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> campaigns/open letters 14 October 2005
> Justice for Jean - Shoot first: ask questions later?
> Campaign launched for Jean Charles de Menezes, shot dead by London Police in July 2005
> website
> www.justice4jean.org
> campaigns/open letters 18 October 2005
> Zum Entwurf einer Verfassung für die Europäische Union [On the draft European Constitution]
> The EALDH finds that the EU draft constitution favours military intervention over peaceful means, neo-liberalism over a social Europe, private interests over human rights and inadequate legal protection for migrants and refugees.
> Full-text
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (EALDH)
> meetings/conferences 19 October 2005
> End impunity: Public meeting: Outlaw human rights abusers in the British Army
> Speakers include: Ken Livingstone, Mike Mansfield QC, Angela Hegarty and Phil Shiner. Supported by the Mayor of London, the Irish World and the Pat Finucane Centre
> London 5 September 2005
> LeafletPFC website
> Pat Finucane Centre
> campaigns/open letters 22 October 2005
> The DSEi Arms Fair in Newham in 2005 must be the last - anywhere
> Petition calling upon Reed Elsevier, the organisers of the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair, the government's Ministry of Defence that supports them and the management of the ExCel Centre to make a public commitment that the arms fair planned for Custom House in 2007 will be cancelled
> Sign the petitionNO WAR websiteCAAT website
> Newham Opposition to War & Racism (NOWAR), in conjunction with East London Against the Arms Fair and Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
> Launched in 1963, the Foundation was established to carry forward Russell's work for peace, human rights and social justice
> UK 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Bürgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP
> Covers civil liberties and policing and is based at the Free University of Berlin, founded in 1975
> Germany 
> CILIP website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (EALDH)
> A democratic confederation of diverse national associations of democratic lawyers
> Europe 
> EALDH website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Humanistische Union
> Founded in 1961, Germany's oldest civil liberties organisation
> Germany 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Pat Finucane Centre
> Working for human rights and social change in the North of Ireland
> Ireland (North) 
> PFC website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Radio Nizkor
> Europe's frst human rights radio station
> Spain 
> website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> Statewatch
> Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe
> UK 
> Statewatch website
> links to ECLN groups 11 November 2005
> VD Amok
> Anti-militarist and conscientious objectors organization that works closely together with the peace movement
> Holland 
> website
> campaigns/open letters 21 November 2005
> Free expression groups protest attacks on journalists and human rights defenders
> Protest against Tunisia's hosting of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in the wake of attacks on journalists and human rights activists in Tunis in the past few days. The coalition has cancelled plans to hold a WSIS event, saying a series of incidents, including the stabbing of a French reporter, show how unfit Tunisia is to host a conference on freedom of expression and the Internet.
> IFEX TMG website
> IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group
> demonstrations 21 November 2005
> Don’t turn a blind eye to torture
> Torture is repugnant, abhorrent and immoral. The UK Government is seeking agreements to return people to countries known to use torture. Agreements have been signed with Jordan and Libya and are being sought with Algeria and other countries. They are not worth the paper they are written on. The law is clear. States must never torture people and must never send people to countries where they might be tortured. Assemble at 1pm Demonstration from 1.30-2.30pm, please wear black.
> London 27 November 2005
> Amnesty website
> Amnesty International
> campaigns/open letters 21 November 2005
> Save Omar - Justice for Omar Deghayes
> Along with an estimated 210 other detainees in Guantánamo Bay, Omar is on hunger strike asking for enforcement of the Geneva Conventions.
> Save Omar websiteCage prisoners website
> Save Omar campaign
> meetings/conferences 15 December 2005
> Order and Violence: Delimiting Control - CALL FOR PAPERS - British-Irish Section of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control - Easter Conference, Hull 2006
> The ‘war on terror’ and threats to civil liberties - State and anti-state terror; Privatization and ‘othering’ of state violence -- The politics of mass incarceration: Ideologies of violence and control; ‘Ironies of social control’: evoking ‘evil’; Acculturation to the ‘new realities’: contemporary ‘truth’ telling games; Conscientious objectors and civil disobedience; Ideologies and identities -- Violence and control in everyday life: ‘Gender’, ‘race’ and violence; Cultural criminology: a new approach or an under-theorised melting-pot?; Cultures of behavioural control in the UK: from the cradle to the grave. Please send abstracts to: a.ward@hull.ac.uk and/or abeckmann@lincoln.ac.uk
> Hull, UK 19-21 April 2006
> European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
> demonstrations 03 January 2006
> Justice for the British Residents in Guantanamo Bay - Bring them home - Support the Hunger Strikers - Shut down all illegal US jails
> Assemble 12 noon, Tothill Street, London (nearest tube St James Park). March via Downing Street to the American Embassy in Grovesnor Square.
> London, UK 21 January 2006
> Save Omar website
> The Save Omar Deghayes campaign, The Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign, The Manchester Guantanamo and Belmarsh Campaign
> publications/research 04 January 2006
> Art, Truth & Politics
> Nobel lecture
> December 2005
> Lectureharoldpinter.org
> Harold Pinter
> publications/research 12 January 2006
> Reports on the impact of arms transfers to Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone
> Governments must kick start negotiations on an international Arms Trade Treaty this year, the Control Arms Campaign said today as the UN launched its first major review of small arms controls in five years.
> 9 January 2006
> ReportsControl arms campaign
> Control Arms Campaign: Oxfam International, Amnesty International and International Action Network on Small Arms
> publications/research 23 January 2006
> Human Rights Watch World Report 2006
> The Human Rights Watch World Report 2006 contains information on human rights developments in more than 60 countries in 2005.
> January 2006
> HRW World Report 2006
> Human Rights Watch
> publications/research 23 January 2006
> “War on Terror”
> Amnesty International Annual Lecture Hosted by Trinity College
> 18 January 2006
> Amnesty International IrelandFull-text (pdf)Audio (Newstalk 106)
> Professor Noam Chomsky
> meetings/conferences 23 January 2006
> Bloody Sunday Programme 2006
> 34 years after the day internationally regarded as the watershed in the militarisation of the conflict in the North of Ireland, the verdict of the second British inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday is imminent. The programme of events includes debates, reflection and memorial - culminating in the annual Bloody Sunday commemorative march on 29 January.
