the inside
> Description of the Caricole, the new high tech asylum prison near Zaventem airport in Belgium
> Brussels 14 June 2012
> Article on website
> Renee/Indymedia Brussels
> publications/research 24 September 2012
> Forced Migration Current Awareness
> A service highlighting web research and information relating to refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and other forced migrants; provided by Elisa Mason
> 19 September 2012
> Website
> Elisa Mason
> publications/research 24 September 2012
> Pregnant, detained, and subjected to force in the UK
> Pregnant women are being held in immigration detention by the British government, violating statutory legislation, and subjecting them to the use of force, says Natasha Tsangarides
> 17 September 2012
> Article on website
> Natasha Tsangarides
> publications/research 25 October 2012
> Police Brutality in a detention center in Bulgaria
> On the 16th of October, eight Syrian asylum-seekers were brutally beaten by the police in the detention center for foreigners in the city of Lyubimets, close to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The same day, one of the detainees attempted to talk to the guards in the prison in order to receive information about his request to be sent back to Turkey. The prison guards responded with violence.
> 18 October 2012
> English article
> Europolice
> campaigns/open letters 11 November 2012
> Many injustices at mass court case against 46 Turkish lawyers
> 46 lawyers are being prosecuted, accused of supporting the Turkish independance struggle. Some of the lawyers are being held in prinson for over a year. The German lawyers organisation RAV is present at the court cases to register the proceedings, and has registered many worrying injustices.
> Press Release RAV (German)
> publications/research 21 November 2012
> The trouble with Fortress Europe
> To prevent illegal immigration, the EU has built a set of far-reaching border control and enforcement policies. But it doesn't work: today's 'Fortress Europe' is an inefficient, immoral and costly bureaucratic construction that should be urgently reformed.
> 21 November 2012
> Article on website Opendemocracy
> Mathew Carr/Open Democracy
> campaigns/open letters 10 December 2012
> Bail for Immigration Detainees
> Bail for Immigration Detainees is an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention in the UK. We work with asylum seekers and migrants, in removal centres and prisons, to secure their release from detention.
> Website
> BiD
> campaigns/open letters 10 December 2012
> ANVB stands for 'Algemene Nederlandse Vreemdelingen Bond'(General Association for Foreigners), a spoof for the association for car owners ANWB. ANVB also indicates where to go...
> Website ANVB
> Kees
> publications/research 10 December 2012
> The moral sadism of the Dutch State
> Desperate to eject some refugees it does not want, the Netherlands is refining the art of radical deprivation. No single step, no single decision, no single action in this process is horrible. Yet the cumulative effect is grotesque.
> 4 December 2012
> Article on openDemocracy
> Markha Valenta
> publications/research 04 January 2013
> New video on Canadas 'Refugee Exclusion Act'
> On December 15, 2012, the Refugee Exclusion Act (Bill C-31, formally the "Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act") will be fully implemented. Please watch, and share this video, of past and current immigration detainees and No One Is Illegal - Toronto organizers explaining the impacts of these new laws. Filmed by Liberation Cooperative Organization outside the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre.
> 14 December 2012
> New VideoKey Facts about Detention
> No One is Illegal Toronto
> meetings/conferences 15 January 2013
> HANDS UP FOR INQUEST 2013 – Fundraising dinner
> Hosted by Jon Snow, with special guest comedian Doc Brown. Thursday 7 March 2013 @ The Tabernacle, London W11 Please join us for an evening of good food, laughter and entertainment, all in aid of INQUEST’s award-winning work
> 08 January 2013
> Website Inquest
> Inquest
> campaigns/open letters 15 January 2013
> Amsterdam's Plan to Resettle "Antisocial Tenants" in Containment Camps Set to Begin This Month
> Amsterdam (...) has announced an illiberal social containment and human disposability scheme to house what the Dutch are calling "antisocial tenants." The plan is to warehouse live bodies - or an ever-mounting population of surplus labor - in converted shipping containers.
> Article on Truthout
> Danny Weil, Truthout
> campaigns/open letters 29 January 2013
> Pinar Selek Receives Life Sentence
> PINAR SELEK TRIAL Pinar Selek Receives Life Sentence An Istanbul court ordered life sentence for sociologist Pinar Selek for her involvement in the 1998 Spice Bazaar explosion, a case that has reopened three times in 14 years.
> Article on BianetMore background
> Çiçek TAHAOĞLU/Bianet
> campaigns/open letters 29 January 2013
> Solidarity with Fighting Refugees in Choucha / Tunisia
> This blog will provide you with informations and ressources on the protest of refugees from Choucha refugee-camp in Tunisia.
> Chouchaprotest blog
> Blog on Choucha refugee-camp
> publications/research 28 February 2013
> Dramatic footage released of Antwerp police killing arrestee
> Jonathan Jacob was a 26 year old inhabitant of Antwerp with psychiatric problems. In January 2010 he died while in police custody after a police unit of 6 officers from the special assistance team (Bijzonder Bijstandsteam, BBT) invaded his cell and physically attacked him. Before invading the cell, they had thrown a tear-gas grenade inside.
> 27 February 2013
> Short report with links on website statewatch
> Statewatch
> campaigns/open letters 14 March 2013
> Protest at Mass Arrest of Trade Unionists in Turkey
> It is with dismay and outrage that once again we learn of yet another round of mass arrests in Turkey. This time the victims of this repressive police action, which has become all too commonplace in the country in recent months, are trade union activists and union officials.
> More on website (pdf)
> Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
> publications/research 11 April 2013
> Europe's forced returnees claim abuse
> Cases of excessive force being used to remove rejected asylum seekers have been documented in a number of European countries.
> 10 April 2013
> Article on irinnews.org
> IRIN-Africa
> campaigns/open letters 11 April 2013
> What is it that you do not understand, mr prime minister?
> A magazine cover showing a photoshopped image of the Greek Prime Minister with torture scars on his face, in direct reference to the Greek Police’s use of torture, sparked controversy, with MPs maintaining that it is “an invitation to terrorism”.
> Article on Borderline Reports
> Augustine Zenakos, Borderline Reports
> demonstrations 14 May 2013
> (NL)Don't let the thirststrikers die!
> Illegalised migrants, locked up in jails near the airports of Schiphol and Rotterdam, have gone into hungerstrike (and in some cases thirststrikes too) to protest their lail conditioans and demand freedom.
> 8 May 2013
> Translation of Dutch article into EnglishWebsite with more news (in Dutch mainly)
> noborder
> publications/research 13 June 2013
> Naked Citizens – new documentary about surveillance technology
> (...) A new documentary out about surveillance, police using drones, legally extracting information form phones, FinFisher, CCTV, the NSA, Wikileaks and new trends in surveillance technology: Naked Citizens, Journeyman Pictures.
> 28 May 2013
> Review on Blog
> Annalist
> publications/research 11 July 2013
> Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) demonstrates Guantanamo force-feeding Standard Operating Procedure
> Yasiin Bey appears in a video launched July 8 2013 demonstrating the Standard Operating Procedure for force-feeding prisoners on hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay.
> 8 July 2013
> Online video
> Various
> demonstrations 14 August 2013
> Join Voices from the borders!
> From the 2nd to the 24th of August 2013 we will travel along the North Sea coast from the Netherlands to Belgium and France for a mobile networking and research project around the situation of migrants at the closed British border.
> 12 August 2013
> More information
> noborder.nl
> publications/research 24 August 2013
> Media coverage of protests at G4S AGM 2013
> Here is a selection of the media coverage that the actions at the G4S AGM have generated
> August 2013
> Links on website
> Stop G4S