> Derry, Ireland (North) 18-29 January 2006
> Programme (pdf)
> Bloody Sunday Centre
> campaigns/open letters 23 January 2006
> Manneken Pis dressed as "Prisoner for Peace": demands release of prisoners
> Around the world many men and women are in prison for various anti-militarist actions, including conscientious objection, disarmament actions, and nuclear whistle-blowing. For Mother Earth, member of Friends of the Earth international, has dressed the famous Belgian landmark "Manneken Pis" in a traditional prisoner costume, to draw attention to the "Prisoners for Peace", and to demand their release.
> Press releaseFor Mother Earth
> For Mother Earth
> meetings/conferences 04 February 2006
> War Resisters' International Conference
> The Conference will: - Analyse the contemporary situation of economic, cultural and political globalisation. How are capitalist globalisation and militarism related? - Develop strategies for nonviolent resistance towards the unjust aspects of globalisation. How do we create nonviolent social change? - Bring together people from the globalisation critical movement and WRI's network of pacifists and anti-militarists for mutual exchange of ideas on nonviolent opportunities for resistance. - Strengthen networks and create new links between activists from all over the world.
> Paderborn, Germany 23-27 July 2006
> War Resisters' International websiteRegistration form
> War Resisters' International
> publications/research 06 February 2006
> CrisisWatch No. 30
> Six conflict situations around the world deteriorated in January 2006, according to the new issue of CrisisWatch. Nepal’s political turmoil continued ahead of planned 8 February municipal elections and amid a major escalation in violence between security forces and Maoists. The situation in Sri Lanka is approaching outright civil war: January was the deadliest month since the signing of the 2002 ceasefire. Côte d’Ivoire was shaken by four days of violent rioting. Security deteriorated in Nigeria with a series of apparently politically motivated attacks on oil production in the Delta region. Kyrgyzstan’s breakdown gathered force as a string of political murders continued. Tensions over Iran’s nuclear program increased with Tehran’s breaking of UN seals on three nuclear research facilities and subsequent international efforts to refer Iran to the UN Security Council.
> 1 February 2006
> CrisisWatch No. 30
> International Crisis Group
> demonstrations 10 March 2006
> International Demos and Protests Against the Invasion of Iraq
> On March 20 2003, George Bush, Tony Blair and Jose Marie Aznar launched the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Three years later the occupation is a blight on the conscience of the world. All over the globe plans are being made for protests in March 2006 to mark the anniversary of the start of the war and to call for its rapid end. Demonstrations have been organised in more than 40 European cities.
> Europe-wide 18-20 March 2006
> www.march-in-march.org - International Anti-War Mobilisation
> Stop the war
> publications/research 10 March 2006
> Extraordinary Rendition
> New Issue (No.89) of The Spokesman - contents: Art, Truth and Politics (Harold Pinter, Nobel Prize Lecture); Precedents for Torture (Naomi Klein); Rendition is Abduction (Johan Steyn interviewed by Jon Snow); "US does not Condone" (Condeleezza Rice, Andrew Tyrie MP), Extraordinary Rendition (Ken Coates); Who Fooled America? (Lawrence Wilkerson); American Prisoners in Europe (Human Rights, Watch Council of Europe); Plus Case Studies: Maher Arar's story and others
> 2006
> Editorial and full contents
> The Spokesman
> publications/research 17 March 2006
> The Road to Guantanamo
> The Road to Guantanamo is a feature-length factual drama based on first hand interviews with the Tipton Three, the three male British prisoners released in the spring of last year from Guantanamo Bay.
> UK 2006
> More information/download movie (from Tiscali)
> Michael Winterbottom (Director)
> publications/research 20 March 2006
> A new European Century: the dangers of a military EU and those who resist
> Contents: "Bayonets bared for Europe’s military future", Enzo Mangini; "A Europe of peace is possible", Hilary Wainwright, "Strong roots for a better future", Kate Hudson; "Plane Thinking" (on the multi-billion dollar Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)), Gemma Galdon and Wilbert van der Zeijden; "Women in black", Cynthia Cockburn.
> 2006
> Eurotopia issue 2Spanish versionEurotopia website
> Eurotopia, Issue 2
> meetings/conferences 31 March 2006
> 5th Annual Stop the War Conference
> The conference will debate resolutions and elect Stop the War's national Steering Committee. In addition there will be a number of workshops covering topics including: Iraq Today: Towards Democracy of Civil War?; Why Iran is Under Threat?; Where Now for Palestine?; Latin America – the Next Target?; The Forgotten Wars in Africa; Civil Liberties and Guantanamo; Islamophobia and the Anti-War Movement; Military Families Against the War. Only Stop the War local and affiliated groups (which have re-affiliated) will be able to send delegates.
> Friends House, Euston Road, London 10 June 2006
> Stop the war - get involved
> Stop the War Coalition
> meetings/conferences 18 April 2006
> Torture & ‘Security’ Agencies in the ‘War on Terror’
> Recent revelations and allegations about extra-ordinary rendition suggest complicity by European governments in ‘torture flights’. Such involvement has precedents in British and American foreign policy, dating back to their involvement in Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia. Today the problem goes far beyond torture flights: ‘security’ agencies in Europe have a broader complicity in global torture through cooperation with repressive regimes, e.g. by exchanging information on dissidents, deporting them to torture, using the consequent ‘information’ to intern or prosecute individuals in Europe, etc. In some cases these agencies are targeting movements which were previously encouraged as means to counter Left or nationalist politics, before the ‘blow-back’ led to violent attacks in Europe.
> Garden Court Chambers, london 22 April 2006
> Invitation
> Human Rights & Social Justice Research Institute & others
> meetings/conferences 18 April 2006
> OSCE International NGO Conference
> Workshops: Security Concept OSCE; Human Trafficking; Small Arms; Racism (TBC); Kosovo; Drugs trafficking and use; Kaukasus; Dialogue among religions; Fight against Terrorism and Respect for Human Rights; Future of the OSCE.
> Palace d’Egmont, Brussels 16-17 May 2006
> Conference website and programme etc.
> publications/research 25 April 2006
> Arming Big Brother The EU’s Security Research Programme
> The European Union is preparing to spend up to €1 billion per year on new ‘research’ into surveillance and control technologies, according to Arming Big Brother, a new report by the Transnational Institute (TNI) and Statewatch. “Arms industry lobbying is leading to the creation of a powerful new internal security-industrial complex,” says Ben Hayes, author of the report. Arming Big Brother lifts the lid on the secretive committees and arms industry lobbying that led to the creation of the European Security Research Programme (ESRP).
> April 2006
> Press releaseFull-text of report
> Statewatch & Transnational Institute
> meetings/conferences 02 May 2006
> International conference on the privatization of war
> The sessions will focus on the growing engagement of private military and security companies (PMCs/PSCs) in today's armed conflicts. Leading specialists, university experts and the representatives of PMCs/PSCs will discuss the origins of the private provision of military services, current situation in this field and the legal consequences.
> Warsaw, Poland 27-28 April 2006
> ICRC calendar of eventsconference website
> ICRC Regional Delegation for Central Europe and the Polish Institute of International Affairs
> meetings/conferences 08 May 2006
> Homeland and Border Security: Securing Our Future
> "This event is aimed at the entire community working towards safeguarding the UK against organised crime, cybercrime and terrorism of all kinds." The conference is supported/sponsored by a host of private companies involved in the private security industry.
> QEII Conference Centre, London 4 July 2006
> Conference website
> GovNet events
> campaigns/open letters 15 May 2006
> Civil liberties monitoring project for the world-championship
> The Cologne-based Grundrechtekomitee has initiated a monitoring project for infringement of basic rights and civil liberties at the world championship, and is asking citizens and football fans to pass on their relevant experiences, to be compiled in a report. You can mail info@grundrechtekomitee.de, if you know of demonstrations being banned with the reasoning they represent a security risk for the championship, or know of control and police measures implemented in public spaces, if you see soldiers taking on police functions, or if you have been affected by repressive measures yourself, as a football fan, for example.
> Komitee für Grundrechte und DemokratieBackground article (in German)
> campaigns/open letters 19 May 2006
> Torture is un-American
> Petition to Condoleezza Rice: "Torture. Government kidnapping. Indefinite detention... These are not ideas we associate with the United States of America. They do not represent who we are as Americans. By promoting and condoning these practices in our military and intelligence forces, your administration has broken faith with the American values of freedom and fairness..."
> ACLU petition
> publications/research 19 May 2006
> Statewatch observatory on "rendition"
> The Observatory includes extensive documentation with the full-text of 173 documents submitted so far to the ongoing European Parliament inquiry (TDIP) into these matters - many of them published for the first time. Among the documents are detailed submissions on the inquiries in Italy (the Milan abduction), Spain (rendition flights), Canada (the Meher Arar public inquiry) and Ireland (the use of Shannon airport) as well as submissions from 26 national parliaments in Europe. Also included are reports issued by the European Parliament, Council of Europe and NGOs.
> May 2006
> Statewatch observatory
> Statewatch
> publications/research 19 May 2006
> Policing the world cup in Germany - an own goal against fundamental rights
> From 9 June to 9 July 2006, Germany will live in a sort of state of emergency. 100,000 police officers, 10,000 private security employees, an unknown number of secret intelligence officers and 7,000 soldiers are called to watch over the “security” of the football world championship. Not only the stadiums, but also vast parts of the inner cities will turn into police control areas and testing grounds for the products of the security industry - EU wide exchange of personal data, reintroduction of controls at internal EU-borders etc. seem to be normal. 250,000 persons who will enter the stadiums as journalists, cleaning people or sausage sellers had to undergo a security check by the Bundeskriminalamt (federal criminal police office) and the Verfassungsschutz (the internal secret intelligence). The world championship turns out to be a big advertising action for the internal deployment of the military, which during the championship will “only” provide technical assistance. However, the Interior minister is calling for a change of the constitution to allow the military to act as police.
> Germany May 2006
> Information leaflet (German)Summary of world cup security preparations (CILIP, English)send human rights infringements to info@grundrechtekomitee.de
> Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie
> campaigns/open letters 20 May 2006
> IADL, in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC], at the meeting of its Bureau at Havana on April 11 and 12, 2006 expressed serious concern on the threats of aggression against Iran and resolved to oppose any attempt or threat to use military force against Iran to settle what is being called as " the Iranian nuclear crises ". IADL condemns the threats of military aggression against Iran expressed by members of the Bush administration.
> IADLResolution
> International Association Democratic Lawyers
> meetings/conferences 21 May 2006
> Dutch Social Forum
> Following the World Social Forum and the European Social Forum, the Dutch Social Forum is an open meeting place for the exchange of ideas, the creation and the strengthening of networks and a breeding ground for action. The DSF aims to unite as many people as possible who want to work on a different world, and a different Holland.
> Nijmegen. 21/05/2006
> DSF website
> publications/research 21 May 2006
> WM 2006: Die Welt ueberwacht von Freunden. (World Cup 2006: the world put under surveillance by friends)
> This excellent edition of the German language journal published by the the police and civil liberties watchdog Buergerrecht & Polizei/CILIP, focuses on security measures and police cooperation implemented prior to, during and after the world cup. Contains overview and analysis of police powers and surveillance methods and critical football fans report on the repression they face, amongst others. Non-theme articles include an analysis of the current trials taking place in Genoa, dealing with the 2001 summit violence, and how Morocco is taking on the role of a police assistant in Ceuta and Melilla.
> Berlin 01/04/2006
> CILIPOrder detailsEnglish summaries
> publications/research 22 May 2006
> Russian Federation: Racism and xenophobia rife in Russian society
> Racially-motivated killings, beatings and discrimination are on the increase in the Russian Federation, according to a new report. AI's latest report examines cases of assaults, some of them fatal, against foreign students, asylum-seekers and refugees from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America; members of ethnic groups and migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia; as well as members of the Jewish community and Roma. It reveals the failure of the authorities to prevent racially-motivated attacks through adequate policing, and to investigate and prosecute the vast majority of such attacks effectively.
> 04/05/2006
> Press ReleaseAI
> Amnesty International
> meetings/conferences 30 June 2006
> Public Hearing on the European Security Strategy and the future of the European Security and Defence Plan
> Speakers: Mr Elmar BROK, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs; Mr Karl von WOGAU, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence; Mr Robert COOPER, Director General, Council of the EU; Mrs Nicole GNESOTTO, Director of the EU Institute for Security Studies; Mr Narcis SERRA, former Defence Minister of Spain; Mr Otfried NASSAUER, Director of the Berlin Information Centre for Transatlantic Security; Prof. Michael COX, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics; Lieutenant General Jean-Paul PERRUCHE, Director-General of the EU Military Staff; Mr Lars-Erik LUNDIN, Head of Unit, Deputy Political Director, Security Policy, Relex, European Commission. If you would like to attend, please contact Mrs Urszula PROCNER (+32-2-283-2535, uprocner@europarl.europa.eu)
> Room 4B001, PHS Building, EP, Brussels 9-12.30, 13 July 2006
> European Parliament subcommittee on Security and Defence
> publications/research 12 August 2006
> Dossier I: Der Iran Konflikt
> The German Peace Network 'Kooperation für den Frieden' is monitoring political developments around the Iran conflict around nuclear enrichment and informs about the actual background to the developments. It reports that Iran is acting within its international obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, gives a geographical overview of US military bases in the Middle East, puts the current danger of war into historical context of occupations of Iran and its current context of other conflicts and clashes of interest in the region. This information leaflet is intended to form the basis for an informed campaign against the danger of war on Iran.
> April 2006
> Home page and background informationDownload brochure (German)
> Kooperation für den Frieden
> publications/research 12 August 2006
> Die alternativen der Friedensbewegung zum militärischen Konfliktaustrag [The alternatives of the peace movement to military conflict management]
> The German Peace Network Kooperation für den Frieden, which is also monitoring political developments around the Iran conflict around nuclear enrichment, has initiated a Monitoring Project in January 2005 entitled Civil Conflict Resolution - Violence and War Prevention, by which it informs civil society about alternatives to violent conflict management and is trying to work towards a broadly based (international) peace moment that offers real solutions to international conflicts and does away with the myth of humanitarian interventions.
> March 2006
> Home page & background informationDownload brochure (German)
> Kooperation für den Frieden
> campaigns/open letters 24 August 2006
> Appeal to the European Governments and the European Union - Don't tolerate Aggression, War Crimes and Human Rights Violations in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel
> urges European governments and the EU to take steps to end the bloodshed in the Middle East
> EALDH appeal
> European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights
> campaigns/open letters 28 August 2006
> Support Derry Anti War Protesters (The Raytheon 9)
> On 9 August 2006 the Derry Anti-War Coalition organized a non-violent occupation of Raytheon's plant in the Ulster Science and Technology Park. This followed direct action that has been mounted by anti-war protestors against US military planes at Shannon airport in the South of Ireland and Prestwick airport near Glasgow. The Derry protestors decommissioned computer equipment used by Raytheon to produce software for its weapons systems. Nine of them were arrested by the police, among them Eamonn McCann, well-known as a civil rights activist and campaigning journalist. They have been charged with aggravated burglary and unlawful assembly. These are very serious offences that could mean the accused could be denied the right to trial by jury under British security legislation prevailing in the north of Ireland. The protestors' civil liberties are further threatened by the terms under which they have been released on bail. They are forbidden to communicate with each other or with anyone working for Raytheon and may not take part in any public or private anti-war meeting. These restrictions bear comparison with those imposed by striking British miners brought before courts during the 1984-5 strike.
> Read more & sign petition
> Derry Anti-War Coalition
> publications/research 02 September 2006
> Conference proceedings: Freedom from Nuclear Weapons through Legal Accountability and Good Faith
> This conference took place on 6-7 July 2006 in the European Parliament. It marked the tenth anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Advisory Opinion on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons. It was organised by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), Abolition 2000 Europe, the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA), and the International Peace Bureau (IPB). It was sponsored by MEPs Gisela Kallenbach and Caroline Lucas on behalf of the Green/EFA Group in the European Parliament.
> Brussels August 2006
> Speeches (audio files)Radio Nizkor
> Radio Nizkor
> demonstrations 03 October 2006
> Call the Shots: Shut DESO (Defence Export Services Organisation)
> This will be a momentous and important day of action that will help to bring us closer to shutting DESO. We need 170 people to take part in the action - join us, and send a clear message that time's up for the government's gunrunners.
> London 16 October 2006
> CAAT - DESO day of action
> Campaign Against Arms Trade
> meetings/conferences 03 October 2006
> Public hearings before the Irish parliamentary Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women’s Rights will commence tomorrow, Tuesday, 26th September on the above report. As well as the bombing of Dundalk, that of Castleblayney, Dublin Airport, the railway line at Baronrath Bridge, Co. Kildare, the Miami Showband murders, the gun and bomb attack at Donnelly’s Bar, Silverbridge and several other atrocities in which collusion is suspected, will be included.
> Dublin, Ireland 26 September 2006
> Testimonies onlineJustice for the forgotten website
> Justice for the forgotten
> campaigns/open letters 04 October 2006
> People’s Vision - Building Solidarity across Asia and Europe: TOWARDS A JUST, EQUAL AND SUSTAINABLE WORLD
> The AEPF is a forum for NGOs and civil society groups that are non-state and non-corporate. It aims to bring the voice of the civil society in the official Asia Europe Summit, ASEM, and to create alternatives to its neoliberalistic agenda. AEPF 6 was held on 3rd - 6th September 2006 in Paasitorni Conference Center in Helsinki, Finland.
> DeclarationAEPF website
> Final Declaration of the Asia-Europe People’s Forum 6
> campaigns/open letters 19 October 2006
> Ottawa Principles on Anti-terrorism and Human Rights
> In June 2006, experts on human rights and terrorism met in their individual capacities at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada to develop the following Principles on Anti-terrorism and Human Rights. They shared a common view that the preservation of human rights – not least the right to life – is the central motivator of anti-terrorism. They also believed that human rights constitute an elemental and immutable constraint on how anti-terrorism is conducted. The struggle for collective security must not be an assault on the individual’s life, liberty and security of the person. This document is the product of their deliberations.
> The Ottawa PrinciplesHuman Rights of Anti-Terrorism Colloquium, Ottawa
> University of Ottawa colloqium
> meetings/conferences 19 October 2006
> Oorlog & Vrede [War & peace]: International anti-war conference
> The conference will discuss the Dutch role in the "war on terror" in the light of upcoming elections (22 November 2006) and the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine
> Amsterdam 29 October 2006
> Details
> campaigns/open letters 23 October 2006
> Open letter opposing Islamophobia
> There has been a recent increase in racist hysteria directed against Muslims. We deplore Jack Straw’s remarks concerning the veil worn in public by some Muslim women. His intervention, the bullying attacks of John Reid and other Ministers, and stories in some sections of the media, are designed to isolate and demonise British Muslims. The result has been violence against, and intimidation of, Muslim people. We express our solidarity with all people in Britain of the Muslim faith, affirm their right to dress as they please and live their lives in peace and security. The current attacks on Muslims are rooted in the disastrous 'war on terror', of which this government has been such a prominent supporter. This war has made Britain more vulnerable, not less, to terrorist attack. If the government is concerned about improving the cohesion of our communities, let it first abandon its support for the foreign policy of the US administration, including the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.
> Download or sign letter
> Stop the War Coalition
> publications/research 07 November 2006
> Spain and Morocco: Failure to protect the rights of migrants – Ceuta and Melilla one year on
> One year after 13 migrants were killed and hundreds were wounded while trying to enter the Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla, investigations into the actions of the Spanish and Moroccan security forces involved have still not been concluded and no preventive measures adopted. In a new report based on victims' testimonies and Amnesty International's contact with the authorities of Spain and Morocco in the last two years, the organization voices concern that there are no guarantees that investigations will be thorough, impartial and effective and no disciplinary action has been taken for the deaths and ill-treatment of migrants. This means effective impunity so far.
> October 2006
> Report on amnesty.orgPress Release
> Amnesty International
> meetings/conferences 06 January 2007
> The European Constitution - Critiques and Alternatives
> Germany has taken on the EU presidency for the first half of 2007 and has announced to push for ratification of the EU Constitution by the end of 2008 (during the French presidency). Attac Germany is holding an international conference to discuss its ideas about an alternative constitution and define its content in a common statement. Discussion blocks will include: debates on what a constitution should contain, democratic participation in EU institutions and neoliberalism in relation to basic rights and economic and social policy. For more information contact Regina Viotto, regina.viotto (at) uni-bielefeld.de
> Hanover, Germany 23-24 June 2007
> Conference announcement, Attac-GermanyEALDH
> Attac-Germany & EALDH
> campaigns/open letters 10 January 2007
> Request for convicting Rumsfeld et al. for war crimes
> On 14 November 2006, four Iraqi torture victims lodged a criminal complaint with the “Generalbundesanwalt” in Karlsruhe, Germany. The criminal complaint is a request for the German Federal Prosecutor to open an investigation and, ultimately, a criminal prosecution that will look into the responsibility of high-ranking U.S. officials for authorizing war crimes in the context of the so-called “War on Terror.” The complaint is brought on behalf of 12 torture victims – 12 Iraqi citizens who were held at Abu Ghraib prison and one Guantánamo detainee – and is being filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the Republican Attorneys' Association (RAV) and others, all represented by Berlin Attorney Wolfgang Kaleck.
> Background info on CCR websiteRAVTrial Watch
> meetings/conferences 12 January 2007
> World Social Forum 2007
> The 7th World Social Forum (WSF) will be held from 20 until 25 January 2007 at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani, Nairobi and is expected to host up to 150,000 delegates from all over the world. Over 1,000 activities will take place in the 106 spaces provided at the venue. Rallying around the call of Another World Is Possible, the World Social Forum has placed social justice, international solidarity, gender equality, peace and defence of the environment on the agenda of the world’s peoples. From its modest origins in Porto Alegre in the year 2001, to Mumbai, Bamako, Caracas, Karachi and now Nairobi, the forces and the contingents of the World Social Forum have collectively expanded the democratic spaces of those seeking concrete, sustainable and progressive alternatives to neo-liberalism and imperialist globalisation.
> Nairobi 20/01/2007
> WSF website
> demonstrations 13 February 2007
> Towards the repeal of Bossi-Fini Law. National demonstration in Bologna.
> Towards the repeal of Bossi-Fini Law. First step: the closure of all detention centres. Struggles against detention centres have started in 1998 and stayed at the top of the movements’ agenda. Many hoped that Prodi’s government would start to change politics in migration flows management, unfortunately it did not. There are no signs of a reform of the Bossi-Fini Law and detention centres will not be abolished, they are even extending to EU borderline countries, where migrants pass through in their journey to Europe. The left wing government continued agreements by Berlusconi with Libya and cooperation with Spain, Senegal and Malta in the military surveillance of Western and Northern Africa. In Bologna, movements have been opposing ethnic jails, invaded and dismantled them. They supported migrants and they attacked businesses involved in detention-deportation chain. This is why we propose to come together for a demonstration on 3 March in Bologna to oppose the exploitation of migrants. In the name of a different Europe, where every woman and man have the right to live freely and independently from nationality, we wish to build a mobilisation that forces governments to close all detention centres, our century’s concentration camp.
> Bologna, Italy, 3 March 2007
> English call out
> Teatro Polivalente Occupato (TPO), Bologna
> campaigns/open letters 16 February 2007
> Demonstration against the new Dal Molin US military base in Vicenza
> A national demonstration against the construction of the new “Dal Molin” US military base in Vicenza, which would join the city’s other US military base, Camp Ederle, has been called for 17 February 2007. Several months of actions, a demonstration by tens of thousands on 2 December 2006, and strong opposition by the local population, as well as a change of government, whose programme stated that “any action which has a strong impact on the territory will always be taken respecting the opinion of the local populations” have failed to stop the plans. Vicenza has also been granted the questionable “honour” of being the seat of the European Gendarmerie Force.
> Appello, no alla nuova base Dal Molin a VicenzaAppeal for a national demonstration in Vicenza on 17 February 2007French versionSpanish versionGerman versionBlog of the "permanent watch" in VicenzaAltravicenzaNo dal Molin
> Presidio permanente contro il Dal Molin
> publications/research 29 May 2007
> Fundamental Rights Report 2007 (German)
> Since 1997, nine civil liberties and human rights organisations publish an annual human rights report on Germany, in which they test the German government’s conduct against every legally binding human rights and civil liberties provision laid down in the German Constitution. With a plethora of examples of state surveillance, infringements, discrimination and violations of High Court decisions, the year 2006 will also be known as a year in which fundamental rights were systematically violated by the authorities. The legitimate use of ‘torture’ debate, the use of emetics against foreigners, indiscriminate data collection during the world cup, the surveillance and interception of communication of civil rights activists, the electronic health card linking sensitive data between authorities, US-EU data transfers, unlawful detention and deportation to torturing states, police violence, employment bans, eroding the protection of journalists’ sources, unlawful police raids…the list of fundamental civil rights violations seems endless. The Fundamental Rights Report is written and compiled by the following organisations, which have announced the focus of the next year’s report will be the criminalisation and curtailment of G8 protests: Humanistische Union, Gustav Heinemann-Initiative, Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie, Bundesarbeitskreis Kritischer Juragruppen, Pro Asyl, Republikanischer Anwaltsverein, Vereinigung demokratischer Juristinnen und Juristen, Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte, Neue Richtervereinigung.
> May 2007
> Commentary on the reportPress release Humanistische UnionList of Contents (German)Order online
> “Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte” et al.
> demonstrations 29 May 2007
> Antiracist G8 'action and events' calendar
> Between 2 and 7 June, thousands of refugees, migrants and activist will protest against the G8. In this context , mass actions and information events will take place under the slogans: ‘For Global Freedom of Movement’ and ‘Equal Rights for All’. Below you find links to the 'choreography of resistance', and events calendar. CALL OUT DECEMBER 2005: "We are here, because you are destroying our countries." This central slogan of the ‘Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants’ explicitly links capitalist destruction on the one hand to flight and migration on the other. The G8-governments - as well as the WTO, IMF and World Bank - are not only responsible for neocolonial relations of exploitation; they also increasingly rely on and further the intensification of processes of selection and exclusion in the Northern parts of the globe, the intensification of legal, social and political hierarchies. It is these and other developments - whether in the North or the South - that lead us to speak of a system of global Apartheid. [...]
> Heiligendamm/Rostock, Germany 2-7 June 2007
> Updated events calendarWorking Group Migration of the protest networksCaravan of Refugees and Migrants tours Germany
> publications/research 29 May 2007
> Hollanditis.Nu (Anti-militarist magazine from the Netherlands)
> This new publication by Dutch peace and anti-militarist groups was named after the anti-nuclear protest movement of the 1980s which saw mass demonstration in Amsterdam (1981) and The Hague (1983). It is an attempt to unite the peace movement again after its demise in the 1990s during a time when consecutive wars in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan demand mass action. The publication provides information about war zones and the arms industry, aiming to work towards building a world without war and violence. Published and edited by: Haags Vredesplatform, vredesbeweging vereniging Pais, Antimilitaristies Onderzoekskollektief VD AMOK and the Dutch branch of the Women's League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).
> May 2007
> Hollanditis.Nu Home Page (Dutch)VD AMOK Anti-Militaristies Onderzoeks KollektiefThe Hague Peace Platform
> Haags Vredesplatform et al.
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> Escape from Tripoli Report on the Conditions of Migrants in Transit in Libya
> "The deaths in the desert and in the Channel of Sicily, the tortures and rapes in detention centres funded by Italy, deportations to the Sahara, collective refoulements, the repatriation of refugees on flights paid by Rome, deportations from Lampedusa, murders in police stations, the abuses perpetrated by passeurs and racist attacks in Tripoli. Everything that must not be known about the country to which Italy and the EU entrust the control of the southern border, on the eve of Frontex patrol operations in Libya in 2008, when refoulements at sea will become the norm."
> October 2007
> Fortress EuropeReport (PDF)
> Fortress Europe. The observatory on victims of migrations
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> FRONTEX-led EU Illegal Immigration Technical Mission to Libya. 28 May - 5 June 2007
> Frontex, the "European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union", reports on its second EU technical mission on illegal immigration to Libya between 28 May and 5 June 2007.
> 2007
> Report (PDF)
> Frontex
> publications/research 12 November 2007
> »The truth may be bitter, but it must be told« The Situation of Refugees in the Aegean and the Practices of the Greek Coast Guard.
> Asylum seekers are being sent back to Greece from Germany and other European countries without their applications for asylum having been thoroughly examined. The legal basis for this is the European Dublin II Regulation under which the state through which the asylum seeker entered European territory is responsible for processing the asylum claim. For a large number of people, particularly those from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia, the escape route leads them across the Aegean into Greece. This report forms part of a series of fact-finding missions (to Spain/Morocco, Italy, Slovakia/Ukraine) about human rights violations committed at the external borders of Europe, conducted by PRO ASYL. This report finds systematic refoulement of refugees at sea, illegal deportations and detention and inhumane detention conditions and makes a series of demands.
> October 2007
> Report (PDF)Pro Asyl: Information on reactions to the report
> Pro Asyl, Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants
> campaigns/open letters 12 November 2007
> Campaign against the “11th European Police Congress“, 29th-30th of January 2008 in Berlin. Against a “Global Security Architecture”, for more security-critical behaviour!
> Police investigation methods and the global security apparatus are increasingly violating basic democratic and human rights. Police and intelligence services want to attain unrestricted access to personal data and internet user profiles. The “European Police Congress”, a forum where politicians, police authorities, intelligence services, the military and the security industry meet to discuss the implementation of new measures for data collection and prosecution facilitates the increasing social control and authoritarian state tendencies within the EU. The 2008 Congress takes place under the motto “Information technology – investigation – operation”. On Tuesday, 29 January 2008, Schäuble, the German Minister of Internal Affairs, will speak at the “Forum of European Ministers of Internal Affairs”. A coalition of civil liberties and social justice groups is organising protest actions, with the aim to reach broad segments of society. This recent initiative is seen as a potential extension of already existing campaigns: against data retention, against anti-terrorist laws, the EU border agency Frontex and the repressive EU migration regime, against police racism and militarism.
> 11th European Police Congress home pageMore information about the campaign (English)More information about the campaign (German)
> Six Hills
> publications/research 12 June 2008
> Eyes Wide Shut? The Impact of Embedded Journalism on Dutch Newspaper Coverage of Afghanistan
> The Dutch Ministry of Defence offers journalists embedded expiditions to military operations of Dutch soldiers in Uruzgan. Under the embed policy, three journalists can travel from the Netherlands to Uruzgan every two weeks. They are hosted by the Dutch contingent and fall under the commander’s responsibility. Articles have to be submitted for review on operational security prior to publication. Dutch embedded journalists cooperate closely with the Ministry of Defence before, during and after their embed experience. Many have developed a close relationship with the military as a consequence. Embeddedness raises questions about objectivity, censorship and journalistic independence. A current research by the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies looks at embedded journalism, how it affects Dutch coverage of Afghanistan, and whether regulations for future reporting should be changed. As part of this research HCSS conducted a software-based text mining analysis on Dutch press coverage of Afghanistan. This analysis consists of two parts 1) the comparison of a sample of embedded and unembedded articles, and 2) the analysis of a sample of the complete Dutch press coverage of Afghanistan. Text analysis shows that embedded journalists write mainly about the Dutch troops and their military operational activities while unembedded reporters focus more on the socio-political situation in Afghanistan. While more journalists write about Afghanistan, the focus has narrowed, and the authors suggest that the close interaction between military and journalists may also jeopardise the independence of reporting. The report concludes that the Dutch press in general could benefit from maintaining a professional distance from the military, and finding more ways to complement embedded with unembedded reporting.
> April 2008
> Hague Centre for Strategic StudiesDownload report
> Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
> meetings/conferences 07 January 2011
> entsichern kongress (Desecuritising the European Union)
> A two-days congress for critical debates on the current state of the European "security architecture" at Mehringhof in Berlin. The event is organised as antipode to the 14th European Police Congress that will take place in mid-February in Berlin.
> Berlin, Germany 29.-30. January 2011
> entsichern kongress
> publications/research 26 February 2011
> The droning of the drones
> See the attached german PDF for a presentation Volker Eick gave January 29th 2011. Conference: entsichern. Die Europäische Union: Analysieren, kritisieren, demontieren. Workshop: Next time we attack you from the air
> Jan 2011
> websitepdf
> Volker Eick
> publications/research 26 February 2011
> (GR) Crowd suppression military exercises
> New complaints from soldiers come to reveal the determined decision of the Greek government, NATO and EU for organic accession and involvement of military forces in operations against the internal enemy, and more specifically in the repression of demonstrations and uprisings, that are considered as Asymmetric Threats by the world’s modern urban elites.
> 10/02/2011
> More on website contrainfo
> campaigns/open letters 04 March 2011
> New trial for anti-NATO demonstrator in France
> On March 9 2011 the court in Nancy, France, will start the case against German activist Jan, who has spent 4 months in jail after being arrested at the demonstrations against the NATO-summit in Strasbourg two years ago. Jan was being accused of (amongst others) 'carrying a weapon' (a tent peg) but was acquitted by the court in Colmar. The prosecution then went into appeal, and Jan could be sentenced to as much as three years imprisonment.
> More information on website
> publications/research 30 March 2011
> (Israel) Military Intelligence monitoring foreign left-wing organizations
> IDF officers say special department has been created to monitor left-wing groups that the army sees as aiming to delegitimize Israel; department will work closely with government ministries.
> 21 march 2011
> Article in Haaretz
> campaigns/open letters 19 May 2011
> I Am Bradley Manning
> The Bradley Manning support network has started a new campaign. Everybody is asked to send in pictures declaring that he or she are Bradley Manning, to show support for the wikileaks source and demand justice for him.
> websitecampaign
> campaigns/open letters 01 June 2011
> Preparatory workshops for DSEI
> DSEI, the world's largest arms fair, is taking place in London this September. Come along for a day of workshops, organised by the Stop The Arms Fair coalition, to plot a day of action on 13th September 2011. (Sunday 12th June, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ)
> Website Flyer (pdf)
> Stop the Arms Fair coalition
> campaigns/open letters 12 July 2011
> A flotilla to stop deaths in the Mediterranean
> "The lack of hospitality within the policy of European states has reached such an appalling level that it is our duty to act and to show the possibility of a Euro-Mediterranean area based on solidarity and respect for Human Rights. Following their meeting in Cecina (Italy), the Euro-Mediterranean organisations in favour of migrants’ rights decided to charter a flotilla which will proceed to maritime surveillance so that assistance is provided finally to people in danger. The participatory organisations would also like to call on the European bodies and governments on both sides of the Mediterranean for establishing relations within this common area on the basis of exchange and reciprocity." With links to translations in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Dutch
> Call on website Migreurop
> Migreurop
> publications/research 21 September 2011
> (GR/EU) Border Agency Exposes Migrants to abusive Conditions
> Frontex Sends Migrants to Inhuman and Degrading Treatment in Greek Detention Centers
> 21 September 2011
> ArticleLink to full report
> publications/research 29 September 2011
> Conference speeches Statewatching Europe: Civil Liberties, the State and the EU
> Statewatchs 20th anniversary conference was held at Conway Hall in London on Saturday 25th June 2011. More than 220 people from 18 EU countries registered and over 30 NGOs attended the conference.
> September 2011
> Videos and material on website
> publications/research 03 October 2011
> Unlock the truth in Lithuania: Investigate Secret Prisons Now
> "In the continuing absence of any meaningful accountability in the USA, and increasingly disturbing signs that the same may happen in other European countries, the Lithuanian government should re-open its criminal investigation into both its own involvement in these operations, and that of the USA and its agents on Lithuanian territory, and conduct an independent, impartial, thorough and ef fective investigation that will serve as a model for accountability across the region."
> September 2011
> Report on Lithuania (pdf)
> Amnesty International
> campaigns/open letters 01 November 2011
> Urgent Appeal: Stop Arbitrary Detentions in Turkey!
> The international public has so far been oblivious to the so-called “KCK operations” carried out in Turkey by Prime Minister Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party for the past two years. Under the guise of “fighting terrorism,” the Erdogan government has been using the judiciary, the police, and the media to penalize all civic activism in support of rights demanded by Kurdish citizens in Turkey. The “KCK operations” in particular have been deployed to spread fear amongst activists, to silence public dissent, and to normalize the arbitrary arrest of citizens.
> Petition
> demonstrations 04 November 2011
> Protest the Drone Wars – London 16th November
> Drone Wars UK and the CAAT Universities Network are organisng a protest outside the two-day ‘UAV Conference 2011′ to be held in centra London on 16-17th November. At the ‘UAV Conference 2011’ participants will receive first-hand updates on drone operations in Afghanistan and Libya from senior military officers, discuss development of future drones and debate (quote!) “How can we stop the public hysteria surrounding UAV operations in the 21st Century?”
> London 16 November 2011
> Call on websiteAlso see 'Ground the Drones' (pdf)
> publications/research 18 November 2011
> (NL) Lobbying for War
> Corporate Europe Observatory in Brussels has issued a report on the lobbying activities of the weapons industry towards the EU
> November 2011
> Report (in Dutch, pdf)
> publications/research 06 December 2011
> State of Surveillance - The Data
> The Bureau of Investigative Journalism: The State of Surveillance: The Data (link): The Bureau and London-based human rights group Privacy International have compiled a comprehensive database of companies that sell surveillance products.
> 1 December 2011
> State of Surveilance: The Data
> publications/research 20 December 2011
> Hungarian Government to Create Top-rank National Security Informational Center
> The Hungarian government came up with a new proposal, which talks about the setting up of a National Security Informational and Criminal Analysis Center. This new government body could freely roam about in other government databases and could collect and retain our data without any restriction. The monster feeding on our personal data is digging privacy’s grave even deeper.
> 30 November 2011
> More details on website HCLU
> publications/research 18 January 2012
> The Arab Spring and the death toll in the Mediterranean: the true face of Fortress Europe
> Throughout the uprisings in North Africa, the EU has maintained a discourse of double standards: supporting calls for freedom and democracy but greeting resulting population displacement with hostility. This has contributed to a record number of people dying at Europe�s borders during the first seven months of 2011.
> Jan 2012
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Marie Martin
> publications/research 18 January 2012
> the meaning of treaties and readmission agreements between Italy and north African states
> The Italian government and the EU are attempting to urgently re-establish readmission agreements with new regimes in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya with scant regard for the wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers. A �state of emergency� has been declared in Italy which has allowed the government to derogate from certain laws and fast-track the application process.
> Jan 2012
> Statewatch analysis (pdf)
> Yasha Maccanico
> publications/research 01 February 2012
> When Preparing for Major Events, How Should Cities Balance Civil Rights and Security?
> The G8/NATO summit heading to Chicago this spring is still several months off, but the city’s security preparations are in full swing. Officials recently expanded Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s authority and increased the application requirements for protest groups in preparation for the Chicago’s turn in the international spotlight this May.
> 30 January 2012
> Article on website Atlantic Cities
> David Lepeska
> demonstrations 18 February 2012
> Drown out the drone conference
> Monday 2nd April is the 27th annual Bristol drone conference, but this years gonna be different. Bristol Against Arms Trade have teamed up with Bristol Stop the War and Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with the aim of making so much noise the conference will be a flop.
> Bristol 2 April 2012
> Website
> publications/research 09 March 2012
> Reclaim the Seas
> "The fishermen, when they lose their fish, they think" - A., Somali in Germany. Since November 2010, ten Somali citizens are on trial for Piracy in Hamburg, Germany. This blog is about the trial and the background on why fishermen are forced to change their profession.
> March 2012
> Weblog
> campaigns/open letters 25 March 2012
> Letter to FRONTEX from European Ombudsman
> The European Ombudsman, Nikiforos Diamandouros, has written an official letter to the head of FRONTEX, pointing at the fact that the Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the EU is legally binding for all EU Institutions, including FRONTEX
> The letter (as pdf-file)
> European Ombudsman/statewatch
> publications/research 18 April 2012
> The Frontex Regulation – Consolidated text after final 2011 amendments
> All agreements signed by Frontex with third parties are available on Statewatch's Observatory. (www.statewatch.org/frontex (Frontex publications)
> pdf-file
> meetings/conferences 22 June 2012
> 8th Symposium of Kritnet in Kassel
> Network Critical Migration and Border Regime Research (Kritnet) holds its 8th symposium during the Documenta in Kassel (July 13-15)
> Kassel (GE) 13-15 July
> Symposium 2012
> Netzwerks Kritische Migrations- und Grenzregimeforschung
> campaigns/open letters 09 October 2012
> EU: FRONTEX Fundamental Rights Strategy: Statewatch and Migreurop’s joint submission to the Ombudsman of the European Union (pdf)
> "Frontex has adopted a restrictive approach to the human rights impact of its activities, and put forward a strategy where preventive mechanisms remain weak and where redress mechanisms are absent. In so doing, Frontex seems to fall short of two of its commitments presented in its reply to the Ombudsman: a "zero tolerance policy" and the mainstreaming of fundamental rights into all Frontex activities. We thus argue that the understanding of the human rights risks in the context of Frontex operations may be underestimated and that the proposed safeguards are unsatisfactory as a result".
> pdf (English)pdf French)
> Statewatch and Migreurop
> campaigns/open letters 29 January 2013
> Solidarity with Fighting Refugees in Choucha / Tunisia
> This blog will provide you with informations and ressources on the protest of refugees from Choucha refugee-camp in Tunisia.
> Chouchaprotest blog
> Blog on Choucha refugee-camp
> publications/research 29 January 2013
> COUNTER-GANGS: A history of undercover military units in Northern Ireland 1971-1976
> COUNTER-GANGS: A history of undercover military units in Northern Ireland 1971-1976 shows how the application of colonial counter-insurgency theory led to the recruitment of paramilitaries by plain-clothes army units in the early 1970s.
> 28 january 2013
> Announcement on websiteReport (as pdf)State Violence and Collusion Project
> Pat Finucane Centre and Spinwatch
> campaigns/open letters 14 March 2013
> Protest at Mass Arrest of Trade Unionists in Turkey
> It is with dismay and outrage that once again we learn of yet another round of mass arrests in Turkey. This time the victims of this repressive police action, which has become all too commonplace in the country in recent months, are trade union activists and union officials.
> More on website (pdf)
> Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
> campaigns/open letters 29 April 2013
> Launching Big Brother Awards (Belgium)
> On May 30th the Big Brother Award will be announced, voting has started on 8 candidates.
> WebsiteAnnouncement at datapanik.org (Dutch)
> campaigns/open letters 20 June 2013
> New! Facing Tear Gas Campaign Website
> Facing Tear Gas is a campaign to end the US’s role in the business of tear gas in solidarity with global nonviolent uprisings and those facing US-backed repression everywhere, including within the US.
> Announcement on WRL websiteCampaign website
> War Resisters League
> publications/research 23 July 2013
> 'Left to Die'-boat case, testimony of Dan heile Gebre
> On April 2011, 63 migrants died in a boat in the waters off the coast of Libya. Military forces of several states were present in Libyan waters at that time. They received migrants' SOS. But no one assisted them. Dan Heile Gebre testifies.
> 11 April 2012
> Online video
> Communication Department FIDH Communication Department FIDH
> campaigns/open letters 19 October 2013
> New campaign on climate change and international security: Cashing in on catastrophe
> Does climate change cause you to worry? Do you read news about increased carbon emissions - and the paltry inadequate political responses - and despair? Do you wonder what will happen as the impacts of climate change hit home? - Ben Hayes and Nick Boxton
> Introduction to campaign
> Campacc.org